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Mr. Marrs a question for you.

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posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 01:22 PM
Can I ask you a question Mr. Marrs and make a point to boot?

JFK Assassination topic: Who could have performed the cover up particularly the Warren Commission Report and wouldn't this be the power that had Kennedy killed?

Let me say up front that I have heard and believe and KNOW that Kennedy was certainly looking at ridding us of the Federal Reserve (International Bankers) and that he ordered some Silver Certificates I believe about 4 billion worth if I aint wrong. These Silver Certificates of course were a frontal attack on the Federal Reserve and their Fiat Currency/Note.

I hear people say Oswald did it, the CIA did it, the Mob did it, Castro did it and so on and so on. But the question I always come to is the one above and here is what I think, tell me where I am wrong or your thoughts please sir.

The Warren Commission put out what has to be the dumbest and most ridiculous report ever by Congress ever, cmon a "Magic Bullet". But yet the Commission and all its prestigious and up and coming political stars all signed off on this ridiculous idea of bullets turning around in mid air and what not. So who has the power over these people or has something on them that they can use to blackmail them into the Warren Report? I can only come up with one answer every time. I can not see Castro having any influence at all over this body, nor the Mob, nor do I believe Oswald had Magic Bullets so this leaves the CIA and the International Bankers in my book. The CIA may have carried parts of this assassination out but I believe only on Orders from the bankers. The Bankers in my opinion are the only ones with the power. authority, clout, whatever you want to call it to pull the whole thing off. The CIA couldn't I don't believe have that kind of power over the Commission.
So there it is, I think when looked at in totality the only answer can be the International Bankers or Federal Reserve would have had the ability to pull off the whole caper and no other group had the ability t pull the whole thing off. I think those Silver Certificates were Kennedy's Death Order...

Sir, your thoughts? and Thanks for quoting me in your piece on Obama's Birth Certificate, sure it was anonymous but it was my post...

posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 05:15 PM
Certainly McCloy was at the Murchison meeting as well as later becoming a member of the WC and the bankers had everything to gain from JFKs death,yet would have had no overriding power of control into the autopsy-room which was dominated by naval and military authority.

Yet the plot had to have a banker(s) who may or may not have been aware of exactly what the money was for.Suggest the root of this can be found more probably in the Petroleum Club or more pointedly the Suite 8F Group.There was one specific backer of most right-wing causes across the US at this time,including the National States Party run by Milteer and the Minutemen controlled by General Edwin Walker as well as the Birchers and others.

We know that Ruby visited his offices shortly before the assassination and that his aide-de-camp used contacts in the Dallas Police Dept to discover levels of protection around Oswald.We also know he left Dallas under guard just before the motorcade entered Dealay Plaza and had foreknowledge of the assassination.He too had been at Murchison,along with Nixon,Prescot Bush,Hoover and LBJ the preceding evening.

The bank overseeing the assassination was the oil,arms and construction industry which were filled with Cold Warriors and foresaw rich profits from Vietnam as well as defending the Laos drugs connection.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 09:22 AM
Howdy Independantjournal,

Unfortunately, I am packing for a trip to Egypt and must rush answer your question with no time to elaborate. You yourself probably answered the question when you wrote: "Who could have performed the cover up particularly the Warren Commission Report and wouldn't this be the power that had Kennedy killed?" Who indeed. Who had the power to fabricate evidence in that case, the suppress evidence, alter and destroy evidence in the hands of the authorities and intimidate witnesses (all criminal acts in any criminal case)? And furthermore, who has the power to block meaningful investigations by the corporate mass media as well as official government panels from 1963 until this very day? Not LBJ, not J. Edgar Hoover, not Nikita Khruschev, not Castro, not long-dead Mafia chieftains and certainly not Lee Harvey Oswald, who was dead two days after the assassination. But the families, such as the Rockefellers, and their Wall Street comrades who own and control the large multinational financial institutions and corporations, including the mass media companies, are still there, still in control. John J. McCloy and his protege Allen Dulles may be dead but their minions and peers in the Council on Foreign Relations are still moving ahead with their plans to destroy America's sovereignty. And anyone who stands in their way had better be careful. Follow the leads from my book "Rule by Secrecy" and then "The Rise of the Fourth Reich" and you should get a pretty good handle on who the people are and what they hope to achieve.

Jim Marrs

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 09:44 AM
I've been apparently traumatized and plagued during the course of my life with various memories since this happened and possibly even before it ever occurred. Regardless of that suggestive insanity, I have my doubts of anything that comes out on this topic as the final word and truth behind it. Many pieces may be part of this puzzle though. The JFK assassination and 9/11 seemed to be staged events to shock and incite the masses in some way.

Elite groups, extraterrestrials etc. may all be involved in some way. The one latest documentary 'as-if' showed the shattered remains of JFK's skull in some animated form 'as-if' to finally prove their case that Oswald did it alone and from behind. The fact is, we really don't know what JFK's skull actually looked like after his death. So, all we have is speculation and more theories based on common probabilities. I could even add a few more myself.

Other claims of life after death supernatural stories like the christ figure and Adolf Hitler: aliens again? Alien involvement could be through clones etc. and the JFK event also has a strong suggestion with these.

Follow the phoney paper trail and this yellow brick road paved in gold as well. Those who know, mock us and laugh.

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