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PC Specs - Show off your 'rig'

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posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 01:05 AM
This is in response to this thread where I got people's opinions on good upgrades for my PC.

I ended up getting:

Gigabyte 896mb Nvidia GTX 260+ (with factory overclock)
AMD Phenom Q9850 Black Edition (Yes, I know you all love Intel, but AMD for me)
Asus M2N mobo to fit it all and
Gigabyte 720w power supply to run it.

So far I've tested it on Grand Theft Auto 4 (A performance hog that actually limits your settings to your capability), and it auto-detects as High on 1680 x 1080, which is a huge improvement to the low 800 x 600 on my old system.

COD4 runs at average 140fps on extra settings 1680 x 1080, and Company of Heroes is about the same.

(Half bragging I know) but my PC now rocks. Thanks to all that helped me pick, price and compare parts. Wish me happy gaming!

And for any ATS nerds that share my passion for overly beasty computers, show off your specs and any pictures of awesome cases / setups!

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