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posted on Apr, 15 2004 @ 11:32 PM
Okay, bored and with a serious case of wanderlust I did a search on DARPA here at the ATS.

Came across this:

Followed the link and read the report.

Which prompted me to start this thread which I am calling DARPA WTF.

This seems like a very bizarre organization, didn't see any threads along this line so thought I'd ask the naive question of...

If anyone is free to talk, who here has either worked for DARPA or knows someone who has (please no insane stories about aliens and tin foil hats unless you have proof and a spifo hat) been involved in any projects.

Other than that lame robot car race fiasco dilly.

I've checked out their website:

It looks boring but once you get inside it's a pretty damn cool site.

So who knows what abour DARPA and are they hiring idiots, cuz if they is me am got a shot and that ain't not bad.

Thank you Mat Groenig!

So DARPA stories first hand or second hand at most, who's got em!


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