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UFO ghostships

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 05:06 PM
I do like reading the topics here. Some very interesting theories, and stories. I like both sides of this debate. The faith of the creative conscious and the objective responses which they intertwine. By work and general person I am a scientist, but also a dreamer, the scientist without Asparagus Syndrome.

Most of my experiences have been if you were to categorize astral plane orientated, lucid dreaming of wild lands, future dreams and such: Although significant to me, still only stand out as dreams or wild prophecies. My only journal is one by my bed, and it consists of just paper and a purple pen hardly visible on the paper in daylight.

Phsychonaut advances have also been made throughout the years, with my trips lying back and looking up at the stars and seeing so much that was hidden before, the stars with lights surrounding them, different colours, primary colours, orbiting of atom like motions, with the star staying central. This was then followed by the wind bringing clouds and the clouds depicting a man and woman bracing each other in bare skin.

Which brings me to the point of if there is a "them" and they chose you to witness them in the sky or here in your room, through dreams, ghosts, saucers or lights turning 180 degrees at 10 knots per 1.2 seconds, that maybe that is their choice. But shamans, psychics, phsyconauts, whatever you call them might be able to see without permission as it were, which means we all can, but it tinkers on the edge of our understanding.

Also I see the universe as infinite yet finite, nothing and everything. I believe that looking at my hand I see skin, to look closer, dna, to look closer quantum mechanics, to look further a electron, this can be broken another colossus logarithmic value, ten to the power of a million, then we get a galaxy here a galaxy there. I clap my hands and an infinite amount of galaxies, civilisations, stars end or transform or end with the impact. this goes around infinitely, its so big its just a point.

So who are we humans, just one of the infinite people, part of the chemical reaction of infinity, seeing ghosts and gods, but more likely a beetle seeing a car next to him, to the beetle it has seen god, just not understood that drink driving kills.


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