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The fourth Reich, the fourth empire

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posted on Apr, 15 2004 @ 04:10 PM
Read this first about the first 3 reichs..

Part 1: The Three Reichs
The German word 'reich' means 'empire', although it can also be translated as government. In 1930's Germany the Nazi party identified their rule as a third Reich, and in doing so gave English speakers around the world a new, and wholly negative, connotation to the word. Some people are surprised to find that the concept, and use, of three reichs is not a solely Nazi idea, but a common component of German historiography. This misconception stems from the use of 'Reich' as totalitarian nightmare, and not as empire. In this article your Guide will examine the institutions referred to as reichs, and explore how they compare.

Now, to my theory, take the United States Of America. Its the only super power at the moment and has been since the 20th century and could it be classfied as the fourth reich??

America has a powerfuly grip on the world, miltary and econmically so we could this is the foundations of the empire. American businesses dominate the world with businesses such as McDonalds, Microsoft, Blockbuster etc and this is their billion dollar trojan horse.

Each Reich or empire was a global power that conquered the world in someway, all of them were miltary,but America does control the world econmically and a attack on America IS a attack on the rest of the world due to their power.

Before i got called anti-amercian, there is another contender. The European Union. Over the years it has developed to a force, which can rival the US. I feel that the EU is more likely to be the Fourth Reich due to the fact that the other three reich came from Europe. The EU could be the next roman empire and it looks very likely and if we see the European consitutian signed, the power could shift back to Europe.

Hitler wanted a united fedreal Europe. That was his goal. So you could say that the EU is hitlers brianchild and roots came from him.

So we either have the fourth reich, which is the US or we are still waiting for it i.e EU even the NWO.

I shall leave it for an open discussion now and see what the overall impression is about the fourth reich.

posted on Apr, 16 2004 @ 01:43 AM
I dont think it will happen too soon. Economically we try to unite with the Euro valuta.

Problems however are that a lot of "unstable" economic countries are joining in the near future. The idea is also to have open borders so people can live anywhere. For example Germany is against that because they think they might get a lot of luck seekers from Poland trying to start a new life.
Then there are countries like Turky, which is not really that western and the army has it under control. There are also Kurdish people in that country which are being killed.

Then there's Switserland. No way they're going to join, they will stay neutral due to the fact that their banks have all the "illegal" money in the world stored.
Italy has Berlusconi, which is probably a facist ruling the media etc. Austria has some problems with right-extremistic politicians. England is the little puppet of America so no way this is gonna work on a short term. Too much differences and cultures..

[Edited on 16-4-2004 by puppetmaster]

posted on Apr, 16 2004 @ 06:35 AM
Comparing America with the 4th Reich, is like comparing apples and oranges.

The Germans were trying to unite the various independant states and city-states. They were all basically one culture, one language(dialects aside). This is what Frederick Barbarossa, Otto von Bismarck and Hitler all wanted in the beginning. Aunification of the German people. Remember, Prussia and Bavaria, though both German, were at war a few times with each other. This dragged some of the other German states into the conflict, each choosing one side or the other.

I would compare America to the Roman Empire. A culture already established, not fighting for a unification of a common peoples. We are ever trying to expand our borders, both militarily and clandestinely. Our influence ways heavy upon the world, and in doing so, have created many enemies along the way. Our military might is unsurpassed, and the technology driving it is ever developing. We wage war on the "barbarians" of the world, just as the Romans thought they were doing.

Many similarities with the Romans. Maybe our demise will also come from within, not from without.

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