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Deny Ignorance? HaH!

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posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 11:42 PM
I made a comment on how the ads in the English Muslim expansion thread were weird. The thread was about how Muslims in England are supposedly expanding at a rate ten times that of the rest of the population. I merely mentioned--jokingly--how it was "coincidental" that the two ads at the top of the thread were Muslim dating sites...and surprise, surprise I was censored. No jokes at this site, no sir...otherwise the populace might think we're crazy?!

I'm not a particularly active member at this site, so perhaps some Mods are more inclined to censor people like me.

But for a site whose claim is to "Deny Ignorance," they censor more than any other forum I've ever been a part of. More than ANY forum, seriously. I've been to evangelical Christian forums that allow more free speech about Islam than this site does about anything that contradicts its tenants.

I came to this site by accident. Laughed at the nuts Learned from the truthers that have often presented evidence to support their theories. Read more, and learned some other things...But, as I know now, this site is insidiously ironic: embrace the truth? lest it offend the Mods..the oh, so smart and sensitive Mods.

Actually, so many of the enlightened here are fearful despite their goal to seek "truth."
"Please embrace 911 conspiracies, moon landing hoaxes, grey and pleaidan alien influence upon humanity conjectures, lunar soul collectors, demonic visitation, time travel (i.e. john titor)."

But do not, under any circumstances exude sarcasm, humor, dissidence from our primary objective: lest you want to be censored.

I'd tell my friends and family to check this site out for alternative news and ideas because I'd thought there was some serious, neutral discussion to take place; but I was a fool for that. This is the most biased site I've ever seen. Anne Coulter and Keith Olberman are more receptive to dissident ideas than this site.

This site protects its self interests, censors detractors, and defames its enemies no less than CNN, Fox News and all the governments and corporations it condemns. You want to know why 99.9% of humanity thinks we're jokes? Because the people who fuel this conspiratorial network consider themselves above questioning--ironically. They are defensive, bellicose and lack humor, unless the humor affirms their own beliefs.

So Mods, I'm ready for my ban. I spoke my peace. This thread will be closed soon, few people will comment--and those who do will condemn. But whatever...I'll still visit this site. There's always a diamond in the rough.

Wow, after this diatribe surely I must be one of the countless sheeple, or a government disinformation agent.

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 11:46 PM
Sarcasm and humor sometimes don't transfer well on here.
Twice today I've seen people get threads closed or posts deleted because of misinterpreted sarcasm. It happens.
I try to only use sarcasm when it is extremely necessary to prove a point, and if I am being sarcastic, I try to make it obvious.

I'm not going to condemn you. I'm glad you spoke your opinion and I hope you do not get banned or criticized. I would just offer you those words of warning.

(I've been warned, too. Most mods have. Even admins have been warned in the past.)

posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 12:32 AM
My suggestion is that you take a moment to relax, and realise that your situation is all "doom and gloom". The rules are simple and it all comes down to being civil and to keep a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

Most of your issues have been addressed in THIS THREAD. I suggest you go through it and if you feel your questions/issues are still unanswered post a reply to the thread.

Thank you.

Thread closed.

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