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What you get in 2009...

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posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 01:32 AM
Who I am is not important. I will explain myself very thoroughly.
One thing I cannot stress enough is that there is no point in funding anything unless money is to made. Remember this.

WHAT YOU GET IN 2009 -----------------------------------------------
New technology exists all over. Why the technology you are given doesn't seem to be amazingly advanced is is due to the fact that advanced technology isn't available on a large scale. Many would believe it isn't accessible to the public but that is blatantly false.
Technology that is not available to the masses is expensive because it requires resources that usually are expensive to harvest or the inclusion of multiple technologies. Human beings are smart but only to a certain degree. An airplane is not manufactured by a single man. Many specialized people are brought in to include their technologies and implement them with their knowledge. We are all specialized for specific tasks. It's this very idea that shows how simple science really is. We all come together as a machine to create a machine.
Black & white huge televisions progressing into thin color displays is a basic understanding of the always inevitable goal: shrink any technology after it has been established in order to make it more convenient. Once production factories for a given technology pop up it is far easier to produce the technology at lower prices and on a large scale. You get the basics- the 'old' technology because it has had time to reach larger manufacturing.

So what do you get in 2009? The 'Infinite Battery'... kind of.
Governments rely heavily on their militaries. Every government has forces to protect themselves while some governments rely on nearby allies to protect them. Either way military is always a must. Governments are starting to find out they cannot rely on oil or moderately established electrical countries to power all of their technologies. Relying on other countries for our own defenses make us weaker. Relying on electricity in places where it is hard to come by is hard too- even with existing solar technologies. Populations are demanding more fuel efficient cars which is pushing science toward finding alternative energy solutions. These demands have already pushed research and in return all you will get is a battery. Why not make money during the research phase? They are.

Fuel efficient cars will rely on oil still. Electrics hybrids that need plugged in will still be equal in cost to half the fuel cost + your electric bill; the profits are almost equal. No one is losing there yet until they solve how their profits will be maintained.

The 'Infinite Battery' is getting hard to hide. Militaries want this to easily power their surveillance equipment. Space exploration with plutonium allows us to reach even further into space. Plutonium is like a really long lasting battery. The goal is create something like this in a small form- without the plutonium of course. This technology is going to be introduced this year. Why to the general public? Surveillance it key. The more 'Infinite Batteries' we have out there the easier it is to power our tracking devices on the general public. If you think this is wrong...
The Mafia was known for supplying protection for the people of their cities. The people wanted this protection because the mafia could give it to them. This turned into government. More than half of the population wants to feel safe. Society has always encouraged tracking... phones, cameras, DNA, GPS, etc.

This battery is very infinite indeed. It keeps DC current flowing constantly up to 12v. So how do you still make profits you ask? You introduce chemicals that slowly degrade the battery (or destroy it if it's trying to be reverse engineered) very similar to the way the chemicals in our batteries break down. They're going to tell you they will charge in minutes so the assumption that it is not 'Infinite' but trust me...

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posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 01:53 AM
... they are as infinite as the universe (possibly not forever but longer than you will ever live to see). Won't people find out what they are made of and make them their-selves? Nope. Battery technology hasn't advanced much since the 1970's. Why the long silence? Special interests have capitalized on the resources and technologies need in order to make it harder to obtain for the average person. NOT AVAILABLE IN MASS! Enjoy!

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 03:48 AM
so we get battereies that last forever...but don't?

im not quite sure i understand what you're saying :S

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 05:23 AM
2009 is the year of the battery in terms of technological advances. The demand will create more production lines and then these are planned to solve our issues with vehicles and space exploration. Vehicles aren't on the agenda until production is cranked up for the masses.

It might sound miniscule but in 2 years you are literally going to recall the old days when our portable devices were still slaves to their batteries. This is what is planned as the 'Technological Advancement for the Masses' in 2009. Invest if you'd like. Perhaps you can find some use in the information I've provided. I guess many could see it as something miniscule but it will advance fairly quickly from portable devices gps enabled, to prolonging life for video conferencing on portables (video cell 'phones' are right around the corner but need battery enhancements to compete with direct audio time), to fully wireless ATM and Banking systems, then to vehicles, and then to space. An age that is less dependent on DC devices. It's planned. This is where the money has been invested the technology researched and planned for years. It's happening this year.

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