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All this God stuff today

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posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 06:20 PM
I, Frog, being of sound mind and body. I hereby say that all this god buisness is making me p.o'd. The country that i live in is so attached to a religion that they think that nothing bad will happen. But it is because of this belief that everything has happened. People have died and will die because of all the religions. Religion is why millions of people fighting because of religion. Personally I think that the world would be better off with out religion. It is teaching kids that no harm can be done to them if they are pure yet kids like that are killed everyday to religion. With this post i am expressing my views, which this "great country' has told me to do so if you don't like it reply to me with some of your b/s. I could use a good laugh.

posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 06:57 PM
Hello Frog, I am not opposing your opinion nor am I attempting to prove that religion is right. I many ways, I completely agree with you! In my own quest for Spiritual knowledge and fulfilment, Ive been completely frustrated and disillusioned.

Certainly the Spanish Inquisition and the Northern Crusades against the countries of Scandinavia demonstrate that both sanctioned by the Pope. And dont forget that the Pope is believed to the bodily represenitive of Jesus Christ on Earth and infallible (without error) in all he does and says. Please forgive me, but the current Pope can hardly hold his head upright or read his speeches without drooling all over his vestments - and he's representing God Almighty?

How the Popes of Rome ever attained such power and control over kings and nations, mystifies me. The medieval relics and payment to rent & display those relics for the purposes of drawing needy believers to erase their sins, is appalling. The wealth that the Catholic Church acquired and horded smacks of human greed, rather than spiritual intimacy with the living God. Thats what Luthers reformation was all about and he was considered a heretic because he voiced dissention with the Roman Church establishment.

The power, control and abuse that the Popes have exerted over their flocks are despicable.

I was an altar boy back when the mass was still in Latin. We had a paedophile priest who preyed on altar boys and was finally arrested and convicted of paedophilia.

Catholicism isnt the only religious abusive system. Ive personally seen so much hypocrisy and fraud in Christian churches that I was left feeling total disgust.

Im often left wondering why God doesnt answer prayers and why on Earth Jesus decided to appear after thousands of years of human existence was established. Why is God hidden and surrounded in so much mystery? If I were a God who created creatures in my own image, Id be there for them. Id be available and loving helping them to grow towards understanding of me & my ways. And I sure wouldnt anoint special evangelists to heal or preach in my name whilst bilking thousands of dollars for those who are weak and afflicted.

These are just my own thoughts and not meant to reflect any thing else.

All the Best,

posted on Jan, 23 2003 @ 08:34 AM
Hello Frog...
The opinion you expressed is pretty much the same reason why I've (in several posts in this topic) have been pointing out the difference between "faith" & "religion"...Those who truly have faith don't need the trappings of religion . Faith was created by the divine...Religion was created by mankind; Therefore, if a person truly has faith, he'll adhere to the the spirit & meaning of that faith which the churches have gotten all screwed up down through history. Those people who've messed up the lives of others use religion to achieve their own goals but have no *real* faith to back up their religious excuses.

Originally posted by deepwatersIn my own quest for Spiritual knowledge and fulfilment, Ive been completely frustrated and disillusioned.

Faith is true...It's religion that's the illusion. Without knowing the difference between faith & religion, too many people have fallen to the illusion of religion. Too many people have achieved power, wealth & influence through religion, all at the expense of the masses who haven't been able to see through the illusion that religion has propped up for them to look at.

So, instead on focusing your life through the lens of religion, give a good look at faith for a chance...One who can see beyond the illusion of religion will be more clear-sighted about his heartfelt faith in the divine.

posted on Jan, 23 2003 @ 12:10 PM
Religion is not necessarily bad. It teaches good morals, and if more people were religious, there would probably be less crimes.

Unfortunatly some are anti-religious, causing conflict. Some believe their interpritations are better, causing conflict. The masses human mind will not all agree on one thing. Some will believe they are right and attemp to stop all who disagree.

I personally am not religious, I have no faith. I find the idea of divine intervention or existance impossible. If less people were ignorant, and let people believe what they would like(within the boundries of morality of course) there would be no conflict.

But, people are greedy, they want things their way. They put their needs above the needs of existance and society. Above the prosperity of others. No one cares.

posted on Jan, 23 2003 @ 12:43 PM
well deepwaters you are very wrong on what you said aabout popes.

All popes (can) error and be antipopes, our church teaches that a pope is (only) infallible
in ex cathedra statements which is aa statement like (we) proclaim ect..

outside of this he can sin very much and become a heretic, popes can become antipopes, infact we have had plenty in our church. those
who led the church for greed and not for god.

Don't judge something that you have not read the encyclicals about.

popes can sin and many have, even to the point of being heretical.

But you just judged (teachings) becaause of mens actions.

thats like saying your an addict because your moms on drugs.

What about the thousands of shelters for the poor that are orginization created by the church?

what about those saints who died for the church?

what about the nuns who devout their lives for god and the poor helping the poor all their lives?

yet (you) have the right to judge them?

what have you done that is like this?

these people in the church are saints and they live and die for god and give their whole life
for him and we judge them because of heretics?


God is religion, god is the miracles in this religion, many have seen these miracles, god provided
them to the world and created aa church for perfection.

judge all you want but you will never understand the saints, they lived by the true teachings of the church.


you still don't get it?

Ive sat here for months telling you ive not been fed religion all my life, yet you say i have (excuses) and no (real)
faith in backing up my church?

Ive told you what ive went through and you do not want to believe, i have real faith and you will never get this because
of the hierarchy. I did not lead myself here, but literal miracles.

JH, The true religion does teach morals and only morals, those who go against them are heretics
and thus the whole body gets attacked.

god created a religion which is the teachings of christ.


posted on Jan, 29 2003 @ 12:02 PM
Sure, all these people help society. But at the same time, others who are part of the church, maybe an attendee or an associate, continue to say bad things about non-religious people. Spreading lies about people who are aethiest or of a different religion. No one trusts anyone.

I am strong enough in mind that I don't need the idea of a divine presence to help me through my life. I, by nature am not a bad person(or at least I think so). I was raised by racist people in a racist town, yet I am not racist. I was raised into society, told to fit in, I fit in, but I don't belittle others to do this. So, explain that.

posted on Jan, 29 2003 @ 03:10 PM
I still get peeved that it says "In God We Trust" on our money, and that "Under God" is in the pledge (which was a later add in by the way). I do not trust in some God, nor am I under him. What ever happened to separation of church and state???

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