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2008 really Sucked

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posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 04:27 PM
I would like to announce the most srewed up year
in my life and according to the San Antonio Express News Even the Wopping Cranes are having a bad year too. :bnghd: After the economy, high and now great gas prices. Loosing your job, or just being a really messed up year.

Let Me tell you my story before you post your stories here on this thread. I was a truck driver, a brand new one and every time I would go to Los Angeles, I would get into an accident. Driving in Brooklyn is great, but Los Angeles which in my opinion doesn't have the worse traffic in the nation. No that goes to Houston and to all those texan drivers. After all I'm from TX. I decidded to quit and since my driving record is
messed up for the next three years, well, no hauling across the country.
In personal relationships, I pass over two oppurtunities. Both could have ben a great time, but man. :bnghd:
After helping start a group of anime fans, I'm been well
because of my foul language and toerh reasons. Aparently the founder is a wanna be Vegan and I have nothing against what you want to be or others, but he was really putting morals down on me. Yea, tell that to a person who claims to be protecting the earth and not ride public transit in an effort to reduce there energy usage.
Not only that, I haven't been employed since March of my last accident from Los Angeles. My mom is a
and I had to hang out with
to basically get by. some of those crazy people lead to the distruction of my Camera, I love taking pictures even though it was a cheap one and a small one. By bicycle which I loved to ride got screwed and 2 road bicycle still sit in my room because I lack the money to get them fixed. So much for not walking.
My Laptop has bit the dust and so has my MP3 player. So much for listening to ATS Mix and other shows.
I lost my nexflix account as well as my savings account. No job or paycheck to put into that stuff.
On good notes. I did get a passenger and school bus endorcement. But since the District said that they'll pay for my training. Well I still don't have the money from that paid training but I'm tired of Saying "it could be worse." I finally moved out and moved to my dads new place. After My mom cheating on my dad. Yes my mom Cheating on my dad and kick him out of the house, he has his own place and yet it is really a handyman's special. I can't cook let alone have a space heater to heat up the room's we sleep in. I still need plumbing parts and have no job let alone no money to get the PVC pipe. My dad has a job, and well he's happy to have somebody to help him out. I learn how to Dumpster Dive and where to do it.

For this new year of 2009, my Dad is pressuring me to join the Coast Guard and I was never good at following orders or the main part about keeping your uniform neat and clean. I can't even do that now with my current clothes, so I have a delima. But since I have no job, no driving job always wanted. My option aren't really that bright even though I live in a place where there are jobs. compared to other parts of the country. So far I have gotten two things suggesting me to join. One I heard on the radio from Stan kelly from the morning show of woai saying "your consider a Looser for riding the bus (public transit)" for which I do. Another on the Art bell show saying you should be in a position to repair stuff in the new year. The Recruiter said that I could become a diesel Mechanic and with some course I took at St. Philips, well theres my chance. The main thing which is keeping me from joining is that I need to weigh 217 LBS. I currenlty weigh 220. And When I talk to the Recruiter, well I weigh 234.
. for 2009.
Well here's my rant, what is your rant about 2008.

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 05:07 PM
Yeah.... And since things seem to get worse, I am not left with a very good feeling...

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 08:33 PM
What comes around goes around.

You two are owed some good times, and IF you take the time to chill out and take things easy for a while you'll see the better side of life for a change.

Have faith in yourselves, you DO have the power.

On this great rollercoaster called "life", it has ups AND downs, but the further and faster you go down...the more momentum you have to shoot back up and get some serious airtime. Woo-hoo!

I hope things work out for both of you and anyone else suffering bad times.

I hope your eye gets better soon "Time=Now" and that "sirbikesalot06" soon becomes "sirdrivesalot09"

Onwards and upwards dear friends.

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 11:55 PM
I feel for you man. It seems that things have been following the Murphy's Law of life.

Here is what happened in my life this year.

The past year has been one of weirdness and setbacks. I went from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other. Where to start. I guess the beginning is always a good place.

Well it really starts back in the end of 2007. I came to the nursing home for rehab for my paralysis. I chose here because they have been featured on Discover Health Channel as being equipped for bariatric and I thought since they handle them for rehab and weight loss, that I would get the best rehab chances here. Well things were going good and I even got to being able to get up and stand in the parallel bars for 30 seconds by the time March came. This is also when progress stopped.

I developed nasty wounds on the bottom of my heals and had to stop standing. I developed them from having my feet rest right on the foot pedals with no shoe on because I had an order for no shoes from Hillside when I had the wounds on the back of my ankles. Well, by May I was discharged from therapy because I couldn't stand because of them, and I wasn't making enough progress with the other therapy like the electro shocks and stuff to keep me on.

By June, the wound on my left foot had healed, but my right foot had broken open and had started to tunnel in. It may have done this from the lack of the proper footwear to keep pressure off it, or miss management of the wound by the wound care nurse. At any rate, you could smell the decaying flesh and the whole went all the way to the bone. I ended up in the hospital by the end of July over it. I was on IV antibiotics for it and had to get a gamma scan to see how deep the infection was.

I went back to the nursing home, I had a pick line in my arm for the IV that I got three times a day. But it never felt right. It kept hurting from the time I got it in till the third week when it was red and puss and irritated. Here I got a infection in Arm. It was called the super A bug. It is only found in contaminated hospital equipment. It needed 2 IV a day. So I was getting 5 a day for two weeks. Then on top of that, I got to go into the hyperbaric chamber.

