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oddest dream

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posted on Apr, 13 2004 @ 12:09 AM
Just wanted to share

In this dream I was just watching these scenes play out... from above is the best way to describe it... but not really. The sky is pinkish/orangy and very hazy. It didn't feel like earth. There are many weird space craft floating around. They are cylinder shaped... something like a giant soda can (upright soda can, not laying on it's side).... but they all have this L shaped atatchment on the very top. It's very hard to explain. I'd draw it and scan it.. but my scanner doesn't work. They aren't alien space craft though... they have an american flag on the side. Some are american, some are of other countries (planets???) . There are hundreds of these crafts flying around. It's very, very odd, since I've never seen anything like this in my life. It's also very real...and detailed. I can actually see the bolts that hold it together. There are no windows on the thing.... which now that I think about it could explain the L-Shaped thing up top. Maybe it's some type of telescope thingy... like on submarines????
I've dreamt of aircrafts like this a couple of other times also. In this dream however, I get the feeling of relief upon seeing the american symbol on the craft. This dream stands out the most.

It's difficult to explain without a picture... I can find a way to get one up if enough people are interested. I wish I could make a painting of the entire scene, but I'm no artist.

The aircraft itself is actually very ridiculous looking...unlike anything ever made in reality ( I think ).

I dunno... sorry if this bores anyone or seems stupid.

posted on Apr, 13 2004 @ 01:23 AM
No, it's not stupid God. It's possible you were experiencing an OBE or possibly in a state of Lucidity. I've had one Lucid Dream before which was somewhat the same. I was in New York in the Future, and there were Silver elongated 'ships' which i was later told were 'Nukes' used to Police the area against the enemy.

Your dream could have had a futuristic meaning to it. The sight of the American Flag gave you a feeling of comfort possibly showing you that danger was not a threat.

[Edited on 13-4-2004 by Sapphire]

posted on Apr, 13 2004 @ 11:18 AM
humm, what I believe you saw was the floating "armada" of satellites orbiting the earth. Why ? I have no clue. But what you saw were absolutely satellites. How you got so high in the atmosphere ??? Why is this of interest to your psyche, I have no idea.

There must be more to the dream.

Something must have happened to you to spawn this event in your mind.


posted on Apr, 13 2004 @ 10:47 PM
I wasn't very sure what satellites looked like until you posted that. Sorta had an idea, so I did some searching. I found one kind that is similar, but it isn't quite right. Your satellite idea is a possibility, though. As for something happening to me to spawn these events.... also a possibility.

Though, I had a distinct feeling in the dream that these things were aircrafts. They wern't orbiting the earth/planet though... they were in the planets atmosphere. I wasn't viewing it from outside the planet. Very, very high up.. but not outside. Then my view zooms in on one... that's how I caught all the detail. view of things could have started from outside the planet since I remember slowly zooming in on all this. Below I could see a city of some kind. Dreams are so hard to explain...

Sapphire- It did have a futuristic feel to it. I'm not sure where I was, though. It could have been earth (a future one) or it could have been a different place. I was relieved when I saw the american symbol. I felt like they could handle the situation, whatever that situation might have been.

Another dream I've had with the same type of craft in it:

It's night time. I'm in a car (not driving) fleeing something. (I don't know what) We're on a highway, but on both sides of the highway there's ocean. It's weird because you'd think I'd be on a bridge if there was oceans around... but it was just a regular highway. The waves at both sides are gigantic... very tall... tree tall... building tall. I'm afraid they might come down on the car. We come to a place where the waves aren't so bad. There is discussion of jumping into the ocean to get something/get away. We decide against it and then the dream cuts to driving again. This time we're driving through a town. It's a normal everday town, nothing odd here, except that we're still fleeing something. I look out the window and flying right along side the car is that can shaped aircraft thing. Again, I'm releived. Like it's going to help in some way.


[Edited on 13-4-2004 by God]

posted on Apr, 14 2004 @ 11:11 AM

These are links of satellite images, of the actual satellite.

See if anything looks like something in your dream.

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