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Why the new world order will fail

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posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 05:18 PM
If your going to respond here with somekind of we will rule the world comments think again, and do some research into my background on ats if you have never seen me post anything here of any substance. Not that contradictory comment isnt welcome I decided to put a rest to why the New world order will fail and those wanting it will also not see what they would like.

Putting aside my grammer and spelling problems I have been at ats on the ezboard sense at least 1999/2000 I dont remember the exact date of my joining the ezboard. Most of the higher end super agencies that have the capablity of locking down a U.S. City or a City outside the united states have to have trained opertives to run there tech and plans.

China has the largest standing military on the face of the earth and why it lacks the scientific achivement of the U.S. in bio tech and other department's its the largest would be police force on the earth. If you took the entire police / military force of china and invaded the united states, you could hold a town of 1 million + or minus 100,000 people 2 people for every one person for a military take over visa versa.

Not to mention the fact you have to feed that 2 million standing army and you have to feed your captives even if you plunder the resources of the area your invading say for instance Las Vegas just as example you would run out of food storage in less then 30 days in that city alone. Water in one month because it takes trained professionals to know how to keep the city or town or state running.

Super opertives with High Technolgical Weapons such as but not limited to cyclotron execelorators weapons, partical beam weapons, vortex weapons, microwave weapons exc exc not including higher grade firepower such as metal storm you still run into the problem of waste management, food rashioning exc.

Tech can only last for so long before it goes out of date or some higher form of tech comes into replace the older or formerly most advanced tech there was for the last year. Mirv Tech for instance being so advanced that 1000 micro missles can be packed into a standard warhead only gives the owner and firer of that missle 1000 + targets to hit it does nothing to talk about cleaning up the mess afterwards.

Just taking the FBI having aproximatly 250,000 agents thats 250,000 trained personal to take over a small town or city you still run into the problems of holding that city without mass rioting. Crowd control devices can be reverse engineered to be rendered ineffective against the people there being directed tward.

Even with a trained group of 250,000 people this does not include decent among ranks, breaking away from the mass establishment plan for instance large scale entermainte camps cant last long before there's a uprising even without weapons by the people being held captive.

When you look at it realistly even with the most advanced tech there is people will not stand to be slaves they will fight and riot and worse then that even the United Nations under its current charter doesnt even live up to what there charter says a perfact example is the Oil for Food scandle to make extra money on the side for so called pet projects.

The United Nations and the new world order will be short lived even if it does come into reality you have to have trained people that know what there doing in order to run this kind of a large scale operation.

Thats my 2 cents for now.


posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 06:02 PM
If they do try to take over the world, it wouldn't ever come to fruition. There is no way to prepare for the scale of warfare that would take place. There are too many variables.

Such as money, if the world economy collapses then what are they going to pay the troops with. Then the troops have to worry about their families. It would be real easy to break the moral of the troops if they decided to be loyalist.

It is a pipe dream all and all. It is going to suck while it is all going on, but after the dust settles everything will be different.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 06:10 PM
If you own all the money and control all the supply of food and water you control the population.

the NWO isn't just a group of idiots who don't know what they are doing, they have been putting into place their plans for many many years and getting people to follow without them even knowing.
How hard was it for New Orleans to be thrown into chaos and have people begging for help?

You would be suprised just how easy it would be for the military to take over suburb by suburb, town by town and then state by state.

Have as many people riot in an internment camp as you want, but they usually calm down when the food and water get turned off.

The NWO will not fail because peoples apathy has played right into their hands.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 06:21 PM
reply to post by munkey66

New Orleans, was a completely different situation. lots of people left, the only people that were left were poor people.

In this scenario, we are talking hundreds of thousands of people, fighting for survival.

Think of Iraq, and Afghanistan. There is nothing for them to do to prepare. People are going to leave the cities in mass. It would be complete and total anarchy.

