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LAW why were all governed by our own IGNORANCE - Route to Freedom!

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posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 06:56 PM
Disclaimer: I am Canadian and as a result, most of the info I will cover is particular focused around Canadians. This does not mean it is not applicable to the US, but rather you should further investigate information on your own before making any moves. Additionally because of the advanced stage of the Police State in the US it is dangerous to stand up against government officials EVEN IF YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT, this is because the people who will be attacking you, will likely not even know that you are in the right and most likely do not even understand the statutes in which they enforce. This information is not intended as legal advice, it is for informational and educational purposes only. I suggest anyone with even a shred of interest in the topic to research every part of it on their own.

What we are never taught about the LAW!
To begin lets make a distinction. First off, humans living on the land are governed by only one law. Common Law. Also known as the ‘law of the land’, it has only three points:
- You can never harm another person
- You can never harm another persons property
- You can not use fraud or mischeif in your contracts

So unless you do one of those three things, you have NOT broken the law. This is where you say, but wait, people are breaking the law all the time and it doesn’t involve any of those things, what about drug crimes, or prostitution, income tax evasion etc?

That’s where it gets dicey. You see, those ‘laws’ are infact NOT laws. They are in reality, STATUTES, you can easily spot a statute by taking note of the word ACT in its name. Some common ones are the Income Tax Act, Motor Vehicle Act etc.

Statute: A legislated rule of society which has the force of law.
Governing can only be done through CONSENT. This is where most people say, well what the hell, I never consented to governing. Well, the problem is, that you did. You either consent to governing by not saying anything or protesting it, or you unknowingly agree to it in exchange for an assumed privledge.

Lets look at some of the deceptive words they use to get you to consent to governing.

Application: To beg, plead petition, implore, entreat or request. Essentially, someone who begs ‘knows’ what they are receiving, and as a result understand that they may not be getting the best of the agreement.

Submission: To leave to anothers discretion, to bend to the will of another.

Registration: Derives from Admiralty marine law, registering means handing over possession of something to the dock master for safe keeping. Handing over full ownership for partial

Must: This word is legally synonymous with ‘may’. The word must have two senses; imperitive and directive. An impertive creates an obligation on your part. A directive describes conditions that have to be fulfilled. ‘You must breath to live’ for example.

Society: A number of people joined by mutual consent to deliberate, determine and act for a common goal.

Person: (1) (According to Blacks Law Dictionary) “A human being is not a person because he is a human being, but rather because rights and duties have been ascribed to him. The person is the legal subject of substance of which rights and duties are attributes.
(2) Corporate Entity.

It’s through the use of deceptive words that they force people into being governed. For one example, lets look at driving. The common law right to TRAVEL exists where you live. If you go to your local officials and ask them to admit, under full commercial liability and on the record that the common law right to travel no longer exists, they will NOT answer your question. Because it does.

If you never REGISTER your vehicle, you have a right to travel in it without insurance and without statutory regulation. It is not till you REGISTER your vehicle and APPLY for a drivers license that you become bound by the statutes. Now, do I suggest that you do this? NO! Because police do not know this reality, and they will impound your vehicle even though they cannot lawfully do so.

If you get into an accident then its all on you to pay the bill, and since most people cannot do that that’s why these statutes are necessary. The Government looks at the situation as if were all just a bunch of children that NEED to be governed or else we’ll go into chaos.

See that’s the trick, they tell us that we MUST do something so we do, but as soon as we bite the bait were already being reeled in. Lets go back to statutes. You’ll notice it says a rule of society, well, what society? Can you name your society? A lawyer can, they are part of the law society, a notary can, they are part of the notary society. But can you name your society? A wise man once said, if something cannot be named, does it even exist?

That’s the biggest point here, are we part of mutual consent to deliberate, determine and act for a common goal? No! The law society creates these insane laws, written in such deceptive wording that no normal person can pick up the act and understand what it is trying to say. If you don’t believe me, look up the income tax act and tell me if you understand it. So if these law makers, part of the law society create these laws and are adhered to them, when did we agree to adhere to them?

