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Death by Boiling Water!!

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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 11:11 AM
What I change the title to something scary then you all read it?

**DISCLAIMER** Read this, then go boil a pot of water and look at the bottom of the pan.

Over 80% of our bodies, and the earths, are made up of water. Common knowledge at this point correct?

Today I stood hovering over my stove top, about to cook some pre-made pasta of some sort. The kind where the water must come to a boil before insertion can take place. The typical wait time for the violent liquid waltz to begin is ten minutes set to high. Within those ten minutes lies a preview of things to come.

That age old image of a prophet gazing into some type of watering hole to realize what will come in the near or distant future, is right there in front of me. In a medium sized pot with burning coils beneath. Upon cranking the plastic nob that lights this electrical fire I see slight reactions. These first outbursts of tiny liquid molecules come from the farthest edges of this cylindrical steel prison. They first bubble themselves up above the surface, proclaiming their individuality. Simply showing themselves as aware of the coming change, the first breeds a second, a fourth, an eighth, and so on. Hundreds stand chest out and proud, all encompassing the peripheral regions of their world. Sometimes when you are far enough on the outside you can see what others miss from up close.

Moments pass and our edges of bubbled beings are growing in population. In time single bodies appear in the center, like small beacons of hope amidst a sleeping ocean. Then a funny thing occurs, these lone warriors at the center of our ocean disappear, bursting almost as if suffocated by the complacency of their surroundings. At the core, a boastful singularity lies alone. It withers when alone, seeking touch and love in those surrounding them. Dozens appear individually spread miles apart, still dissipating once their perceptive beacon reaches twelve o' clock without a sign of support.

Meanwhile, on the outer reaches the pain is first felt, the heat becomes noticeable. They squirm uncomfortably knowing what is happening. Then the heat becomes too much, the numbers grow on the outer ring. An orchestra of jubilating molecules riot, twenty to thirty deep. Small groups form within the confines of a past moments safe haven. This turmoil is more than many can bare, yet there is still hope for the center. Could the heat just be turned off? Can that almighty being above reach his cloth covered limb above us and take away our pain? Those surrounded helplessly by millions of others just like themselves wait and hope. The heat will secede, we will be ok, we will look back on this day. Revel in our own courage of standing up to the insurmountable and celebrate.

It is as though a window has been closed, that final window, the escape route. Encapsulated in their own reality, their own predetermined line of fate, the edge reaches out, a whisping stream flows inward. To the center of the liquid populace. Small patches of individual droplets let themselves be seen beneath the stream. Ideas flow, the edge warns the inside with its new inter-connective means. As warnings waft through the air droplets awaken, they create a network, visually a reflection of the inner workings of our own eyes make an appearance. This glimpse at a reflection within us all lasts mere seconds, and then there was chaos...

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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 11:12 AM
The Boiling Consciousness Pt. 2

They erupt along the edges, breaking en mass from their prison. They have seen the truth in these trying times. Every ounce of their being allows them to rise to the surface. Ascending, their form is now vapor. Physical bodies burst into weightless freedom. This is the mass exodus, driven by fire.

Soon the writhing ocean is bubbling violently from all sides, those who escaped first now find themselves wandering about in a universe unknown to them, rich with possibilities. Exploration and destination again define them.

Not all are so lucky. Amidst the vapor the majority remains, swirling, aimless, caught in a tide of collective disorient. In an attempt to quell the uprising, I, place a medium sized lid along the edges. Held fast by the forces of downward motion and volume, the lid does not budge. Only a small hole allows for the most determined to leave this steamy hell. The rest bunch along the transparent ceiling, fooled like a disoriented sparrow in the daylight, crashing into a window laden storefront.

My need for the water has ceased, serving its purpose commendably. The lid is removed and heat turned off. Exhausted the small particles calm and fall back into place. I no longer need this water. Standing before the sink I pour out the leftover water, the water that could not escape, could not ascend. The weakest water, has been condemned, dumped into a black abyss where it will be recycled and polluted until the end of time.

Watch your next pot boil...

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 05:16 AM
hmm..i think its the other way round

The bubbles during boiling are caused by impurities in the water which provide nucleation sites.

Therefore you could say that this model shows the removal of impurities of society and that the water left to be recycled for all time is a metaphor of imortality...this is what older prophets also thought as well as they were usually preaching about religion leading to immortality in a heaven/hell

Or maybe we'll end up as a glass of superheated distilled water of a perfect society untill a higher being decides to throw in a fork and cause the whole thing to explode, thus rendering all efforts to create a pure society our ultimate downfall.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:15 PM
Haha, I like the way you think. Which has also led me to the conclusion that maybe within water we can all see a reflection of ourselves and our state of consciousness. I have been obsessed with the idea of martial law and this New World order for months and when I looked at the water boiling, that was the parallel I however saw something entirely different which just means you see your own parallels to the human condition in water.

I am now fairly curious to see what others see in the water. With no preconceived notions everyone would likely have their own conclusions and parallels to draw.

Thanks for the feedback!

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 04:58 AM
Well, I must say that I’ve never seen H2O anthropomorphized before. That’s some rather creative and interesting writing. It’s good to know that there are some more preoccupied with the coming social meltdown than I.

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