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SPINning Out of Control

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posted on Apr, 14 2004 @ 08:41 PM
About two years ago, I, a long time listener of talk radio, along with many who listen to the chatter and prattle of pundits on air, noticed a chilling, if not almost gradual shift to "The Right" of almost every syndicated Talk Show Host, National and Local. Hosts like Rusty Humphries, Michael Savage, even Bill O' Reilly were openly critical of the Bush Administration, and in my opinion,
balanced in their viewpoints and debates with a wide array of different callers. Given, most hosts leaned to the right a little-bit, in keeping with the times and climate.
Then, it was as if "somebody" put guns to these Hosts' heads because they all "changed their tune", right quick-like, and began towing the "Company Line" in regards to the then upcoming invasion of Iraq. Most of you ATS
members are not sold on the 9-11 story and most of you (us) seek the deeper truths behind Global affairs and situations. So we all listened with a smug knowledge of puny spin attempts and the continuing "dumb-dwn and brainwashing" of embedded reports and disputable rescues. The Bush Admin. and cronies were even caught in a few lies and "mis-intelligence", you know, the whole WMD fiasco and CIA blaming FBI blaming NSA...yawwwn.

Lately, as in the past few months, the spin has gotten slicker, and thusly scarier as Limbaugh and Hannity set us all up for an "October Surprise Attack" and the positive merits of a suspended election in the name of security. Then, the whole Richard Clark stink-em-and-smear'em campaign revealed the ever-crumbling facade of the NeoCon control of the press. (I think Mr. Clark would be well advised to sue the living @#$% out of every "Tak!" Show host in America for the mountain of slander and slurs heaped upon him, all for speaking out against the President and, in a lot of ways, "blowing the whistle" on various failings and manipulations by the warmongers as a group, but I digress..)
None of this is news to you, but stick with me..the point is the gradual succession of spins upon spins upon spins have now culminated in a bizarre ideological "lockdown".

The previously nebulous entity, loved and loathed by all as "The Press" has been fully commandeered by the DarkSide. The latest "News Conference" was so surreally scripted, embarrassing questions and all, replete with Great Presidential Quotes about Freedom and Resolve, The Almighty, and our Dedication to More Troops...ughhh...I'd laugh if it wasn't so sickeningly sad!
Who needs subliminals anymore- The Big Lie is now in full swing.

As of yesterday, any "Press" that isn't in full support of the right is "shameful" and "subversive Liberal smut or Democractic Desperation"
They have won, folks..we now enter a Time of Orwellian Doctrine Inflicted upon us by an Omnipotent Media that labels all opposition "Biased " or "Politically Motivated".

But we wise conspiracy types know all this, anyway. Here's th really scary stuff:
In the past few days, as I go about my Sales routes and travels, I've definitely recognized a whole group of "Callers" voices on every program. one in particular, a female, I recognize froma Radio Parody collection known as K-Chat, Liberty City and Vce City-all parodies of talk shows that I believe accompany the Grand Theft Auto series of games.
She has been on Hannity, Limbaugh, and Bill Manders, all in the last three-four days, harping on in the same voice (squeaky and whiny WASP) about her Being ashamed and disgusted with any press or media that questioned our Almighty Warrior and Commander. Furthermore, as i listen to these shows (like not as a fan, but studyng the Himmler-Goebel-ness) it occurs to me that we certainly have the technology to run a script through a sampled voice (or alphabet) to create the illusion of real people. ALLLLL the callers are reciting the same things, over and over, between "Montages" of all those horrible questions those dirty Liberals asked the President. In istening to the montage of "shameful" questions, I realized that, yep, those were all scripted, too. So this is it folks, the beginning of the end of Broadast Media as we knew it once....The Lock no longer spins, now the Spin is the lock...

posted on Apr, 14 2004 @ 09:30 PM
You have insight. The right has solidified into sludge.
Also the wacko callers are staged, and in my opinion,
probably paid.

I, like you, used to travel all day performing my job, and the radio was my connection to adult interests( since work was dealing with homebound, ill, and injured students PreK-12). I got so I'd listen to the farm and market report if Rush was on the air spewing his harrassing hatred.

Fortunately for me, the radio broke in my car. I deliberately didn't have it repaired. I'm a newshound, so when I retired I had CNN, FOX or MSNBC on the telly all day. Now I have the tv off until the evening local and national news comes on. I find I know the real truth, and the news faster on line, especially here at ATS.

My question for the media is, do they think we really don't have the slightest idea of what they are doing?
Who really gives a flip about the latest update on Peterson, Kolbe, M. Jackson, or Precious Paris H? Yet that is the bulk of Fox, CNN, MSNBC's daily diabtribes.

turn it off. buy a new cd and wear headphones. But don't drop out of ATS.

[Edited on 14-4-2004 by radstar]

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