As for me and the OP we have history on our side, that proves world domination is a pipe dream. It always fails.

Besides the people the loyalist's families will be real easy to get too. I don't think you understand the circumstances if/when this happens.

We are talking uncontrollable chaos. Not to mention how many people are going to wake up and dissent. There are way to many unknown variables.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 06:22 PM
Your assuming the NWO will be a armed conflict. This is exactly what TPTB dont want. When i was younger , I used to have a expression, "if you cant beat them, buy them". To be honest, I dont think the Power Brokers figure into their plans of NWO the Aisan countries. When the time comes , people will ask to be taken away,fed, innoculated.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 07:08 PM

Originally posted by Hastobemoretolife
reply to post by munkey66

New Orleans, was a completely different situation. lots of people left, the only people that were left were poor people.

In this scenario, we are talking hundreds of thousands of people, fighting for survival.

You hit the nail on the head and din't even realize it.
The stock market is falling and the world is going into a severe ressecion if not a depression.
there will be an awful lot of poor people this time round, mass unemployment , increasing food prices, people becoming homeless.
Now you have hundreds of thousands people trying to survive and feed families and doing what ever they are told in order to get food and water and shelter.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by munkey66

I see where you are getting at. But in NOLA a lot of people were not there, they were all evacuated.

We are talking hundreds of thousands of people being in a city, not just a few thousand.

They will all be in one place. These people know the city better than the forces. Besides it won't be our military fighting us, more than likely they will be on our side.

The last thing the NWO wants is chaos. That is why they are doing everything they can to keep things from spiraling out of control. If total chaos ensues they lost.

For example, in Iraq before the invasion, the population was estimated to be 25,000,000. America has 300,000,000 people. Not everybody is going to fight, but the numbers required to take control of the situation is enormous and there is no way to prepare for that kind of invasion.

What I'm trying to say and so is the OP is that the scale of a war is unprecedented. They are crazy out numbered.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 09:12 PM
If you have 1,000,000 people in a city and turn off the power and water as well as prevent food from coming in, it does not matter how well you know your city, you will be tired and hungry, your toilets will be backing up and you will see rioting in the streets.

Rioting is what the NWO want because then they can come in with the solution to the problem.
If you have roving bands of thugs with guns, stealing, beating and killing for food and control. as soon as the power offer a solution of military presence, you will beg them to send them in, your police force will be the first thing to collapse because they will have no money or communications and will just go to protect their own families.

and when you talk about numbers, the prisoners out number the guards, but the guards are still in control because the guards are the ones who can turn off the water, food, heating, clothing ect.........

you only need one sheep dog to round up a flock of sheep.

after hurricane Katrina the stadium housed about 30,000 people, how many people do you think there was keeping these people locked up?

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 09:14 PM
The world has already been controlled by a small few for over a hundred years. The NWO is just small reorganization process by these people.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 10:10 PM
reply to post by munkey66

It will be a totally different situation. During the even of total economic collapse the political structure will collapse too. It will be complete anarchy. Every single power hungry narcissist will be trying to fill the void.

I don't think you understand the circumstances. People will leave cities in mass ravaging for food. We have 80+ million gun owners and I would be willing to guess that 1 out of 10 have enough weapons to arm another 40 million people or more.

You forget that people will literally take over the city. All this the NWO will succeed is complete non-sense. This will not only be going on in America but it will be going on in every other developed nation, all at the same time.

The level of this conflict will be unprecedented. Sure people will willing go, but other will be fighting against them, and it will be a lot more than the people going with them.

They have you right where they want you. They want you to think that they can not be defeated. It is a lie, they want you to give up and submit. It is psychological warfare right now. Because in a real anarchic event they would lose all control.

They just want us to roll over and give up. Believe me it is not going to happen they way you think it is.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 10:27 PM
How are the general population going to take to the rural areas looking for food.

It will be like a swarm of locusts eating everything in sight, I think that you think that the majority of people will fight back, I believe the numbers are lower than you think.

