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Space Invaders Land In Russia

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posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 03:45 PM
This I have never heard of before.
A close encounter with alien beings witnessed en-mass by a town in Russia, back in the early nineties.
Interesting vid

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 03:55 PM
Nice find. Flag for you.

I don't remember hearing a word about this. Not that I was even listening back then.

Typical, the whole world is talking about it, and the US is kept in the dark.

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posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 04:00 PM
How many eye-witness testimonie's do we need? How many pictoral representations recorded in ancient art all the way through to midevial and rennaisance times do we require? How much video recorded evidence of strange ariel phenomenon performing bizaare and seemingly impossible manuever's does the general public require before we stop ridiculing the phenomenon and recognize it as a legitimate inquiry and give it the proper scientific examination that it deserves?

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 04:03 PM
*LOL* The voices.
But very interesting and very important for people to watch. Especially the Naysayers.

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 04:08 PM
this is a pretty famous case and i remember it when it happened, I was only in 5th grade or so. So yes, the US media obviously picked it up, but it ultimately went nowhere, and ended up swept under the rug.

I think it's a great case, you have multiple eye witnesses from many walks of life all saying the same thing. And if I remember correctly there was rumored to be a large robot like creature with the aliens as well.

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 04:14 PM
Nothing to see here guys, just huge men in the shape of swamp gas, or maybe they were all on lsd, nah seriously, how much proof do you need? All these witnesess, 9 foot men that were human looking? Sounds like those nordic types ive heard so much about..

I know they are here, its a FACT!

I would bet a bullet to my brain they are...


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posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 04:16 PM
Thanks for sharing, i remember this case

Voronezh UFO Landing
Date: September 27, 1989
Location: Voronezh, Russian Federation

Summary: The story of the Voronezh aliens recounts the adventures of several young children who claimed to have seen a three-eyed alien with a robot escort. The alien was said to be about nine foot tall. The craft, according to eye witness testimony, landed on the outskirts of the city. Shortly thereafter, the tall alien appeared, and upon seeing the young lad, shot a type of weapon at him, causing him to vanish before the eyes of the other people around him.

The Voronezh, Russia Aliens - UfoCaseBook

Russian UFO Crash, 1989 - Ufos.About

Newspaper article

Sketches of the UFOs and robots/beings drawn by some of the witnesses. The top-left drawing of the UFO and robot is by sixth-grader Roma Torshin; and the top-right drawing by Genya Blinov. (credit: Hesemann / Jacques Vallee)

Artist's rendition of the Voronezh landing by Elena Penkova.

Sketch of the object by one of the children who witnessed the object

Some of the children of Voronezh: Lena Sarokina; Vasya Surin; Vova Startsev; Alyosha Nikonov. (credit: Michael Hesemann)

Credits: TheBlackVault

  • Flying Saucer Review 34, 4;

  • MUFON UFO Journal 259 and 260,

  • UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union.

  • Strange Tale of the 3-Eyed Alien That Zapped a Boy!
    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Oct. 11, 1989

  • Soviets report Alien sighting
    Associated Press, Oct. 9, 1989
    By JOHN IAMS Associated Press Writer

  • Russia's alien ideals - UFO landing
    by Patrick Huyghe

  • UFOs: The Psychic Dimension - The Voronezh, Russia Case
    By David Pratt

  • Billy Booth

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  • posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 04:38 PM
    Pretty compelling stuff S&F from me - thanks

    Hey this is my first ever one line post on ATS...


    posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 04:44 PM
    reply to post by internos

    I remember this very well.
    What always interested me was the Russian type (Cyrillic) letter on the craft and the uniforms of the beings.

    Zhe (Ж, ж) is the letter of Cyrillic alphabet which represents the voiced postalveolar fricative /ʒ/ (listen), similar to the s in the English word treasure or the g in mirage.

    From Wikipedia

    posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 04:45 PM
    Hey you know
    I would like to say thank you very much to all who have posted in here.

