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Who put this thing together? Me, that's who! Who do I trust? Me!

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posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 08:07 AM
Tony Montana was a drug dealer but had he carried out the assassination he was supposed to he might have gone on to be an oil dealer. Tony drew the line at blowing up children and instead killed the killer but that made him the target. Here I'm going to point out the best way I can how on a global scale current events resemble the drama in Scarface with Al Pacino.

None of us were alive but the decisions, beliefs and actions of our predecessors created the situation we live in today. Dominant control by a few nations has been exorcised globally for ages. Those that act out on their emotions are generally considered as weak. Quietly since 1879 or around there the die has been cast for those that would dominate the world.

Back then coal powered the worlds navies. It was far better than wood or sail but coal emitted visible exhaust and steam made it all the more visible. You would know if a ship was coming and be able to sink it so when it was realized that OIL could get the job done the race to OIL arrived. The Germans with no oil fields of their own developed a plan to gain access to Mideastern Oil but the British were determined to beat them to it and crush them as well.

In other threads I have harped on WW1 or near it as the starting point in earnest of global scale resource domination. Here I need to assume that you all know that has the industrial revolution rose so did the need for energy to keep that snow ball rolling. It is not that we are addicted to oil itself but instead we are desperately attempting to flee our past of buffalo skins and spears. We like the things that high energy can provide and do for us better than roughing it in the wilds.

Assume that we grew from WW1 till around the year 2000. We created a game of sorts that made us the drug kingpin and when we barked others trembled. Like Tony Montana we were on top of the world and dominated most conflicts. We accepted that other kingpins existed like the USSR and China and we always applied pressure on any wound when needed. We like Tony were on top of the world and when the USSR went down we thought we were "SO SMART!"

We nurtured and developed our own crew of junior kingpins like Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Israel. These guys were the ones out on the streets day to day. They would tell us who was making moves and we would offer protection to our "buddies." Guys like Russia and China would always try to slip in and open ties to our lesser friends or non friends since it is good to be the KINGPIN.

Sometimes the JUNIORPINS like Saddam forget their places in the pecking order. We "bitch slap em" and put 'em in their place. Sometimes these Juniorpins need to be made example of since they can influence the thoughts and actions of the other juniorpins and kingpins. Here we raced into Iraq one time to get Saddam but like Tony, we didn't pull the trigger.

Nonpins like Iran see all of this and realize that the KING is slipping. He used to be able to break a knee with one swing of the bat but now he gets winded and it takes several swings. The kingpin knows the other dealers are talking but acts as though he still has everything under control. In a fit of rage Tony kills his best friend like the events we see today. He turns on everyone including himself. He becomes self destructive and no longer cares who knows.

The others like OPEC and Russia conspire to take him out but he is none the less dangerous and backed into a corner. He flexes and postures yelling. "You think you can take me? You need a blankin' army if you gonna take me! His soldier proxies try to flex as well like Israel reminding the world it too has NUKES...

In the end Tony stands under fire shooting, lobbing grenades and yelling, "I'll take you all to hell!" Will that be the final death roll of the KINGPIN known as the USofA? Naturally our military effort has broken our economy and created a depression just like what happened to the USSR in Afghanistan.. Any thoughts

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posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 09:53 AM
i really like your take on things, Alpha, with the Kingpin ideology, and the work and thought put into it. I'm a BIG fan of original thought and theories.

My personal views go a little bit further, and more in the way of chess.
THE PLAYER among players, the Godfather of Kingpins if you will, the ones who moves all the kingpins around the board.

For me, the PLAYERS create the egos, supply the problems and weapons. He ( as in a culmination of PLAYERS ) inspire the Kingpin to great heights while whispering and enticing jr. kingpins to battle the greater powers.

I.e., we're all moved around the chessboard by invisible hands which control almost every aspect of our daily lives. Not even the Kingpin has the power he thinks he has.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 08:32 AM
No other positions, observations or arguments about how I have compared the actions and behavior of the US to that of Scarface's Tony Montana? I'm not the only one who would subscribe to the idea that our governors government is essentially a GANG or MOB or even PIRATES who go swashbuckling around the globe looking for resource treasures... Arrrrrrrr!

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