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The folly of anti war protests

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posted on Jan, 30 2003 @ 07:10 PM
This is from the rants page at Stuff you can use, I think this is A very good representation of WHY we need to take out saddam and HIS Iraq...I agree with this post completely!

In my city we are going to have an anti-war protest soon led by the Mayor.

Hating america is the new sport in the West now. It is fashionable to dislike American foreign policy and to hate what Bush is doing or going to do in Iraq.

Yet few people I have talked to on the topic are aware of the issues in totality (not that I am the font of wisdom on it either) but they are just parroting the slogans and arguments of the fashionable vocal few.

Little do people realise that what is good for America in this situation is good for the West.

People here like their cheap petrol so they can run their expensive SUVs.

They like the freedom of being able to visit countries and not be blown up, as in Bali.

They like the democracy and the freedom to live as they wish and not be controlled by a fanatic violent Islamic minority.

To achieve those freedoms sometimes you have to fight for them as their grandparents did. History repeats itself, with the present situation similar to the appeasement policies of Chamberlain before WW2. Appeasment never worked in the past and it won't work now.

Saddam needs to be removed; if he isn't, then there must always be American and British troops protecting the northern and southern borders. There can be no relaxing the controls on the region. Weapons will continue to filter through to Saddam via uscrupulous, mendacious arms dealers.

Never will they be able to withdraw. As soon as they do Saddam will return to killing the Kurds, or attacking Kuwait, or rebuilding his military. The guy is a violent, homocidal murderer. Read his biography. It is all there, laid out with his sadistic bully-boy sons. America's biggest mistake was not taking him out when they first had the chance.

OK, some innocent people are going to die; that is unfortunate. Inocent people are dying and have died there already at the hands of Saddam. War will not bring an improvement but it will bring an end. Some Iraqis support their president, therefore they, by proxy, must face the consequences of the decisions they made to elect him.

Maybe you will say that they didn't support him, that he has a reign of terror over them. All the more reason to remove him from power.

Is it so wrong to want to secure the oil supply for your country from those who would use it against you? Do people in the West remember and want a rerun of the oil crisis in the 70s? Carless days, rationing... How long will your average anti-war protester last when their car is taken off the road, when they have to pay exhorbitant amounts for their petrol?

It happened in the past and it can happen again.

It is not Bush who flew the planes into the buildings, who bombed the nightclub in Bali, who committed many other attacks against the West. It is not America that has infliltrated the West with terrorist cells, that run schools, training children to hate you, and all you believe in.

It is not the West that wants an end to democracy, and the destruction of the way of life that gives you the right to get out and protest. Did you see many protestors in Taliban's Afghanastan, in Saddam's Iraq?

There are people out there who hate you because you are a Westerner. They want your society, and your freedoms removed; they want you dead.

Best to cut the head off the snake when it is a baby than to wait another 10 or 15 years and have to fight a serpent entwined throughout society.

posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 10:21 AM
On the other hand, it wasn't Saddam or his people who flew the planes into the WTC or bombed Bali. Saddam wasn't sending anthrax through the mails.

It was the conveniently forgotten Osama and his cohorts.

posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 10:54 AM
Netchicken ranting there right???

posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 02:13 PM
but I and many other Americans, as well as our friends in the EU and around the world, are all wondering how we intend to continue to fight the war on terror?

Does shrub think that this solves the terror issue, or after we conquer Iraq do we just continue to attack and conquer all Muslim nations?

So the real question should be, how do we fight a religion? We know how to handle a tyrant or terrorist country, but how do you fight a religion?

Do we just continue on and wipe out one fourth of the worlds population? Thats how many Muslims there are if you were not aware already.

And the clencher...
How do we, the US and our allies keep our efforts from reminding the world of the nazi's attempt to do the same thing to the jews during WW2?

Just food for thought folks, and you tell me... if another group of people on this planet pisses off the bush crime family, are they next?


posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 03:21 PM
USMC Harrier - Quit trying to pawn yourself off here as some Marine aviator.

If you think attacking Saddam is just some Bush family "problem," then you have major mental problems.

There is proof of Al Qai'da in Iraq right now, but of course you don't have access to this info like me...fake Marine. Change your moniker...

posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 06:53 PM
I think your "food" is pretty disgusting Harrier.

As for why no one mentions Osama anymore? He's dead! If we admitted he's dead then we'd stop short because Americans have short attention spans these days, and if we kept chasing after him we'd never get anything done because he's dead...or damn close to it.

And if the Islamic Fundamentalists admitted he died after a few pathetic weeks of hiding in a cave, their movement would collapse, after all he practically built the whole thing anyways.

So no one wants to admit he's dead, it's not beneficial at ALL!

Also, All we're going to do to Iraq, is get rid of a Butcher WHO IS A NAZI IN EVERY SENSE! (how dare you compare us to the nazis harrier, you know nothing, most nobody knows ANY nazis, I have the pleasure of knowing 2 real ones, and they'd never compare taking out a butcher with nazism) All we'll be doing there is removing a government, and replacing him with a democratic one.

Like we've been working on in Afghanistan, it may take some time, took germany a few decades, but it's worth it.

