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How To Create Surfs For Fun & Profit OR ...

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 01:39 AM

How To Create Surfs For Fun & Profit OR ...
Crash Course In Crashing An Economy
(Up To & Including A Global Economy)

Anyone interested in understanding the financial issues in the world today would be STRONGLY advised to watch some of these tutorials on the financial structure of our global economy. (Links provided in the next message)

If you are already well versed in economic principals then this is old news. For those that are uninformed about economics and how it effects you personally, you should, at the very LEAST learn the basics, so that you can understand what's going on with your 401K or Certificate Of Deposit (CD's) or even your mortgage and why it's taking a tremendous pounding at the behest of the powers that be...

I didn't fully understand the financial principals of our own economy much less any global economy, nor was I really interested until this year; I am, and always have been, a computer and electronics professional and lived in Silicon Valley during the boom of the 'personal computer revolution'; I could go on for hours with funny anecdotes and stories of making money hand over fist at many of the highest profile companies where I've been fortunate enough to have been employed in the Bay Area (and currently, elsewhere.)

When living in an environment of daily, constant boom ... who cares about the details of the super rich or their evil, inhumane plans or even how they got there... A friend of mine owned a big 4000+ sq ft. home in the foothills overlooking Silicon Valley and had 4 or 5 cars including a bright red Magnum PI style Ferrari, going to work in his bathrobe, working from home decades before that was even an option for the mainstream worker bees; Bzzzz; Life Is Good.

In my opinion, that boom went bust in the early 1990's. Although California's economy is still strong in technology radiating from Silicon Valley, with a strong infrastructure in the surrounding suburbs of the bay area, I choose to watch that economy from afar these days. My gut sensation of collapse was correct. I'm somewhat sad for California these days, but as they cold-heartedly say in Cali, Deal With It.

It is an incredibly gorgeous state with many breath-taking natural areas and remarkable coastlines, wonderful weather (and babes), but I can't help thinking in the back of my mind "I told ya!"; but I digress...

Following California's lead into a fiscal devastation isn't the lead that I want to see for the rest of our country. We need to avert that by all means within our power. First step is educating ourselves in the financial basics. This will foster informed decision making that MUST start from the bottom and permutate up and into local and state government. Remember, We own the states and collectively, in turn United States (not borg!). Meaning, I'm encouraging all people to contact your local and state government representatives after you have a clear understanding of what is really happening. If you already understand, get on it! else, keep reading...

The links that I'm listing here are only a small part of the tutorials on finance (at all levels) that I've found to be informative and I've researched many of the claims and cross referenced much of the information presented in them that seemed inconsistent and I believe they are all sound tutorials with some real eye-openers for the uninformed. I'm not a financial wizard. I am, however, logical and motivated to 'fix broken things' like any other man. And fix it RIGHT like any AMERICAN man.

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 01:56 AM
Continued From Previous Message...

How To Create Surfs For Fun & Profit OR ...
Crash Course In Crashing An Economy
(Up To & Including A Global Economy)

I'm suggesting the following tutorials as a primer. (if you are as unfamiliar with financial principals as I was, my specialty is electronics/computer science and I didn't care about this sh.t until this year).

Consider how this current financial disaster is unfolding. Many mainstream media are finally formally recognizing this whole mess is unprecedented in all of our history, finally shaking and waking the sleeping sheeple.

We'll need to take deliberate and decisive actions very soon to reverse this potential disaster and correct the damage that's already done (I'm implying that one or more stimulus packages isn't the way and is a potentially devastating cover charge to a string of bad jokes written by an incompetent, if not virtually treasonous, federal government.)

It's my belief that we don't have much time; months, not years before our lives are negatively impacted for decades or centuries to come (not that 100 years from now matters to US, except our kids) ...

Remember, there is NO WAY to apologize our way out of a bad decision once a course has been set. Choose wisely. The sky isn't falling.

Some of these tutorials are lengthy but I would strongly suggest making time for these by skipping American Idol, Lost and even Leave It To Beaver (have the PC's banned Amos and Andy yet?). You can still drink your favorite flavor KoolAid while learning something new if that's your preference... =)


Glenn Beck's Brief & Passionate Introduction To Finance/Disaster : 3 Mins. 01/29/2009
Inconvenient Debt : Glenn Beck

Brief & Sensational : 5 Mins : 02/20/2009
Santelli's Chicago Tea Party | CNBC's Rick Santelli's Revolution

Profound (but somewhat dry) : 42 Min : 01/26/2006
The Truth About The Federal Reserve System

The REAL deal : Detailed Documentary 3½ hours
The Money Masters : How Bankers Gained Control Of America

There are a few more tutorials, but these get you started (if you haven't seen them already)...

BTW: If you've ever watched CNN, you may recall that some time back in 2007 (early 2008?) they started with their "Issue #1" campaign; I despised that terminology and apparent commercialization/sensationalism of a financial crisis that at that time didn't even seem to exist. They knew something back then that the rest of the sheeple didn't know. CNN is permanently OFF of my Christmas list. FOX News is next unless they shape up their 'news'. They are the entire reason I'm at ATS, AP and other websites now.


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