Additionally there are a few things that you must understand. First off, all these people who wish to enforce these rules upon you are on their own, just humans. They have families, friends, kids etc, just simple human beings and its key to remember that when dealing with them. Also, these people only use words. Every bit of power they have is derived from words that were written somewhere. And the fact that you don’t understand their words that they use to enslave you is a huge part of the problem. As you see, im sure some of the legal definitions mentioned above were slightly different than what you assumed.


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posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 06:56 PM
Another trick they use. In an act, they can define any word to have any meaning in that act. They could technically define ‘dog’ to imply a ‘cat’ and through the ACT the use of that word really means cat. This is the deception I talk about, even for those who take the time to read these acts, have trouble understanding them because of the very deceptive meanings to the COMMON words they use. You think you understand the definition of a word, but you don’t.

Back to Statutes. Statutes always are meant to govern a PERSON, not a human being. A Person is a corporate entity, created by a corporation. For me, my name is a Corporate entity of the Province of British Columbia. That’s an imporant thing to remember, your state or province is a CORPORATION, not a geographical area. You LIVE in a geographical area known as.. (insert state, province, city) but according to the government, you are a corporate entity IN a CORPORATION. That’s how they get their power.

Corporate policy enforcement officers; Police
Traffic Violations: This is one thing that is most exciting for people who are learning about the reality of law and how we are governed. First off, every instrument the government uses is regulated and governed by a law. Well, where is the Violation Ticket Act? It doesn’t exist.
But here’s what does exist, the Bill of Exchange Act

Section 16(1) defines a Bill of Exchange as:
“An unconditional order in writing, “ – You pay $XXX.XX amount
“Addressed by one person to another, “ – Addressed by the issuing cop, to you.
“Signed by the person giving it, “ – Signed by the cop
“Requiring the person to whom it is addressed, “ –YOU!
“To pay, on demand or at a fixed or determinable future time,” – Pay X amount within 30 days
“ A sum certain in money, to or to the order of a person or bearer,” – To the state, to the crown etc.

So we now know that a VIOLATION TICKET = BILL OF EXCHANGE. Once you understand that, you realize that that instrument is governed by the BEA. Now we’re going to learn about the even further deception that they use to bend us over the barrel.

The entire thing is all the DISHONOR GAME. They are literally forcing you to dishonor that bill, so you lose no matter what. This is where you say, but hey I did exactly as I was told, I signed the ticket, then went and paid it, what did I do to dishonor it? Also, have you ever wondered why even after paying the fine a guilty conviction is registered against your license?

The options the government gives you are as follow:
- Sign the ticket, according to Section 98 of the BEA, a bill returned to the issuer with merely a signature is SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE OF A DISHONORED BILL.

Does that alarm any of you? The police officer forces you into dishonoring the bill, so legally you lose immediately after doing that. Have you ever noticed how they don’t just hand the pad with the ticket on it? Instead they hand you a pen, and hold the pad out for you to sign it. Additionally, under section 35 of the BEA it states that as soon as you sign a bill, you are now an assumed party to that bill and are liable for it.

- Second option, say, get ####ed im not signing that! Well, the cop then flips the ticket over and writes “given the option to sign, refused”. Once again, you’ve now dishonored it. You can see how this is a losing option right away, once again your straight into dishonor.

- Dispute the ticket. Now first off, you have already signed the ticket and your in dishonor, now to add insult to injury, you create CONFLICT by taking the issue to court.

Your FOURTH and final option, the one that they do NOT want you to know about. You can conditionally accept the bill. Now to be clear, before you can take this step it is important you handle the encounter properly.
First, you must arm yourself with knowledge:
- As previously stated returning the bill to issuer with a signature is evidence of dishonor (Section 98 BEA)

- A copy of a dishonored bill is evidence that the bill was presented, served and dishonored. THIS IS WHERE THEY GET YOU! Notice how they say, I am giving you a ticket, then give you only a copy? You are being given a bill and you have THE RIGHT to get the original.


So how should you handle your next traffic stop?
First, arm yourself with a camera (I cover this later), second, its important to ask questions of the officer and also its important to demand some sort of ID from them. Remember, whatever they require of you, you can require of them. They ask for license, registration and proof of insurance, isn’t it only fair that you can get a business card off them?

