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Profiling a Spirit Guide

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posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 12:34 PM
I'm a new member of ATS but a long time reader.
Currently I'm a spiritual person who operates within the realm of reason and skepticism. I've been trained and accredited as a Reiki master although i do not have a regular practice and choose not to as of yet. I've had various experiences with unknown entities, past life regression and energy work.

This Post will be an ongoing serious of conversations with a Spirit Guide. The guide has chosen not to reveal her name although i will reveal various information about her as i go. The form of communication will be through a medium who is more then adept at channeling her or as i explain it the medium sliding out and the guide sliding into her body. I will begin to document these conversations and ask various questions i know we'd all love for answers to. There are some topics how ever that the guide is either ambiguous about or will not answer due to restrictions.

If your familiar with the works of a certain group that channeled and wrote the books "The Ra Material" you will be familiar with the concept of level's of consciousness. According to the guide there are 12 levels of consciousness humans existing at levels 4 and 5 the entities near or on the top of the levels of consciousness comprise a council that guides the evolution and various other aspects of life on earth. The guide that i will be conversing with on this forum is an 8th level guide who is attached to the medium and in some respects to me as well. This guide is very powerfull and very knowledgeable.

As i am a university student i have precious little time and will be adding new posts about once a week or bi-weekly. If anyone has any questions to ask please post them and i will ask the Guide for answers. However due to the fact that the medium tires out quickly when channeling i will try and make my way through all the questions as quick as the medium can handle it.

Just to give an idea to what has been going on in the spiritual world lately in my neck of the woods: The guide has told us of a coming strife in the spiritual world which is beginning to ratchet up in strength. There is and continues to be a battle between good and evil which is taking place on the spiritual plane and will eventually manifest itself in the form of coming civil strife in America and War in the greater world. I'm sure we've all felt this coming for quite some time and there are a great many questions i personally would like to know about this.

If anyone has any ideas or would like me to post audio or post transcripts, or if there are questions you would like asked i'll work my way to it.

Finally, before i go back to studying early modern philosophy, I will outline the next three posts i will make.
1.) I will profile the medium and her abilities, and any relevent info
2.) I will profile the guide and her relvent info plus anything she would like you to know about
3.) Answer a swath of basic questions that anyone hits me with.

Hopefully i can provide some information through this guide that would be relevant and interesting and possibly in the near future i can correlate some things the guide is saying and possibly some things from other spirits we guide and help.

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 01:05 PM

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 01:09 PM
reply to post by Torchlight

See then the problem becomes that there is no way to prove your mediums ability, apart from the alleged civil strife that is soon to present itself. What's interesting about this is that for about the past 8 years people have been claiming the same thing......people who are by no means any sort of medium. Then comes the ever present waiting for this to happen while the date keeps being pushed back further and further. Why don't you ask your medium for an exact date? Or better yet what I am wearing? We have no way to verify anything you write here. It could very well be spewed nonsense in an attempt to get ATS points. I consider myself open minded, but the amount of debunked mediums is in abundance. It's sad that some people need to take advantage of those who have died in order to further their own interests. Though there may in fact be some real mediums I assume the majority of them have decided to live in seclusion or have found themselves being fed Zyprexa in a mental hospital.
The last person I met claiming to be something along the lines of a medium was a Korean shaman. Who upon my endeavors I immediately debunked.
But I await your response!!!!

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posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by NativeAmerican

In no way is this medium seeking to be known for her gifts or for what she can do. nor are these posts going to be purely about predictions. This is purely for documenting them and seeing what happens, what kind of knowledge we can garner and seeing if anything can be rationally proven. This is purely an exploration.

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by Torchlight

I am not saying she is seeking attention I am saying that if we are to truly explore, we must ask questions that can be verified and not be retorted with vague new age generalizations. You seem very confident in this medium so it should not be hard for her to display her said ability. Most of the people I have met who have made claims such as these to power have not been seeking attention at all (most do not because they know they will be found out). Many of them do it to boost their own ego because they lack any real power in their own lives or simply to toy with the minds of fixed gulability.

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 02:50 PM
Hi Torchlight
I've been healing for a while now, and also learning mediumship which is different to how I imagined - I can explain more in future.
As for authenticity, experience is a personal thing. Until people have real experiences doing or receiving healing for example, then it's slightly boring to me when you hear them argue about whether it's real,etc.

