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About Obama.....

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posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 08:02 PM
I was reading in here many threads about Obama. I totally apologise for starting this new thread but i feel i have to speak my mind.

There are many stories going around that Obama is the anti-christ or savior or what not.

This year is the year of reflection. Where we will reflect on the negative and find the positive/solutions lurking around the corner.

I almost gave into the belief that Obama is the anti-christ and was thinking about this for a while.

Today i reflected on it and realised the reason we are starting to see the negative in this new president is because we see the negative in ourselves.

Say if i was famous and reading about myself in here i would need so much will power to face the reality and utterly ignore it, but it will help me to reflect that i cant run away from my demons but only move forward the best way i can.

When we are in a state of only seeing negative around us we will get what we don't want.

Do i have to trust Obama with all my heart and soul, aboslutely not as in the end he is a politician and all politicians get side tracked down the line.

They all do what is needed and it is up to Obama to not allow himself to be side tracked by corporate greed. He needs to see it in his own heart what is best for the people and not best for the government.

Surely it is true not all politicians will make descisions to make everyone happy once they become president. We all have friends and family we will do anything for and that how life usually always pans out does it not?

But i trully hope he does not just see the friend in his congress buddies but see his people as his friends. We are all the ones looking up to him. He does not need to be our saviour. He just needs to be our friend and understand where we are coming from.

Imagine the hard work in keeping up with pleasing everyone for their ideas are many and wide.

So i say if people see him as the saviour and anti christ then good on him. He has hit foot in the door with all eyes on him. It is his soul mission to do what he needs to do. We need to give him that chance to shine and see what happens from there.

I feel he is not the anti-christ but he is not any different from any other politician. He will make good and bad descisions. It is up to his soul to see through to it that he is for the people and why he was chosen.


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