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TACMAR system - for REAL ? No posts for a long time on TACMAR's

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posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 10:14 AM
Stumbled across reference to TACMAR's the week before the sudden annoucment of DOD reopening and expanding four old Navy airfields [Feb 2009].

There are TACMAR's directing one to a sight VERY much out in the boonies. You can follow the REFLECTIVE stickers straight to the airfield
from all directions.

The stickers MIMIC the regular HIGHWAY sticker, in size and display -
BUT - they are REFLECTIVE for obvious reasons.

There is no "pattern" - any type of sign is utilized. 'Welcome to This town' signs, speed limit signs, warning curve signs, highway signs -

the DIRECTIONAL communication stickers are strategically spaced out as needed - ON ANY SIGN NECESSARY. [town, state or highway].
I believe this is a VERY ineresting fact - the pattern of randomness.

To me, this is a serious sign of the times involving MARTIAL LAW
and the FACT that there are ALREADY markers to these airfields yet to be operational!

YES - I have dozens of photos - front and back of signs.
Figuring how to anonymously post them -
we all know what happens to Whistleblowers.

So many references to this subject have been REMOVED, only available
through the GOOGLE cache system - thank you Google.

My concern for my safety is that there have been NO posts on the TACMAR issue for many years.

Please educate me - Thank you. In peace.

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 02:15 PM
No posts in years? Surely you have not searched ATS. I remember something on a TACMARS thread within the last couple weeks or so.

Here is one recent discussion:

The "search" feature is your friend...

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