Ask questions, ask what the word ACT means, and what the word DRIVER means? That’s another trick, by their own definition, a DRIVER is someone who is engaged in commerce on the road, for instance a taxi operator is infact a driver. You going from your house to your girlfriends house, are NOT a driver, though on the citation you WILL be listed as a driver. This is just further proof that they do not understand their own instruments.
So the cop approachs the window and has a big fat juicy ticket for you, here are the two ways that you are going to WIN in this situation, no matter what. And as a result, you will never pay another ticket and you will NEVER have another charge registered against your license.

First, you ask the officer if he is giving you a ticket. His answer will be yes. Here's where you may need to be a bit tricky, cause your next step is to GET THE ORIGINAL, and as I mentioned and as I am sure most of you have noticed, they DO NOT hand you the entire pad, and most often do not ever completely release it from their hands which is also breaking another section of the BEA for they aren’t duly presenting the bill, but that’s irrelevant right now.

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posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 06:57 PM
So he says yes im giving you the ticket, heres where you happily grab the pad, once you have the pad in your possession you simply grab the ticket, give him the copy. If you achieve this step, you inform the officer that you intend to honor the bill within 3 days WHICH IS YOUR LEGAL RIGHT! Now ESPECIALLY IN THE US, this is where you are going to get some resistance because they know damn well that they do not want you to take the original. But that’s OK!

According to Section 84 of the BEA, if the officer stops you from trying to take the original, he is DISCHARGING THE BILL FOR YOU AND ENDS UP BEING LIABLE! It is YOUR RIGHT to take the original bill, noone would ever debate this anywhere else, you go to a store buy something, your entitled to the original bill that’s the bottom line. But thanks to mass ignorance that’s been forgotten.

At this point, you simply write above where you are supposed to sign “Signed under protest and duress” once you do that, you win.
Section 55(2) In particular, the title of a person who negotiates a bill is defective within the meaning of this Act when he obtained the bill, or the acceptance thereof, by fraud, duress, or force and fear, or other unlawful means, or for an illegal consideration or when he negotiates it in breach of faith, or under such circumstances as amount to a fraud.

So you either leave with the original, or you leave with the copy saying you have signed under protest and duress. You take this to a notary and send it off to the government agency asking for it to be discharged. It will be. And if you ever go to court, you are in honor, and hopefully you have video evidence of the officer breaching the peace and acting negligent regarding the instrument he is presenting.

If you really have nothing better to do at the time, when your having the confrontation with the officer and your asking him questions, which most likely HE WONT KNOW THE ANSWERS, you can peacefully inform him, that the fact that he does not understand the instrument in which he is presenting is negligent and could result in fraud charges. This will either incite anger or compassion, they either crush you, or are eager to learn what your talking about, there really isnt a grey area so use at your own discretion.

First, some knowledge (For defenders of giving away 30% of your income to international bankers, please refer yourself to my income tax disclaimer below THANKS, everyone else read on.) As I state later, our taxes do not build our infrastructure or fund our services. Those are paid for by the millions of other taxes we pay when we SPEND our money. Some of these taxes for instance, luxury tax, gasoline tax, transit tax, property tax, provincial or state sales taxes etc. These go to our local governments who use them for local things. These are all lawful taxes and in my opinion are in place for good reason and are worthy of being paid.

How it all works. In laymens terms, the government has been given a loan by the IMF, but how does the IMF know we’re good for it? Well the government says, we have X hundred million tax payers, therefore we are good for it. So we pay our income tax, its collected and returned to the IMF, we pay off some interest debt and NOW the government can receive new loans. You are simply a means for the government to float loans.
Each individual citizen has a value attached to them from birth, cause they are a future TAX PAYER, they will generate wealth and spend it and pay taxes on it etc, so in the eyes of the government you are an ASSET! Don’t ever forget that.

Im sure, whether you’ve looked into the facts or not you have heard that the income tax is illegal, and that you may not need to pay it. But thanks to all the mumbo jumbo and differing stories its hard to figure out where the truth lies.