When the roads are blocked and no one can leave the city, when people are hungry and they get the choice of, give up your gun for food or starve, they will give up.

you will always get people who want to fight back, but the majority will do what they are told and just keep on grazing.

These types of conflicts open up the city for reorginization and people will be willing to adopt a new form of goverment so this never happens again.

you really have to look at human nature and how easy it is for people to be directed into a way of thinking.

the ones you will have to be worried about are those who are tired and hungry with guns, because when it hits the fan and it is every man for himself, why should the powers that be send in their troops to destroy the rioters, when they know if they wait the rioters will first kill each other.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 11:00 PM
reply to post by munkey66

I disagree, a majority of people will fight back. The country is over 50% conservative. In a time of complete economic and political collapse people are not going to just give in to a new form a government. Especially one that gives up the US Constitution.

It will be on it will be full scale revolution. The military will pack up and head back to mainland US, I think you fail to understand the spirit of the American people.

During 9/11 we all banded together and said we gotta go get the people that did this. It will be same way if the US political system would collapse the Military would not let the US give up her sovereignty, or let the US constitution go away.

You forget about the people that work at the water plants that supply the cities and rural areas, they know how to work it.

Like I said it will be complete chaos. People are P.O.'d at the government as it is, that includes a lot of cops and a lot of military personal.

The last thing the NWO wants is a full scale conflict. There is no way they can control it. The people with guns when confronted with the choice of guns or food, will eliminate the the force giving them an option and take the food.

Like I said they have you. You have bought into their psychological warfare, you believe it is a lost cause to even stand up and fight.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 11:02 PM
They underestimate the spirit of the patriots like me and a lot of the others like me on this board.

That spirit is not beholden to any secret organization and will utterly reject its attempts to subjugate it.

It will be hard - nothing worthwhile ever is, but all of us need to start learning wilderness survival if we don't already know how to do it. We need to have contingency plans to organize and start small heavily defended outposts in the rocky wilderness.

You need to have sensors and anti-air defenses because they will be coming for us at every angle. Holing up in some mountains would be a good idea...just look at Afghanistan. That place has been the graveyard of empires for thousands of years and we could all take a lesson from that.

Let them be the graveyard of the NWO as well.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 11:09 PM
reply to post by xxxJClarkxxx

Finally an optimist.

No, doubt it will be hard. But we will succeed, we have done it once before. The pressure in the pressure cooker is building up to dangerously high levels and if they don't let the steam out the top is going to blow off.

They will fail, this situation reminds me of the Collapse of any empire in history it always ends up in total chaos and countries get redefined and new Countries emerge.

As I said before history is on our side.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 12:06 AM
Who is going to fight back? the tired, the hungry or the sick?

You think that people will not stand for a new form of govermr=ent, but your goverment has been changing for years, losing more and more freedoms under the guise of defence against terrorists.

now a full scale revolution is what the NWO want, the military won't just pack up and come home, most of them will be fighting to survive in a ME that hates Americans and all they stand for.
Do you think this Iran issue is just about nukes?
It is about keeping the US occupied and possibly losing a few Aircraft carriers in a type of Pearl harbour scenario.

how are the troops going to get home when they are under constant attack from all sides?

During 9/11 we all banded together and said we gotta go get the people that did this

No, after 9/11 the American people where told who did it and where shown images of ME people dancing in the streets in apparent joy at the destruction.
If the American people banded together so well, why havn't the American people called for an inquirery as to why 3 buildings collapsed due to fire?

Now people do know how to work the water plants and the rural areas, but why would a water worker work keeping water flowing to a city that is trying to kill him and his family over food?
Why would he work it for no money?
The rural workers will probably run to the hills to avoid becoming targets of the marording hoardes coming to strip the land bare.

Now you P.O.'d cops and military still arn't getting paid, so tell me again why they would fight for anyone but themselves?
well trained armed people looking for food, I know where I don't want to be.

