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History taught us a lesson...

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 03:21 AM
link beware false prophets, even through the lowest points of time.

It is in these circumstances, whether it be a grave economic situation, or times of war and uncertainty, that there are those will spread their lies and propaganda regarding these lower points of time, in the hopes of a more personal agenda.

1930s and 40s.. during what was dire economic times for Germany... Hitler and his minions began to spread hatred towards jews and others, blaming them for a situation they had no evidence to.. despite the blatant hate this man and his cronies spread... despite Hitlers and others obviously own personal hatred for the jews and other non-true germans, the german people went for it, and like wise it lead to one of the most horrific massacres of a people in human history...

The cold war.... the soviet Union spread lies regarding their mistreatment of their own people, stalins killing of millions of innocent people was covered by constant propaganda regarding the west and how they are the threat....

How about the 1960s, when innocent black americans were being hung, or harrassed because they simply wanted freedom... yet those who supported the attacks on african americans listened to the propaganderists who justified their killings and harrasing from the bible, with false referencing... when they spread false generalizations regarding an entire people... during a time of confusion... of xhenophobia....

Now we are in yet another low point in history... and yet despite the real efforts out there of some democrats and republicans, however their solutions may differ, working to get america out of this mess... we have individuals on the radio... or on blogs... calling for civil instability, or that guns be used over bills that are yet to take their guns away.... or an administration that we are yet to see the years of.... or personal remarks towards individuals they disagree with ideologically, that have no place in higher society....

History has shown us how the rational can become the irrational. It is time people not allow their emotions be played upon by those false prophets who have nothing but care for their own personal agendas.

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