In canada, we have the INCOME TAX ACT.
2. (1) An income tax shall be paid, as required by this Act, on the taxable income for each taxation year of every person resident in Canada at any time in the year.

That seems to imply that we’re all hooped, we all must bend over and pay. But the key word here is PERSON, resident in CANADA.

I am not a person, although the government has created a corporate entity in my name at birth that is a person. But me, I am NOT a person I AM A HUMAN. Neither am I a resident IN CANADA. Canada is a corporation, how can anyone human actually exist within a corporation? WE CANT! Only corporate entities can exist within a corporation.

So where does that leave us? Well, then why do we pay? First off, its because we are all SINNERS! Or more precisely, we all have Social Insurance Numbers, or (SSN:US), and in fact we are ALL government EMPLOYEES. That’s the thing here, when we see people bitching about the government, we are actually seeing people bitch about their employer.
They say that a SSN/SIN is required to work legally in canada/us. Well, the way you should actually interpret that is TO LEGALLY WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT. If you tell me you work in Walmart, is it not true that you in fact work for walmart? This is the same thing.

So once again we APPLY (BEG) for a SSN/SIN, and thus are governed by its rules. You can abandon your SSN and SIN at any time. But thanks to the ignorance practiced by employers (or in reality the fact that the easy road is to require those pieces of ID) it may be hard to find a job.

The second way they screw you over is that ONCE YOU SUBMIT YOUR RETURNS YOU ARE NOW BOUND BY THEIR LAW! Its simple, if you don’t want to play their games, don’t ever enter their court! Just like every other statute, its not until you agree to be governed that they have the power and that is the WHOLE KEY! So once you file, you are now LEGALLY BOUND TO PAY THE TAX!

Lets say I am a framer, or roofer or such, and I am subcontracted, so I do not supply my SSN to anyone for the job, I am paid cash. If I have not used my SSN, and not filed, I can get away with not paying income tax. They have no idea how much you have made, so how can they even make a claim that you owe them money? Maybe you have made none?


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posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 06:57 PM



Things to Remember:
Questions. When a person is asking questions, the assumption is that they are asking them because you wish to know the law with the intent of keeping it. If you do not ask questions, it is assumed you understand the law fully. By law, a government official enforcing a statute or instrument MUST understand the law themselves, and MUST be able to answer any question fielded. If they do not understand the law / or instrument they are enforcing they are guilty of gross negligence which is a form of fraud.

Carry a camera. In your car or on you, recording a confrontation with an officer is your BIGGEST defense if anything results out of it. Especially when you are acting lawfully and being bullied by a government rep unlawfully. Remember, that it is NOT illegal to record ANY conversation you are a part of, though police officers may tell you otherwise. If they wish to not have their picture recorded, that’s fine, turn it away from them but still record the conversation.

When conversing in person or on the phone with representitives from the IRS or CRA, make sure that if you choose to answer questions, you state that you are doing so with impunity.

In Conclusion: I decided to sit down and assembled this information cause personally this tid bit of knowledge was what began my search into the subject of law and how we are in reality governed by our ignorance and has resulted in the most freeing experience of my life. If you arm yourself with knowledge of their own instruments that they use to enslave you, you can properly fight back against it. Additionally, the reason for my first grasping the knowledge is due in full to Robert Arthur Menard, a leading figure in the freeman movement. Some information was derived from his videos, pdfs and others. His videos and websites are presented below. Thanks for taking the time to educate yourself and ultimately, free yourself, keep in mind this is merely the TIP OF THE ICEBERG, and I urge all of you to look into everything further and pursure the links below.

Do you think that we would see change if suddenly 100 million Americans quit paying income taxes to these International bankers? Do you think we would see change if 100 million people QUIT dishonoring their traffic tickets? Of course we would.

We have been hoodwinked and FOOLED, end it now, and begin your road to freedom. If you are interested and want to learn of this subject intimately, please watch the videos IN ORDER below and visit the links. Thanks ATS for listening.

