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Chistianity VS Science

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 09:23 PM
According to scientology, there was a big bang. After awhile, earth was made. Then there was water. Next came the perfect combination of atoms and amino acid to make the first life form. This life form lived well and did not die from the harsh climate. It evolved. It continued to evolve to a land animal. Some of them stayed as water animals though. This new land-dwelling species keeps evolving. eventual, we get dinosaurs. Something goes wrong, dinosuares die. Some kind of animal lives. Re-makes the whole animal population. Till we get humans and the general animals we know today.

Christianity states there was beginning of time. Because if there was nothing before god, then well god has always exsisted, therefore time has aswell. Anyway, god made light. God made night. God made earth. God made animals. God made people. God rested. I am just gonna clear up that didnt take 6 days, but 6,000 years. In the bible it states that 1 day to the lord is 1,000 years as 1,000 years is one day. Se, he made Adam and Eve, they lived to like 800. They hade children. Children had children with who knows what.

There is a law that states "You cannot create something from nothing". As we see, it happened in both cases. Big Bang: Caused by what? How did those things get there to explode. How did god get to esistence? Ponder it..

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 09:41 PM
reply to post by AntiConspirator

Ahem... Scientology does not equal science! Perhaps you have your wires crossed but Scientology is just another Cult.


posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 10:19 PM

There is a law that states "You cannot create something from nothing". As we see, it happened in both cases. Big Bang: Caused by what? How did those things get there to explode. How did god get to esistence?

Personally I'm fond of the idea that nothing was created in either case. Think of the universe prior to the big bang as being "nothing." Think of it as a great big "zero." And from that zero came a negative one and a positive one. What do you have? It's still zero. But a negative one and a positive one are a more interesting form of zero than simply "zero." Repeat this an infinite number of times and you can have a very large and complicated universe without ever violatign any conservation laws.

There is a law that states

Keep in mind that just because a "law" states something...that does not necessarily make it []true.

How did god get to esistence?


Who is this "God" person you're talking about? Is He a bearded man in the sky? Is He a burning bush? Is He the sum total of All That Is? Is He the ghost in the machine of Creation? Is He the "potential" of beingness to be?

I suggest figuring out what you mean by "God" before you worry over how He/She/It "came" into being.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 10:35 PM
"God is, was, and ever shall be."

Science postulates the universes began with the big bang. (That seems to be the most accepted theory.)
The Bibile says "In the beginning, the earth was void, and without form."
In both cases, there was nothing until some outside force intervened. I don't care what you call it. You can call it God, Krishna, or The Great Spirit, but until you can tell me what happened one second before the Big Bang, or God creating everything, it is just an empty arguement. I choose to believe in God and Science. They are not mutually exclusive, and the way the Universe functions points to intelligent design. (Note: I did not refer exclusively to earth or mankind. I said Universe, and I meant Universe.)
The known Universe does not operate in chaos. Everything is in order, everything functions on a schedule.
Religion is based on faith. Faith that God exists, faith that the teachings of the Bible (If you are Christian or Jew) are true, although some of the stories are probably allegorical.
Science is based on faith. No matter what your religion is. It is based on faith that the numbers are correct. In quantum physics, it is based on particles that can't be seen, or touched. It is simply assumed, because of a complex mathmatical theorum that it simply is.
I'll break it down a little more. You have a loaded gun in your hand. You aim at a target. You squeeze the trigger. You believe(have faith) that the firing pin will fall, strike the casing, causeing the primer to ignite the powder, sending the projectile toward the target. You have faith that you will hit the target, exactly where you aimed.
It all comes down that one word, regardless of which side you take. Faith

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