I have a zillion questions, but guess you could do with a handful.
First off, I'd love to know why and how 'psychic surgery' works. How is it an extreme form of hands on healing. what is required to perform it and can anyone develop or use it?

As for all the arguments about whether the whole medium thing is real or not. I've had enough experience, meeting people and hearing mediums to know there is a reality to it...however I will admit there must be charlatans.
As a breakdown I can say theres 3 types of medium/basic levels to mediumship (although many shades of ability to everyone) .

Those of us who decide to learn. We are all capable and without realising, we all have flashes of info,but we learn to 'see'. I've had it driving, seeing a premonotion of the vehicle coming in my minds eye. We have to converse (albeit 1 way for a while) by symbolism. Some more natural might hear a little, or see a little.
Natural mediums - a few mediums I have come across were born speaking to the 'others'. I have had mind blowing stuff told to me (personal of course - nothing about 2012) which has steered my skeptical mind well. I have watched how fluid they are. they don't stumble, just talk away like natural leaving us symbolism readers for dust.
The difference is the speed of conversation (or translation). By reading symbolism that comes into your 3rd eye - you can get some info out slowly.
Lastly - the trance medium. Pretty much steps aside, like an OOBE(I've no experience of) but is still in the body. I know at least 1 person who does this - essentially you never leave full consciousness of the body up to the guide, but you kind of sit back.
No translating is required. The entity does all the talking and thinking. It is almost eery to see, but is fascinating.
As for the quality of information - that may depend on the guide.

Keep us posted wont you!

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 03:16 PM
A YouTube video of your Medium engaged in the channeling would be
top notch Documenting....

going through text & editing of the text will only produce a couple
degrees-of-seperation , on many levels.

heck a back-of-the-head shot, with the audio, would be compelling
that would be (to myself) an adequate level of documentary proof

and other than the camera set up, and later editing out the dead-air time
before the actual channeling began, you would have less time removed from your studies
than the actual listening, in real-time to the channelers episode then commiting the audio to text... for all us ATS'ers

hey, no charge for the production hints

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 06:31 PM
So we've made up our minds starting sometime next week (i am a student and i do have other stuff to do so bear with me) We will be posting a series of youtube videos of the medium chaneling the guide.
The videos will be in this order.
1.) The medium will describe her abilities, how she developed them, what place they have in her life, the process of what happens when her guide comes through and where she goes during this time and how she comes back.
2.)The guide will explain how she comes through, what role she plays in the life of the medium, what her job is, what level guide she is, and her background in this work.
3.) The guide will explain elements of the human experience that we know and understand. She will then explain elements of the human experience that we don't know or understand. Following this she will explain whats going on in the world right now, how important this time is, how our role fits in and how her role fits in as well.

Well discussing this project with the mediums guide i was able to ask a few questions about why others have failed in the pursuit to predict or tell the future and why the dates they gave have yet to happen.

Some of the answers for other failing where we shall hopefully succeed is due to their want and need to gain money, fame and other pursuits of ego in this process. This interferes with what the maxim of this operation is. Essentially what we are trying to do is spread knowledge of what is going on in the world and how to prepare for it. We will never make a dime off this project the object is completely different for us, as i hope it shows in our pursuit. At some times reveling the truth has been stoped by "the council" or those that oversee our progress as a species. The council is now okay with our pursuit and is ready for the truth to be revealed and hopefully we will contribute to this.

Another word on why some predictions fail. Time for spirits is not as we see time. Time for us starts and stops and has a beginning and an end. Time is linear. Time for spirits however is more continuous as if we were at one point on the ellipse of a circle. Time is one, exists all at once and has no beginning or end. |It is due to this that some predictions fail. However this guide has told me that we are at a stage now that events can no longer be delayed, the council has delayed enough. They feared that we would not be able to take the coming events but now time has been delayed enough.

As such the council believe the coming events will be easier to take if we are pre-warned. As such any predictions that are made will take this form. If they are things that will happen in three weeks it might be four but if they are said to happen in 5 years it will be in five years.

As for my own personal opinion I am not clear as to trust predictions or not. We all know the Blosssom Goodchild story and i only hope that this will not happen to us. Expect the videos in the next week.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 04:06 PM
Videos are done, feel free to start asking questions of the guide now as we will work on answering them. Videos will be up as soon as they can be downloaded on my comp, chopped and uploaded.

posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 03:28 PM

This is the medium explaining her talents
will put up the next video when i can as my computers gone a little screwy

Here's the link

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