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Now you know... So what ya gona do about it?

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posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 12:09 PM
In this thread I will attempt to make clear my belief on the worlds current situation. And where it is going.
I believe that. The protection of the Suns heliosphere and the earths magnetosphere are being "degraded". I believe the cause of this is stems from our solar system moving through a narrow "Band of energy". I also believe that this has happened many times before. And is a natural cycle.

[ex]Prediction No. 5 (Sept. 1979): LaViolette theorized that if a cosmic ray volley (superwave) had passed by at the end of the ice age, it would have pushed nearby interstellar dust into the solar system. To test this, he began a plan to analyze ice age polar ice for traces of cosmic dust.
[exVerification (1981 - 82): LaViolette was the first to measure the extraterrestrial material content of prehistoric polar ice. Using the neutron activation analysis technique, he found high levels of iridium and nickel in 6 out of the 8 polar ice dust samples (35k to 73k yrs BP), an indication that they contain high levels of cosmic dust. This showed that Galactic superwaves may have affected our solar system in the recent past. In addition, he discovered gold in one 50,000 year old sample, making this the first time gold had been discovered in polar ice.

Verification (1996): The AMOR radar in New Zealand detected a strong flux of interstellar meteoroid particles, measuring 15 to 40 microns in size, entering the solar system from the Galactic center direction.

Verification (2000 - 2005): LaViolette demonstrates that the acid layers found in 15,850 year old Antarctic polar ice vary in magnitude with an eleven year solar cycle period thereby indicating an extraterrestrial origin for this material. This finding is supported by the discovery mentioned below (2003) that interstellar dust influx varies in accordance with solar cycle phase. The finding that this gas influx event heralded a series of warming trends that ended the ice age, implicates cosmic dust and solar activation as the causal agents responsible for terminating glacial cycles.

Verification (2003): Using data obtained from the Ulysses spacecraft, a group of European Space Agency astronomers led by Markus Landgraf discover that the rate of interstellar dust influx increased three fold from 1997 to 2000 with the approach to solar maximum. They theorize a correlation between solar cycle phase and interstellar dust influx rate, with the influx rate being highest at the time of solar maximum. Such a correlation could explain why the Sun could become locked into an active, dust accreting mode during times of superwave passage.

Verification (2004): Glaciologists find that the concentrations of iridium and platinum in submicron sized "meteoritic smoke" particles present in polar ice are two to three times higher during the last ice age.
What does the Suns Heliosphere have to do with this?
The heliosphere is like the earths magneto sphere. Only much larger. The heliosphere protects the earth from the harmful radiation of deep space.
However since the space age began 50 years ago. It has shrunk an incredible %25.

What will the effects be?
A massive increase in Uv and other harmful highly charged particles. Bombarding the earths surface.
Massive increases in skin cancer.
Migratory animals become disoriented and lost

honeybees are blind to red light, but sensitive to UV. Under UV flowers look different to how they do under normal lighting. They take on the appearance of a target with an array of lines pointing towards a dark spot in the center. It is thought that this is the cue which bees use to recognise flowers.

UV-B radiation may directly impair whale vision, lower reproductive success and immune response, and increase the likelihood of disease. Indirectly, UV-B exposure may reduce the survival and reproductive capacity of whale prey of zooplankton and fish species.

Dead zones where fish and most marine life can no longer survive are spreading across the continental shelves of the world's oceans at an alarming rate as oxygen vanishes from coastal waters,

In the Southern Ocean and elsewhere, it has been shown that most microbial life is sensitive to in situ UV exposure, including viruses, bacteria,

In conclusion.
I think the Maya were right. I also think the Hopi were right.
I believe that this world, "this solar system" Moves up and down like a hammer through the Galactic center every few thousand's of years.
I think their timing is right also. I think it takes decades to move through this "plane" of energy. We are just starting to see the effects now. And once it hits the most violent part, it will take decades to return to "normal"

We should watch for a massive increase in meteor sightings, increase in power outages, increase in, seismic activity.
Sightings of the Aurora Borealis in more southern regions.
More luminous planetary bodies.
Failed crops, droughts.
Additional resources.

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 04:52 PM
Also many believe that our DNA acts as a incoming/outgoing transmitter and the Gamma Rays will significantly alter our DNA in effect "Transforming" us into a new generation of human.


PS - This has nothing to do with the light that everyone is confusing with Venus. Unless you believe the increased brightness of Venus is due to the increased solar activity raising the temperature on not just Earth but all the planets in the solar system?

