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posted on Jan, 30 2003 @ 07:26 PM
A Californian magazine published the results of a survey of over 600 ex-Muslims who now follow Jesus.

"Although dreams appear to play a minor role in the conversions of Westerners, over a quarter of those interviewed emphatically confirmed that dreams and visions played a vital role in their conversion, and helped them in difficult times."

The recurring white figure

"A follower of Jesus from Guinea tells of a person in white who appeared to him in a dream, calling him with outstretched arms.

This sort of dream, in which Christ appears as a figure in white, is a frequent pattern in missionary work among Muslims," according to the report. A Muslim Malay saw her deceased Christian parents in a dream, celebrating in heaven. Jesus, in a white robe, told her "If you want to come to me, come!".

She realised that she had been trying to reach God for all her life, without success, and that God had now himself taken the initiative to reach her through Jesus.

Some typical dreams
"Two angels in white clothes were standing on the summit of a mountain. Jesus was standing between the angels, and as I knelt, he laid his hands on my head..."
"I dreamt that I was sitting on a chair with my arms bound. Then a man came, who I recognised as Jesus, and touched the bonds, which fell away from me..."

"In my dream, Jesus told me to come to him and read the Bible. He would show me the way, the truth and the life..." "I saw Christians waiting in a line leading towards heaven. I tried to join the line, but a very large being blocked my path.

I started to cry, because the side I was standing on was truly awful, but the place where the others were standing was unbelievably beautiful...

" An ex-Muslim from the Middle East, who has become a Christian, told me that he was lying in bed with a severe headache. A white figure with a wonderful and peaceful face appeared and laid his hands on his head three times. The following morning, the headache had ceased.

A man from western Africa saw a religious Muslim in hell, and a poor Christian, who could not even give alms, in heaven. A voice explained that the decisive point was not the alms, but the faith in Jesus.

Philippines: Muslims dream of Jesus after Ramadan
"A missionary working among the Tausugs, the Philippines' largest Muslim people group, reports that a number of faithful Muslims 'saw Jesus' in their dreams following last Ramadan. One man could hardly believe it when he dreamed of Jesus killing a huge dragon in a duel. The following day, he had the same dream again, and became open to hear the Gospel.

A member of the Yakan people in Basilan Province dreamed that the Prophet Mohammed could not look Jesus in the eye. When he told his cousin, a Christian, of the dream, his cousin told him that the dream meant that Jesus is greater than Mohammed." is a Christian web page which offers seeking Muslims a Christian answer, and registers 1.3 million hits per day. Muslims seeking Jesus receive Biblical and culturally sensitive answers to their questions.

The reports in this Friday Fax are extracts from this site. Source:, e-mail

[Edited on 31-1-2003 by Netchicken]

posted on Jan, 30 2003 @ 09:09 PM
Thank you for posting this excellent article. Netchicken we are living in
a time where all saints are being called by christ in these days.

Christ always appears in a white robe, it has happened to me and obviously has to them too who have
all witnessed him in white.

These men are not lying at all, because ive witnessed the same thing before believing in him.

thanks for the website and the story, ill check out this site.


[Edited on 31-1-2003 by Truth]

posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 07:58 AM
Great post Netchiken.

But I'm wondering where is the prophet ? In Hell or in Heaven ?

Probably in Hell.

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