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ATS Personal opinions get in the way of a really good site.

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posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 03:14 PM
Above Top Secret does not live up to it's name,
and they to try and censor or stifle our personal opinions here at ATS.

I thought this site was for people to speak their minds while keeping their mouths clean, but this is not the case is it ATS..............

Take this post for instance:
36 posts and then they lock the What are they afraid of?

I came here because it was a clean site, no cussing or bad mouthing and a lot of folks trying to prove or disprove issues, without getting foul mouthed. (like some other sites) was great until now.

Locking a post after 36 reply's is a little to much, and now I question who ATS really is. Makes me wonder what else they have cut out due to personal opinions and personal Ideology.

By the way in reference to the thread that was closed, I do not use drugs or drink or even go to church for that matter. (who cares)

I just think ATS has no business using their personal opinions enforced on others, when they use the term "Above Top Secret" to describe a "Family friendly website, your joking right..... every day average families in here and not glued to the TV Set or RUSH on the Radio?

When you post a new thread it says: " takes pride in making every post count" This has gotten way out of hand. Above Top Secret should be everything and anything, as long as we do not use foul language, pick on others or use racism to try and get a point across.

This post and threads will self destruct in 36 reply's....
Off to find a NON-BIAS Forum after they ban me for speaking my mind on a forum called Above Top Secret. That's funny..ROFL

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 03:15 PM
As requested numerous times.

Please add to the ATS Issues Thread

Thank You



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