    Recently most of the responses to my post's on this site have been a wee bit negative and hostile in nature.

    Its funny how different rooms ( subjects ) attract different personality types.

    I like the fact that people who believe in the UFO topic seem a lot more socially evolved. I think that fact alone speaks volumes.
    Thanks again.

    posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 04:49 PM
    Japanese Lanterns....... j/k very nice S F

    posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 04:50 PM
    Watch out for stuff labeled with It's a bunch of crazy christians trying to scare people with videos about invading UFOs/end of the world/etc, and then they try to pump you full of religious propaganda, saying that you need to save your soul and the usual bull#.

    Anyway, interesting video, even though it was upped by a wacko

    posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 04:57 PM
    reply to post by andolin

    It is very important to notice the details, and you caught straight one that raised doubts about this case, because of its possible relations with theUMMO highly questionable stuff, which symbol was looking, indeed, like a Ж .

    posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 05:03 PM
    So this thing landed and the 'aliens' got out and had a little walk around the town and no one got any photos??

    I know it's 1989 and well before cell phones with cameras! But surely there must of been at least one camera in running distance
    Any one else find that odd?

    posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 05:03 PM
    reply to post by internos

    When I first saw it I immediately thought of the Alchemical symbols, Uranus in particular. I remember there being some discussion along those lines as well as all kinds of other things being thrown out (Egyptian/Aztec/Mayan Hieroglyphics) act. The UMMO thing has some Soviet roots I believe, in one other the communist satellite countries. If this was hoaxed, it must have been difficult to do without some sort of governmental involvement. Very interesting sighting.

    posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 05:25 PM
    This happened in that late stages of the Soviet state. Nevertheless, there would have been soldiers there before you could have blinked an eye and yet they were not there. Sorry, but just cannot believe it. If they really wanted to be known, most likely they would have communicated to the people on earth that they were coming and then land somewhere near a big city so that the whole world would believe. But that didn't happen and no photos and I know that they had cameras then. I would have liked very much to believe this story.

    posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 05:31 PM
    reply to post by Brothers

    Well yes.But another thing that caught my attention in this case was the alleged witnessing by children. I'm always interested when children in public places witness a sighting as I believe them to be more inherently disposed to truthfully disclose than adults. There have been many such incidents.

    Sightings by Children and Youth

    One that I believe to be mist credible occurred in Zimbabwe in a similar time frame and has similarities to the OP topic.

    Summary: On 14th September, 1994, a UFO streaked across the sky over Southern Africa. Two days later, something landed in a schoolyard in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, with three or four things beside it, according to journalist Cynthia Hind. This was witnessed by 62 schoolchildren, who had little or no exposure to TV or popular press accounts of UFOs. Cynthia Hind interviewed them the day after the encounter and made them draw pictures of what they had seen.

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    posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 06:28 PM

    Originally posted by andolin
    reply to post by Brothers

    Well yes.But another thing that caught my attention in this case was the alleged witnessing by children.

    A child may lie, two children may lie, even three may, even more: fantasy is a VERY important factor for their growth. The story starts to get complicated when you have MORE children telling you the same story, with matching decriptions, and so on. The Zimbabwe's example is the first that came to mind, (by the way, if someone has the explanation for that case pleae post it here: a prosaic, serious, scientific explanation) but i always prefer to give to every case an identity: if a case is too much linked to another one, and case #1 is found to be an hoax, then even case # 2 has not many chances to survive, despite its reliability, despite its proofs. Children don't have more reasons than adults have to lie, or better: adults lie for many reasons: money, power, PRIDE, etc, they stand on their positions. And why in the world some children whatsoever would do the same?

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    posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 06:37 PM
    So many witnesses, No one with a camera.
    Why do these things always happen in Russia anyway?

    posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 06:39 PM
    reply to post by internos

    Yes, the sole fact of the UMMO sign made me disregard this almost completely.

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