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War crimes ? which war crimes ? ( signed : usa, iraq, israel, lybia, china, qatar, yemen )

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posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 11:00 AM
The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

As of October 2008 - 108 countries have ratified or acceded to the Rome Statute - 40 countries have signed but not ratified the Rome Statute Israel voted against the adoption of the Rome Statute but later signed it for a short period.

In 2002, the United States and Israel, "unsigned" the Rome Statute, indicating that they no longer intend to become states parties and, as such, they have no legal obligations arising from their signature of the statute In 2002 Israel submitted a letter to the United Nations declaring that it did not intend to ratify the treaty, using identical wording as the the United States. Israel states that it has "deep sympathy" with the goals of the court. However, it has concerns that political pressure on the court would lead it to reinterpret international law or to "invent new crimes". It cites the inclusion of "the transfer of parts of the civilian population of an occupying power into occupied territory" as a war crime as an example of this, whilst at the same time disagrees with the exclusion of terrorism and drug trafficking. Israel sees the powers given to the prosecutor as excessive and the geographical appointment of judges as disadvantaging Israel which is prevented from joining any of the UN Regional Groups.

On 17 July 1998, the Rome Statute was adopted by a vote of 120 to 7, with 21 countries abstaining.[5] The seven countries that voted against the treaty were Iraq, Israel, Libya, the People's Republic of China, Qatar, the United States, and Yemen.

It will be difficult to put on trial those who commited war crimes in Gaza, and before that in Lebanon, Sabrah & Shatilah, etc, etc ...


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