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The False Prophet: who and why

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posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 03:33 PM
This letter is written to all Christians interested in Bible prophecy.

Originally, it was never meant to see the light of day. It was developed from a disagreement on Bible prophecy. Also, this subject matter lends support to my other writings on the end times.

Where prophecy is concerned, it always takes time for events to unfold and become easier to see. This was the case with my posts on prophecy. I never envisioned the six month truce happening between Israel and Hamas, brokered by Egypt. Therefore, events as I see them in my mind, are set back 6 months. A lot has happened though in those six months. The economy is a wreck, the stock market has dropped by nearly half, and oil has dropped to around 30 dollars. The only bright spot is cheaper gas prices, which also means that terrorists get less of our petrol dollars. It's really too bad that our economy is so reliant on oil from countries in the Middle East. These same people want to cut our throats. If we were dealing with any other group of people there would be very little problem, but Islam wants to dominate. It wants everyone in submission to it. Christianity and Islam are incompatible, neither one can accept the other. It has always been this way and will never change.

This letter shall be in every forum that has received my previous posts. Therefore, further explanation can be found in searching out those posts. This letter is a response to a question from a skeptic. Here we go.

First of all, I did not set any dates. Furthermore, I have never named the false prophet. I have never named him because I saw no reason to name him. I figured by naming the beast (Mahmoud Abbas) everyone could see who the false prophet was. Since according to you I have committed slander, let's take that one step further. I haven't named the false prophet until this very post. I will not keep silent anymore. Here he is.

The false prophet is Ismail Haniyeh. Most of you probably don't know who he is, so indulge me for a second. Ismail Haniyeh is the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He shared power with Abbas for a short time during 2006 in the Unity Government.

When Hamas chose not to honor the image of the beast, the international community cut off support to Abbas and the Palestinians. The image of the beast is three items; honoring all prior Palestinian agreements, recognizing Israel's right to exist and a renunciation of terror. Hamas enters the picture in Revelation 13:11. They are one horn of the beast, just as Abbas is also a horn. A horn is a king. Hamas exercised all the power of the first beast Abbas and caused them to worship the first beast (Abbas).

How did Haniyeh cause them to worship the first beast?

Because Hamas would not honor or abide by any prior Palestinian agreements and continued to sponsor terrorism, he caused the whole world to honor the image of the beast (which was Abbas and his government without Hamas). By not honoring or worshipping the image, Hamas caused the whole world to reject Hamas. This is just exactly the opposite of what Christians are taught. Most believe the false prophet is supposed to lead worship of some manlike image. This is absolutely wrong. The image is the Palestinian Government prior to the arrival of Hamas as a part in it. Hamas caused the world to honor the image. An Image defined by the international community.

Strong's Concordance translates the word worship as honor. I wouldn't necessarily say the translators made a mistake by using the word worship instead of honor, but surely it confused the situation. BTW, this was by design. We are not supposed to understand until right before the end. Remember, the Lord spoke in parables. Not all are supposed to know...Michael777aka Ephraim

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