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Ronald Weiland

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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 05:40 AM
I AM THAT I AM. The God of the Living, not the dead. Literally read what it says. He is the God of the living "spiritually awake". I see some of you are believers, especially the one that stood up for Ronald. Let me tell you YOU ARE WISE.

Info that has not been let out yet: The opening of the 7th Seal was "metaphorical", and "literally" done, not in the way you "Human Minded" people think. Go to epilogue area which is being worked on, the "metaphysical part, NOSTRADAMUS PROPHECY, and everyone else's are about to come out: You are told "I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb". It had a massive high wall. Rev 21: 9.... The bride in your perverted brain would be a woman. Yes it is a woman, not the wife however, simply a representation of the "CHURCH OF GOD" meaning, "spiritually instantly awakened". What does this mean? It means, that God dwells in this person with the Spirit of Truth. What does this mean. Go to YOU TUBE: The woman and the red dragon. Do yourselves a favor. Then go to Nostradamus... Nevermind. If you believe, I suggest: YOU ARE WISE. Ronald is a great guy, I don't even know him. But, I do know this: I know his "mind" and that is of "God's mind".

Love and compassion always

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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 06:29 AM
So it is wisdom to support a prophet, just on his say so?

Would it not wisdom to see if he matches any of the biblical prophecies?

We know Christ is Christ, not on his say so, but because he fulfilled and matched all the fingerprints of prophecy that pointed to the Messiah.

You compare what Christ did, with prophecy. Did they match? Yes.

Let's look (honestly) at the case for Ronald Weinland.

Does he breath fire?

Has he turned rivers to blood?

Has he pronounced any SPECIFIC prophecy that has come true? (time/place/plague/peoples...AS MOSES DID and ELIJAH DID)

Has anybody DIED at his "command" or "word"?

To NOT look for EVIDENCE is to work blind.

Wisdom is opening the eyes and looking for actually evidence, not believing just on somebody's say so.

ps. You could have posted this in other Ronald Weinland thread.

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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 07:23 AM
I lost interest in Ronald Weiland after his prophecies failed to come true. The day the seventh seal was supposed to be opened (4/17/08 i think) was a truly quiet day in the world. Months later when he finally responded he says it was all metaphorical.

He did speak of economic downfall in this and the previous year. You didn't have to be Peter Schiff to see that coming. You just had tobe paying attention. He also claims that the next three years will lead to a world war and the end of the world. But so does everyone else. Sounds like another guy jumping on the 2012 band wagon.


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