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How did Saddam Hussein become the president of Iraq

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posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 03:40 PM
Saddam, an " elected " leader who's much more democrat than Bush is !

Learn why he's not a tyrant and how he became the " elected President of Iraq under " DUBIOUS " circumstances " ( Please, if possible, do not laugh too much )

Ok, let's go....

After schooling in Baghdad, Hussein joined the Baath Party, a socialist political group committed to Arab nationalism. In 1956, he took part in an unsuccessful coup attempt against King Faisal II of Iraq. Two years later, a non-Baathist group led by General Abdul Qassim (or Kassem) overthrew the king. In 1959, Hussein and other Baath supporters tried to assassinate General Qassim. They failed, so Hussein fled to Syria and then Egypt where he briefly studied law.

In 1963, the Baath Party assassinated General Qassim. Hussein returned to Iraq and became an interrogator and torturer for the Baath Party. The party went through various upheavals, and Hussein was imprisoned, yet eventually, in 1966, he became Secretary-General of the party with the help of his cousin, General Ahmad Hassan al-Bakr. In 1968, Bakr's faction of the Baath Party seized power, and Hussein became Deputy Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council. This put him in charge of internal Iraqi security and gave him the number-two position in the Baath Party. By 1973, Hussein was vice president of Iraq under President Bakr.

More :

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posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 03:55 PM
Hey there Ultra!

Completely disagree with you on your views about Saddam Hussain! He is a complete psychopath and the world need to do something to get him out of power as soon as possible!
Three of my best friends are over in the Gulf at the moment and i have a nagging suspicion that i could be called up to serve at any moment?

I'm never quite sure what goes on in his country as people, as young as 12 years old; are willing to die for him!

I can understand the peoples wish for peace, but, due to the amount of power that the man has, its time that we put our diffrences aside and join together to save a lot of peoples lives and stop a global conflict!

He may have come from a good educational upbringing, but he's used his knowledge to cause suffering and death!

posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 04:47 PM
I think you actually fully agree with UP
It's just a bit tough to relay sarcasm through the language barrier (that MOST of us americans suffer from). Otherwise I would say UP is probably the MOST anti Saddam member of this board....besides me of course

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posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 07:45 PM
hes not democratic in elections he intimidates opponets so that they don;t run making him the only candidate

[Edited on 23-1-2003 by f16falcon]

posted on Jan, 23 2003 @ 05:54 AM
RavenStar, stay
and read Fry2 post please.


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