The last thing the NWO wants is a full scale conflict. There is no way they can control it

They don't need to control it, they already know the out come, human studies, profiles ect....... these people have been studying all of us for years and know what to do in order to get a responce. 9/11 anyone?

Like I said they have you. You have bought into their psychological warfare, you believe it is a lost cause to even stand up and fight.

The only lost cause is those who believe that their neighbour will stand up for them.
The lost cause are those who believe in truth and justice and the American way.

Fortunately I do not live in the US, but I see what is happening around the world, out of total Chaos you will get control, the banks are being bought up, the goverments are paid for, the army do what they are told, that is how they are trained, do not question orders.

You may believe I have bought into their psychological warfare if you like, but I am a realist and trust myself above anyone else.

I do untimately think the NWO will be defeated, but not until they have completed nearly all their objectives, and part of that is the destruction of the US.

I will add here at the end that the NWO are not Americans and basically like any employer, will get the most out of their workers before laying them off.

How is this for a scenario, riots get so bad that the UN sends in Chinese peace keepers, after the conflict between American people and the Chinese military, a new form of Avian bird flue is released which just happens to target those of Asian descent.
no military in the US, only a few pockets of resistence remain and a whole new world opens up for the elite to mould in their image.

[edit on 27-2-2009 by munkey66]

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 12:26 AM
reply to post by munkey66

but your goverment has been changing for years, losing more and more freedoms under the guise of defence against terrorists.

You're not from America I see.

That would explain why you feel the way you do. American's aren't stupid, most of us are optimist. You only know what the political structure is based off of the news you get and information that you read off of forums. That is what I gather from what you have posted.

No offense, but if you haven't lived here and met people from all different facets of life then you really don't know why your talking about when your talking about American culture.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 01:12 AM
I don't think that Americans are stupid at all, but what I do see is people who still believe in a silver lining to every cloud.
I have met and worked with many Americans over the years, not all my opinions are baed on forums or news services.
It's from talking to people from all parts of the US, from doctors and lawyers to people who work in factories.

The American people have a spirit of defience and an unshakable belief that the US will always come through in the end.

The US and the rest of the world is going to be hit with such a financial tsunami the likes of which modern man has not known.

It will be a wild ride, but from what I know of human nature, people will look after themselves and their families before strangers.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 01:27 AM
reply to post by munkey66

Your last line is exactly why most of the American people will not submit to a new form of government.

And yes our military will pack up and troops will start landing here in the US within 24 hours.

Our soldiers took an oath to defend the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. Once they get word that there is an international army on our shores killing our citizens they will be back, and fast.

If the US no longer exists then what have all their friends died for and why are they risking their lives for a government that no longer exists and no longer fills the purpose of what they signed up for.

Doctors and Lawyers are not most of the population. Our military will defy orders to shoot at the citizens that they signed up to protect.

The NWO will not succeed they will ultimately fail. The whole world is about to riot, there is no way they can suppress that kind of conflict.

Besides what are they going to pay their minions with? They aren't going to protect food and water for people for nothing. Most likely they will turn and try their own coup.

Remember there is going to be this huge vacuum of power and everybody that has ever had dreams of world conquest will be trying to fill that vacuum.

This is not a situation that anybody wants to live through, unfortunately we just might have too.

I don't think you understand the ramifications of complete economic collapse. After economic collapse comes political collapse.

Believe me the US citizens will succeed America might not be as big as it is now and it might get split up into separate regions, but a Constitutional America will emerge from the ashes.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 02:49 AM
Lets look at a few things.

1. The NWO have been around a long long time, they do not do things by half measures.
everything is calculated and weighed up as to get the results that they want.

2. Military people follow orders, some question orders but in the end they are a brotherhood and they stick together with each other to the end.
They are told on a need to know basis.

