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Panama as an Alternative to Living in the USA

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 01:46 PM
Hello All,

I am new here and I hope this is the most appropriate place to post this message. I am a resident of the Republic of Panama and a citizen of the United States. I'm rather conservative in my views compared to a lot of what I have seen on this site, but I do think that some of you might like to explore what it would be like to move out of the United States to somewhere relatively safe (as can be in the world we are living in). I have a commercial interest in suggesting that Panama might be a good alternative, which I admit up front. I sell real estate. That being said, I might not have exactly the real estate you would be looking for, so don't let my profession keep you from discovering what Panama has to offer.

Panama is among the most private places to do banking in the world.
There is a very short distance from farm to table when it comes to food.
Panama has mountains, islands and beaches--lots of places to tuck into that are way off the beaten track.
Panama also has secure and defensible 'normal' communities capable of going off grid and being self-sufficient.
Panama has abundant water (it rains a lot here) and no extremely cold areas. The most you'd ever need is a sweater and maybe a fire at night if you are way up in the mountains.
Panama offers incentives to those who invest here and a very generous plan for those who retire on a fixed income, regardless of age as long as the income can be proven from a recognized source.
Expatriates have been making Panama their home for a hundred years and the Panamanians are used the presence of foreigners.
Panama itself is a melting pot made up of immigrants. It has a peaceful and democratic form of government.
Panama has no military.
Panama has a moderate cost of living and good medical facilities that are way cheaper than other modern nations. It is not socialized, but it is subsidized, even for visitors if you go 'government' hospital. Private is more expensive, but still a fraction of anything you'd see in the U.S.

I have written two posts on my blog that address the coming economic storm and what that means to Panama--both day-to-day life and the bigger picture when it comes to banking and money issues.

If you look at property, you will soon notice that it is not 'dirt cheap' to buy here and I wouldn't claim that it is. I think the property is good value for $$ but they aren't giving it away and the real estate market (outside of Panama City where there are some issues) is pretty solid.

There are alternatives to taking it on the chin in the USA, Europe and all the other over-leveraged nations of the world. Consider your choices and do some research. Panama is not the only place, but I do think it is one of the soundest and secure countries and offers so much in terms of natural beauty and recreation as well as a broad choice in lifestyles. If you dig around our website you can read articles I've written on the different areas to consider. We handle property outside the city almost exclusively. You can reach the main website from the blog and you can reach our office through the website.

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 02:39 PM
I have actually considered this. I was in panama back in november and thought it was great despite the crappy weather. I also met a lot of ex pats down there who loved it and had no intention of ever coming back to the states.

Panama has some decent infrastructure, and must pull in a decent amount of coin with that good ol canal. I saw some amazing high rise condos in panama city goin for not much more than what a buddy just paid in shoreline washington.

Central america has always been an idea in the back of my mind. i've been to mexico, belize, costa rica, and panama, they are all really nice spots if you know where to go.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 05:22 AM
I have to agree about the weather, although some people think it is wonderful. I am not fond of rain or heat. But in a SHTF situation, both elements are pluses. There's plenty of water and while the heat may be uncomfortable, off grid, it isn't going to kill you and warm clothes aren't going to be an issue.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 06:34 AM
wasted about a half of yesterday just looking at real estate offerings from around the world.....there's a nice, well, they call it a castle, but I didn't think it was, but still it looked nice, in I beleive czech. that had a decent price on it (under a hundred thousand)...

ain't looking for a castle though, (although there are some nice old castles up for sell in europe.) so, just what could I get in panama for under a hundred thousand dollars, and would they need machinists and screen printers there?
Brazil, from what I've seen, seems to be a tad bit expensive for my taste, although I admit, they probably have cheaper real estate than I was looking at...

if nothing else, could just buy a plot of land and throw a yurt on it....
or build a hobbit house, still like that one.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 01:10 PM

If you are talking raw land, there's plenty to be had around $100K...the further 'out' from any town the cheaper it gets. Whether it has a paved road, water and elec. also affects the price. You can still buy a house here and there for under a hundred K, but typically in areas where if the SHTF there will be plenty of cockroaches crawling all around. Best advice would be some acreage way out, build your yurt or rabbit hutch. (No one will stop you because people still live in huts all over Panama that they built themselves...usually on someone else's land. Zoning and building codes exist only in 'civilized' areas. Best plan would be a group building a survival retreat together.

As for the job can't legally work here unless you jump through lots of hoops. Plus the wages would probably make you cry if you were lucky enough to find work.

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