As for Nazis, there's a large difference between us and them, you should go back and do some reading on them, only UP here seems to share the PROPER hatred for them, but I don't know why, because there's probably few nazis left there too to tell about the "old days" and what it was all about.

Typical freedom lovers here, they say Nazism had to be destroyed because they invaded other countries, and Iraq should be left alone because they haven't invaded anyone since Kuait 10 years ago. Well would you "freedom lovers" (being sarcastic) have prefered it if Hitler stayed in his borders? Would you have let him live then? Praised him? Give him ANOTHER "Man of the Year" by Times? When will you "Freedom lovers" get over yourselves, and realize the days of conquest are over, America has been trying to liberate the world from its shackles for 50 years now, but you "Freedom Lovers" still sit safe in your homes, never knowing what tyranny is, and never knowing what the REAL problem is. Praise be to Saddam, and his valiant defiance against the evil Imperialist capitalists, no matter how many of his people's heads he must take to continue that defiance (Sh.its all over your peace sign)

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posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 11:31 PM
"Peace Lovers" are nothing more than socialist idealists that are so ignorant of the world that it prolongs the suffering on this planet. While the thought of the entire world holding hands and singing kumbaya is a nice one, it's not possible due to human nature and greed.
Never (from what is known of world history) has there been the possibility for complete world peace. Religious differences, scattered and rare resources, and just pure greed caused most of the past conflicts. Finally today there is a possibilty to plot the beginnings of a global world economy. All we have to do is get rid of the people causing the problems. That is not nazi, it is smart.
America is created with the notion of peace. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness. If a person has the intelligence and pure desire to be rich, then most likely that person will be rich with hard work. If a person is happy living a life of hard working blue collar job than so be it. Sounds good to me as long as I'm free to do what I want and raise my family. Granted some rich people are born with an advantage but their family made it so (I sure want my future family line to be comfortable.) We can go anywhere we want, do anything that is legal; which is pretty much anything that does not harm anyone else or damage public/private property. No one is forcing you to go to work today, but if you don't/ you might lose your job. Thats the beauty of Democracy. Do you think under the Nazi Regime that anti-nazi protests would be allowed to be held? Hell no! The U.S. is truely a great country, filled with 'some' great people. I'm not saying that these stupid moronic leftist anti-war/anti-american protests are a great thing, but it sure says a lot about the strength that our government has that they don't have to squash a little bunch of retards cause they pose a threat to their ambitions.
Now if Democracy was to succesfully spread to Iraq, (with a little help from us of course
) then the people will gain be taken out of poverty, and stabilize that economy. No more living in fear of an evil tyrant that desires nothing but to stay in power. He said to his own people is the day he leaves power is the day that there will be all dead iraqis around or something like that. He does not care about his family, he loyal followers, his people, and his neighborings islamic countries, what makes these "Peaces Lovers" think that he gives a rats a$$ about the United States, the country that humiliated him 12 years ago. Taking Saddam out might kill American and Coalition soldiers, Iraqi soldiers, AND civilians. Thats the cost of war. It sucks but that's reality. The iraqi people will probably be so sick of him they won't fight us, and might fight WITH us. Once Iraq's economy is stabilized, that might stabilize other nations around it. Bringing prosperity up and the value of life up, which will in turn lower the amount of martys. How many leftists to you see dying for their cause? None, because they are cowards that value their life over their own personally freedoms. They like to pretend they are on high moral ground and achieve that by not taking a stand for anything. They just bitch and moan till they get their way, like a little 2 year old having a tantrum. Maybe someday in the future instead of blowing themselves up islamic extremist will get on a bus and just yell and scream and run away crying because they value their life more. Probably won't happen but it's a nice thought hehe.
Once relative stability exists in the area then the poverty stricken parts of the world will have been lowered. Then slowly the more the world get's wealthy interests will expand over borders and those neighboring countries will be brought out of extreme poverty and a global economy will emerge. Then it will truely be the free world vs communism. When communism cumbles than money will the thing keeping the peace between countries. To wage war on another nation would be too expensive to be profitable, and THAT will be the time when the "peace lovers" will be right, when the whole motive behind attacking another nation will because of pure greed, and not because of security of our personal freedoms and to ease the suffering and torment of a once beautiful culture, because of one tyrant's lust for money and power.
If Islam doesn't want to become part of a free world, or at the very least stop attacking the free world then they are the one's creating the problems. Screw em. They choose their faith. If their god was a loving god like he is supposed to be he would promote peace. In the end the extremists will die, and the peaceful Islams will survive. simple as that. We didn't attack Islams, they attacked us. How can that have been forgotten so quickly.
- Grunt_Ignited

posted on Feb, 1 2003 @ 03:58 AM
I agree totally with Freemason. Here in Slovenia everybody hates US. Yesterday on Jan. 31 there was some protests against US and war which is comming. 1000 people gathered and walh down to the US embassy. Infront of embassy they shout: Yankees go home!!! And the whole protest was organised by ex communists.
For me those protestors are totally stoopid. How can they say something like that to the America and their citizens. US saved us in first and second World War. And also in the time of cold war, if there would not be US, Soviests would invade and enslave our country.

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