Video Links:
STEP ONE: Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception

Google Video Link

STEP TWO: The Magnificent Deception

Google Video Link

STEP THREE: Security of the Person

STEP FOUR: Robs Very Cunning Plan

Google Video Link


Google Video Link

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posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 07:45 PM
Woah dude. Nice stuff.

Bumpty bump bump bump!

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 07:48 PM

Originally posted by _Phoenix_
Woah dude. Nice stuff.

Bumpty bump bump bump!

haha, I honestly thought this was going straight under the rug

I sincerely hope people learn something from this thread. I have spent a couple years investigating ATS related studies, and as most can relate - after awhile, its kind of depressing. You feel practically helpless.

The information contained within and additionally in the videos and pages listed above truly gave me the feeling of freedom, lifted the depressive feelings and for once I feel like I have power against the oppressors.

If we all woke up tomorrow educated in JUST the information I have presented, we would all be living a MUCH different life.

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 09:05 PM
HOOOOOOO MY ! Hooooo MY !!

king9072, you are a pearl/gem ! !

WELLLLLL, I could have the time, one day, to try your suggestions,
because I am retired. I could fight for a very looooong time !

I did/am reading it all, now. I will COPY PASTE all that stuff
to my Linux Text-Editor, for SURE, and show that to my wife,
and put that in my car ! !

Soooooooo, I will reallllllly be ready, for the next cop, on the street ! ! B-)

Blue skies.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 03:56 AM
great thread

certainly opens your eyes a bit

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 10:22 PM
WHOOOSH under the carpet in 60 seconds. This forum makes me wonder sometimes, knowledge is lost, entertainment flourishes. People don't want to be free, they want to talk about pain, suffering and situation X, or how their government is **CKING them... not how they can **CK their government, cause that would require them to step out of their box and enter reality, and stand up in reality instead of standing up behind a computer monitor.

The most enlightened members of our society visit this forum and learn about the realities of the world around us, while hundreds of millions follow the herd blindly, yet even those who have turned from the flock still fear everything the herd does and perhaps worst of all, is they believe they are no longer part of the flock - but they are.

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 10:31 PM

Originally posted by king9072
WHOOOSH under the carpet in 60 seconds. This forum makes me wonder sometimes, knowledge is lost, entertainment flourishes. People don't want to be free, they want to talk about pain, suffering and situation X, or how their government is **CKING them... not how they can **CK their government, cause that would require them to step out of their box and enter reality, and stand up in reality instead of standing up behind a computer monitor.

The most enlightened members of our society visit this forum and learn about the realities of the world around us, while hundreds of millions follow the herd blindly, yet even those who have turned from the flock still fear everything the herd does and perhaps worst of all, is they believe they are no longer part of the flock - but they are.

it's not that people want to talk pain and suffering... they just want to talk conspiracy theories. and this information is anything but. If someone posts that a reptillian illuminati is "secretly" running the show, and they have the david icke book as complete and absolute proof of this, then the thread and topic alike flourish. however, if the post is about some real sh*t, with more truth and proof than any other topic, everyone instantly loses interest because of the amount of effort and work required to read and become knowledgable in the subject. it's far easier to pretend the problem is fantastic and enormous and sci-fi than to believe it's simply a bunch of silly sheep who believe they have to listen to the sheep dog.

biggity bump b*tches.

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posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 01:32 PM
great thread. s&f
problem is that it needs a seperate investigation how it works in Europe, where I live. but for sure there are some similarities.
take care

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 01:48 PM
Interesting post King. How did you get so knowledge in these things? did you goto school or whatnot or did you self teach yourself these things.

Interesting post indeed, but it sucks not alot of people posted here.

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 04:57 PM

more insight into this fantastic discovery.

all this knowledge is completely accurate, and can be found in available documents in numerous places.

king and i are still learning about this, and im sure it will be ongoing for a number of years. however, i insist, start your research now. knowing your rights and the truth behind all of this will literally set you free.

posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 12:23 PM
HI! My first post here on this forum. Spent yesterday absorbing the discussions and thought I would say Hi! Seems like a nice place where people actually discuss issues without attacking the poster, I like that. I also appreciate the healthy skepticism couple with apparently open minds.

Peace eh?

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