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Dream about Highly Advanced Weapons NOT from Earth?

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posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 11:10 AM
Okay. So I am sixteen years old. This is my 5 MAJOR UFO dream that I've had, that actually frightens me when I wake up. I have had one UFO encounter in my life. This happened in October of 2008. I am writing down everything that I can remember from this dream, so here we go: (All of this happened on Feb. 22, 2009).

Before the dream:

(Saturday, Feb. 21, 2009)
I worked on Saturday, came home and went to bed.

(Sunday, Feb. 22, 2009)
Day was pretty long, and I decided to take a nap while my parents were in town. I went to sleep around 3:00pm (3:30pm).

During the dream (this entire dream was in First Person):

I was driving in a Blue Suburban (08), in Hood River, Oregon (my hometown). I was with my two other friends, Garrett, Richard and my Mom. My Mom was driving. Richard (sitting in the passenger seat) was holding a very advanced handheld map which had a geographical grid chart back-masking it (like the grids that you see on SONAR). Garrett was sitting to the right of me (behind Richard), and I was sitting behind my Mom. We were driving at night time (halfway until it was dark), and I pointed out the fact that I think I saw a shooting star in front of us (up in the sky). Try to pinpoint its location on the map Richard was holding. I watched as Richard tried to pinpoint it, and failed to find its location. We were driving for probably another minute or so, and all of us saw another shooting star. This time, Richard pinpointed it right away and received its longitude and latitude immediately. Garrett and I then directed my Mom to drive to the point on the map. While we were driving to the point which took us only a short while, we proceeded to turn on the radio (XM Satellite). On the radio, the announcer said this, “Reports just in: comet lands nearby! Now there are rumors that there are extremely rare space diamonds, only found in space, which has landed in the comet. People from all over are rushing to see this!” We proceeded driving and as we were driving, we crossed into the back-roads (still following the point on our map), and as we were driving, I looked up and saw these lights. These lights were little dots, moving extremely fast. Flying all over like molecules that have been heated up. I told my Mom, “Mom those aren’t from here.” She denied, and said that they were just stars. My heart rate was really going; I had an adrenaline rush while I was in the car, I was terrified at what these were. Finally, we had reached this stretch of road, and off to the left of us was what looked like a parking lot (I can’t quite remember). I jumped out of the car running up to where this “comet” had landed. All around me were people running towards it. Cars were pulling up, people screaming, “Were gonna be rich!” As I closed in on the strange object (which had left a crater in the ground, fairly small one at that), I saw this silver and white glow. In the glow there was a bunch of small silver round shaped objects. I picked up as many of them as I could (8) and carried them in my shirt back to the car. My dad had then called my mom and told her to meet him at a fish bar (no clue what this was, it was just in my dream). Somehow, we ended up at the fish bar. There was this guy sitting on this stool. I can’t remember what he looked like at all. All I remember was that there was a bunch of guitars around him, and three bass’. The room was pretty dark, with a blue light in the background. It was just me in the room with this person, and I took a few steps and all of a sudden I was back in the car. It was almost like a vision, or a moment suspended in time. Afterwards, everything went black. I was at my school, in the atrium. I was standing right next to a Sobe vending machine with a black silk bag in my hand. I remember reaching inside the bag feeling around and inside there were 8 black boxes. These black boxes resembled the size of a C4 detonator switch with a single LED and a single switch.

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posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 11:12 AM
Some of the LEDs were blinking very slowly, and others weren’t. I can’t remember how many. So I laid all of these 8 black boxes on the table in front of me, and I turned on the radio. The new reporter said, "This just in, diamonds are NOT from this planet! In fact, they are HIGHLY ADVANCED WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! These were made not from us, but from somebody else. Now, we are being advised, whoever is in possession of these, if the switch is on, leave it on! If its off, leave it off! These will destroy the entire planet and millions of lives if activated!" I remembered that I had bumped a few of these, 2 in fact, so I immediately threw these two to the ground. I was stomping on them, breaking the chip board into pieces, doing everything I could to destroy these. Yet somehow, the LEDs were still blinking. I then pick up all of the parts that I stomped on, and ran outside and threw them all over the ground. My English teacher then came out and said that these should have never been discovered and that they belong back up in space.


posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 11:17 AM
So, I have no idea what this dream meant, or anything. All I know, is that I had it. However, all of these dreams that I have had relating to UFO's, or anything along those lines, I remember more than any other dream that I have had.

So, any thoughts???

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by shadowgears911

I have had a few heavy ufo dreams as well.
Dreams for me are also a way your subconscience blows off steam so to speak.
Sometimes dreams are residual in how they happen.They are residual in that they come from parts of your subconscience.
Not all dreams are those tho,so its too hard to say.
I haven't researched these kinds of dreams too much so all I can give is my 2 cents.
I mostly have dreams that give me answers to my questions in real life that I can't figure out.

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 12:07 PM
that is crazy son, KABOOM, sometimes when one dreams of UFO's or any other related events it could mean you were abducted. Government and ET's are suspected of giving people related dreams so they just brush it all off in the morning like it was just a dream.

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