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ever just have a "moment"?

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 06:39 PM
This is hard to describe, but, I was at my local coffee shop just now..was just waiting in line..and everything seemed to slow down for a sec..and I felt like I was, at that moment, right where I was supposed to be in my life..and the numbers 6 and 9 played heavily into it..I was born in 1969..all of a sudden there were 6's and 9's everywhere, from the number on the jersey of the soccer game that was on(one guy had number 6, another had 9) a guy sitting in the shop had a tattoo of the number 6 on his arm..these numbers have always had some significance for me..maybe it was nothing, but it didn't FEEL like nothing. I almost felt like I stepped out of the timestream for this moment. Very strange, anyone else ever felt this?

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 07:24 PM
Yeah i know what you mean, like you can say a word that is not that common then a second later it gets said on TV! but the whole numbers thing very strange, happens all the time to every one i think.

it's like your at a point where you have woken up into the real world for a moment but it does not last, your cast back into this false reality again. Almost as if we are in some random computer programme and it crashes then re boots its self. do you know what i mean?

or was that a massive rant? getting late time for bed.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 07:57 PM
Sounds like a combination of two things: your awareness of the "now" overlapping with a synchronistic experience reinforcing your connection to everything else.

Which is a Good Thing on both sides of it, imho. ^^

I've experienced both, but only once experienced them at the same time.

Living in the now is an exercise I was taught to keep my myself grounded and improve focus/re-prioritize, during a time when I needed that, and it's surprisingly simple: instead of the habitual thoughts of past or future that we typically have, set them all aside for a few minutes (say about five) and focus only on this moment in time. You can do the usual focus on your breathing thing, or (as I prefer) think about the skin covering your body and recognize it as a single, continuous organ... the point being, turning your attention to the "self" as it resides in this body, at this moment, with no external distractions.

For those five minutes, you're living in and experiencing the now. I have no idea why or how it works, but it does--I've used it to combat anxiety, stress, and anger, but it's such a quick, simple thing, I can't imagine how it actually helps--it just does.

About the awareness of your connection with the world around you, I can only say congrats on that. Those moments are rare, but wonderful. ^^

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