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Interactive media will save us all

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posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 11:02 PM
For years, we as Americans have been inundated with information at an exponentially growing level. Up until the complete implantation of the internet into our daily lives (both domestically and over wireless transmissions), we had non-interactive media to see and hear. Outside of calling into a radio show (at which the host would make you look like an idiot anyway), there was no way to offer input to shows on TV or radio.

Here's where the problem began. In the beginning, it was only for the purposes of entertainment. Then, news decided to peer its ugly head into our mindless self indulgence. The bad part was that is was still, just mindless self indulgence. The content changed, and the medium never did. So that is where we see news today; more colorful, pretty, over-exaggerated, entertaining, lies. And still, the hosts will make anyone who disagrees with their content as a person of little intelligence. And then, there are people like the ultra conservative or liberal (which mean the same thing nowadays), who decide that they will propagate viewpoints that they don't even believe! They do it because we, as morons, eat up drama. But I digress...

Fast forward a few years to present day. We are a giant network of humans creating user-generated content at a level impossible for the big corporations to catch up. The big corporations still have a massively better penetration as far as being viewed, but, in my honest opinion, not for long.

Google search for percentage of user-generated media (Some good links)

Lets take an example of the movie Zeitgeist. Millions of people have seen this video about deceit in religion, 9/11, and the fed. This caused a cult following of people who were slaves to the message. I was one, actually, until I researched it objectively. With the help of some friends, I found out many of the "truths" in the movie were either exaggerated or just plain inaccurate. Now I still think the film is an important one to watch, but I would have followed the words blindly without interacting with the media at this website, and other sites throughout the internet.


The same goes for shows like Bill O'Reilly, Shawn Hannity and other conservative/liberal shows with their own agendas. They are still pompous pricks who will adeptly destroy anyone who tries to disagree with them, but then we have places on their site to talk truth and objectivity, as well as sites like AboveTopSecret, which grow every day. We are slowly, but steadily, creating more and more open minds, free to see viewpoints from dissenting opinions, and deducing our own stands on all things political and otherwise.

This is hope, people. It is the responsibility of open minds to continue to contribute. This is the generation of truly free speech, and even get your speech heard! Never has there been such a empowering time for the people invested so much in this country.

So, I have talked myself out of the S*** hits the fan scenario. If it does happen, it is the fault of our apathy. We are truly a sad population if we can't actively and powerfully fight who oppresses us. If that day comes, and the country falls, we will have no right for self-pity, although I'm sure the majority of the country will be focusing on just that.

I know we are still the minority in opinion for the most part, but this is collaboration. Lets focus on positivity. Lets focus on righting this ourselves. Lets focus on using these great, cheap resources to make up for so many years we let get away.

Lets focus on being a prideful nation again, and with reason. The technology is staring you right in the face at this moment.


posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 11:17 PM
You are right, the internet is like the human brain, it is growing and connecting, creating the readable, expressive voice of humanity. The more it connects the masses and they are empowered through that voice, then the human race will advance on a positive karmic path. The collective voice, will voice the positive path for the whole. It was individual voices that had the power in the past, and those times are coming to an end. The internet has been a blessing in so many ways, and this is just one.

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 01:50 AM
reply to post by Pappie54

See, now it is time that we all stop arguing the way the MSM wants us to and start discussion on the huge matters at hand. Upon this we can compile a list of accepted changes that would suit the greater good and apply it to our country.

Haha, new constitution anyone?

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 04:04 PM
Ok, this will be my last attempt at bumping, as I understand why people probably aren't responding.

Positivity is not entertaining. This is the exact reason why we are perpetuating the problem I put forth.

Ask yourself, is this site more for entertainment or knowledge personally? I would have problems answering it too, but I see it as a great avenue for both.

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