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by foremanator

40 micron meteroids. Oooooo, scary! 40 microns is about 1/1000th of an inch. We are talking about dust, about the thickness of very fine human hair. The Earth is pelted by tons of this stuff on a daily basis and it burns up very high in the atmosphere.

Please provide a source for LaViolette's findings about an eleven year cycle revealed in antarctic ice.

ooooo...galactic dust...scary.

Galactic dust grains are very small, about four tenth of a micron in diameter. Due to their small mass their motion towards the sun is decelerated when the particle is hit by a solar photon. have to be measured directly in space.
It is so small that light itself pushes it around.

Prof. Eberhard Gruen, the head of the Heidelberg dust group, leads the Ulysses dust measurements. Regarding the measurement of galactic dust he remarks: "Galactic dust particles do not belong to our solar system, they stream into it from the outside. They are not very abundant, every cubic kilometer contains about 10 of them. Fortunately, they move quite fast through the solar system, roughly with 26 kilometer per second. Thanks to the high sensitivity of the Ulysses instrument we detect about two galctic dust particles every week."
A threefold increase. So that would be 30 particles (less than 1/2 micron across) in a cubic kilometer of space.

The heliosphere (and magnetosphere) have almost no effect on electromagnetic radiation (i.e. infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray). By their nature, they do capture and/or redirect high and lower energy particles such as cosmic rays and the solar wind. This is why the aurora appear near the poles. But the great majority of our protection from all of these things comes from our atmosphere.

If you're trying to instill fear, you're not succeeding.

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posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 06:37 PM
I've took this from what I wrote on another ATS thread... (do I put the link or does that get me into trouble? It's about meteors)

"What did grab my attention while reading this thread was a report on Sky news telling me of the debris falling from the sky in Texas. The event in Texas was linked to a satellite collision in space... it was enough for me to grab my light saber.
Now after a quick search it seems we are experiencing a lot of activity in the sky... Is this activity more than usual? I don't know... it seems to be, but if someone can provide me with valid information showing otherwise than I'm open to the idea everything is indeed fine and dandy. (Even if an increase is proved it doesn't mean the world will end!)
If there is more activity than normal than I think it would be fair to start looking into the possible effects of solar activity on the Earth as a whole and also we should try to find out if anything else could be coming our way...

Everything seems to point to the fact we should be concerned!!"

Solar interactions with Earth:

These three papers argue that the amount of incoming solar radiation reaching the surface of the earth has increased dramatically in the last two decades. While the values vary from paper to paper, in toto the new studies suggest that the increase in solar radiation absorbed at the earth’s surface had almost 10 times as much warming power during that time as the concurrent increases in carbon dioxide, the main global warming gas. Therefore, the warming observed over the past 20 years must have little to do with changes in greenhouse gases.

I'm interested to explore what could be happening... and what if anything we could do about it... I'll repost a few things that I have posted on a couple of other ATS threads that I feel are connected to the OP's leading question.

Right now I'm off to catch some Zzz's...

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by Beanhearbeefor

Since cataloging the frequency of meteors is entirely dependant on the observations of people all over the place it is difficult to pin any realistic numbers on what is normal. Here is a chart (which I still cannot get to format properly) of reports of larger meteors over the last few years. Again, being based on voluntary reports, this kind of data is very unreliable for any statistical purposes. These reports come from one "clearinghouse". It is very likely that the apparent increase is a result of an increase of awareness that there is a place to report sightings (I didn't learn of it until last year). We do know that there is a lot more media exposure nowadays, probably because of the ubiquity of cameras of various types.

month 2006 2007 2008 2009
1 40 66 40 91
2 28 12 56 37
3 50 43 47
4 37 33 39
5 28 36 33
6 20 28 47
7 30 36 42
8 44 80 56
9 41 51 50
10 66 59 79
11 66 60 146
12 64 85 90
Total 514 589 725 128

The report you cite is from 2005. The findings seem odd because solar activity has been on the decline for the past 7 or years. An update would be interesting.

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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 06:52 PM
This is really new terrain for me here so bear with me but is there any website dedicated to information on the sun's helioshpere/s especially current updates? Is it true that the sun's heliosphere/s is/are decreasing or have decreased all together? That would indeed be troubling news if it is really the case. I'm simply thinking this to be an issue since as a planet our greenhouse gases aren't doing too hot (ha ha, no pun intended). Any current updates would be beneficial, some websites out there are so difficult to decipher as I'm not a scientist ... ha ha ha

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