Yes, for eight weeks, got to get hauled out of the nursing home to go to the hospital to get put into a tube. Then It was pressurized with oxygen to 3 atmospheres, it was like being 66 feet underwater. It made my ears pop and sometimes gave me a panic attack and have low blood pressure. There were no radios, newspapers, books, video games, nothing was allowed in with you. Because if you create static electricity in a pure oxygen atmosphere and make it spark, it will explode. So all I could do is watch TV. They had one mounted over the tube. I got to watch the stock market crash first, then see a good republican candidate blow it.

Well once my foot was healed and I was out of hyperbarics, it was the second week of November. I got back into therapy with some new goals. One was to have my legs pointing back towards the ceiling. The second was to get me to walk. We'll deal with the second one first.

In order to walk, we were going to install a new plan to put cerebral palsy braces on my knees and ankles and use the hip muscles that were working to swing the legs. This requires a few steps and wounds free feet. Well we may have wait a while for that because I have developed new wounds from goal one.

To get my feet pointing back to the ceiling they got these boots to put on my feet that were made from metal and plastics and padding. Well the pressure on the back of my feet caused me to get two new wounds, one on each posterior heal. So now I have to wait for them to heal in order to start with the braces. Until then they are going to work on crawling on the mat and everything to try to strengthen my hips so I can do it. It sucks.

This has been the year of the wound, and the year of set backs. It is ending though and I reasons to believe that the next year will be better than the last. It has been long and hard, and I hope that the 2009 is better than 2008 and 2007. I am not sure I can take it if it gets any worse. For the up coming year, I hope to lose the catheter, start getting bariatric surgery and be walking come 2010. I hope by this blog next year I'll be able to say, I am home, I'm walking, I'm seeing someone, and life is good. I may have set my goals a little high for what has been my life but we'll see.

posted on Jan, 4 2009 @ 01:18 AM
The big question is,
Are you focusing only on the negativity in your life..or the positive?
Sometimes it's hard to see one for the other.
The phrase "You'll see it when you believe it" applies here.
No matter how bad you think your life is, there is ALWAYS someone, somewhere, who would love to be in your shoes because you are better off .
Start counting the good things instead of the bad. Start Looking for more good things instead of always feeling like they'll never happen to you.
Life is what You, Yourself, make it out to be.
And I'll tell you, Murphy loves to try to run my life too....
But I don't let him get the better of me.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 04:56 PM

Originally posted by AccessDenied
The big question is,
Are you focusing only on the negativity in your life..or the positive?
Sometimes it's hard to see one for the other.
The phrase "You'll see it when you believe it" applies here.
No matter how bad you think your life is, there is ALWAYS someone, somewhere, who would love to be in your shoes because you are better off .
Start counting the good things instead of the bad. Start Looking for more good things instead of always feeling like they'll never happen to you.
Life is what You, Yourself, make it out to be.
And I'll tell you, Murphy loves to try to run my life too....
But I don't let him get the better of me.

Well When i look back, that year (2008) really sucked alot. And yes, I was thinking positively though out the entire year, but nothing materialized for things to work out. The closet thing that did work out was that my dad finally moved out of the neighborhood. Now I know it wasn't that bad, but compared to the numbers of negatives compared to the positive, well the negatives win out.
I wasn't finished with my rant too. I also still don't have a job, and I finally realized I'm a looser in the general sense of social rules here in San Antonio, TX. Keep San Antonio Lame.
Now So far the new year has turned out great. My Laptop is now working, but my MP3 Player has bit the dust. Also I'm living with my dad right now and helping him improve his "handyman Special." I just got a toliet for the rear of the house. Plus i'm sorry for spelling Whooping crane wrong.
I do think positively normally and most of the time. . But looking back, man what didn't go wrong?:shk:

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by sirbikesalot06

Sounds like you had a "one step forward, and two steps back" kind of year.
Me too.
But I celebrated every single "happy milestone", and put very little emphasis on those things that would keep me beaten down.
They are not worth more than a couple of days thought or effort, if that, especially if it's an issue I can do nothing to change.
I do however, put a lot of thought daily, and research, into how to improve my life.
I weigh out many options, and eliminate most..but I always try.
If I stop trying..Murphy wins.

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 03:28 AM
Yeah 2008 sucked for many people, me included.

The one up was that I graduated and have my diploma

The downs were numerous:
1 cured medical problem
1 still undiagnosed medical problem
1 that is incurable and will probably end up killing me

Before 2008, I was the healthiest person I knew. For me it was a year of white walls and disinfectant.

That is my resolution for 2009. To spend less days in hospital!

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 05:44 AM
For some reason or other I decided pretty early on that 2008 was gonna suck... So I pretty much kept my head down all year, no massive financial up's or downs, nothing major in the career side of things (which also means I'm now broke!) Didn't make my self do any real 'structured' learning, just dabbled in various interests, read the entire internet twice over and abused my internal organs via the magical drugs... Namely tobacco and alcohol.

My grandfarther did die which was a shame, but given the conditions he has lived with since the war he did well... Kept all his marbles right up to the end, not the way I want to go, I want to be a difficult raving loon and go out telling people I'm a dancing banana but that's just me, he was a quiet educated bloke.

So all in all 2008 was 'Meh' for me... I saw doom and gloom - buried my head in the sand and it seems to of passed me by.

Conversely I think 2009 will be profitable for me so long as I get off my ass! Life's a funny old thing.

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