3. If the NWO where worried about the US military buggering up their agenda, the military would be eliminated, remember that the money used to research the armourment is supplied by the NWO, they can easily give the same technology to the enemy to make sure things go their way.

4. This depression is nothing like the 1929 depression, most people today cannot or do not know how to grow their own food, most people are living off their credit card which did not exsist in 1929 and will be so far in debt that they will be owned by the credit the owe, If the goverment says you have to do community service to pay off your debt, you will do it.

5. things will be ushered in so fast you will not know what has hit you, a false flag, a pandemic, you name it, it can be done to get you where they want you. If you have a pandemic, whole neighbourhoods can be closed down for quarantine purposes and those who the NWO think may have what it takes to be leaders may get sick and taken away.

6. not everyone is a leader and most people are followers, in time of crisis people will look for a leader, and if that leader was put there by the powers that be, you will unwittingly follow to your own demise.

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 06:18 PM
Bio Weapons came up on the last post by the time I post this It will be behind the last post dealing with a global pandemic. Yes the idea or rather reality of a full scale unleashed bio weapon being released that causes a world wide pandemic is a reality but you have to have the cure if your going to surive it. And you have to have a engineer who will make the vaccine or cure that will make it possible for you to survive any mutations of it depending on what it may be.

Chimera Bio weapons for instance require more then just a reverse engineer especally if you have mutations or micoplasma virus contamination or cross species such as plant to animal, animal to human visa versa. Even if you whipe out a whole city you have to clean up the bodys and you have to bury the dead or get rid of the corpses in order to rebuild the society.

Slave labor can build you a society it cannot maintain it. Alot of people quote hitlar as being the worlds largest exterminator of man even if it is true hitlars dead isnt he. He wanted a super state and look where it got him and look how many people died trying to make it happen.

During the cold war with russia the scientific community had a bio virus for every single living species on the planet according to the OSS and other agencies. Even if you whipe out all the life you have to grow it back and repopulate areas that have either been abandoned all the life in the area is or has been killed.

Dolly who was a cloned sheep had a half life of the orginal clone the dna also was breaking down the moment dolly was born at such a rate that dolly had to have gene theropy to keep her alive. Alot of the engineers who were involved in weapons research or bio research that are still alive know how they were used and have placed bio weapons in even the anti venoms and serums so that the higharchy wont survive if they release a super strain virus.

Kill enough engineers and thats what killing your own people will get you people that want you dead as much as you want to kill them. If you look long and hard at just bio weapons research from 1950 and up you find that the hard core superstrain virus's that can kill 90% or more of man arnt listed on any government documents unless they are TOP SECRET or above.

Even that being the case enginnering can only be taken so far and the same thing for control and control of populations. Every time man on the earth has tried to control life in anyway the people doing it or trying it get a wake up call. Even though jurassic park is a so called fictional movie about scientist bringing back to life a dinosaur thats been dead for so called billions of years it does not mean that kind of science doesnt exist.

What it does still mean is you have to have people willing and able to carry it out the miltary may follow orders at first but once they see what there involved in they will turn and a perfect example is what happened in prison scandles of 2002 and 2004.

Gov and the pentagon did everything they could to keep that information from both leaking out and getting out and even though much of that information is secret alot of that information that was secret surrounding that issue came out and the truth came to light. The reality is no matter what level of so called superiority you have even if it is tech it will always be replaced with something else or attempted to be upgraded to the next generation of weapon or device.

In the 1950s we had technology that could kill 90% of all man and gov didnt have control of it back then and they dont now the illusion was they were in control but once people started seeing how they were being used even over the last 10 years sense 9-11 the populations now around the world know there's a high archy trying to rule over them.

People also reguarly talk about the new world order or the attempt to create one. When this site first started up I remember how much simon myself and others got sceptics on here every day for years before people started waking up to how much government didnt have there best intrest in mind.

Thats all I have for now I will write more when I have time.


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