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EG&G List of products and services?

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posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 05:24 AM
Hi all afresh, some time ago I tried connecting to ATS and I lost my account number and I have to sign up again.

I found information on various products and services that the defence contractor EG&G has provided several government agencies in the United States. Exist also a letter from an anonymous person, I don't know really what that means or refers in the letter.

EG&G no longer provides logistics and security services at Groom Lake?

Look Here:

posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 04:56 PM
That information is kind of old, but now I know at least where the rumor that EG&G doesn't do security at Groom Lake started.

I used to work for EG&G. The company had two "themes," for lack of a better word. One was electronic components and the other government services. When you read about EG&G on the net being sold, the issue is the company was broken up and sold to various companies. For instance, Perkin-Elmer bought their optics divisions and dropped EG&G moniker. I believe the government services are now owned by URS.

EG&G info

I did a post a while ago about the old EG&G credit union, of which I used to be a member. It was bought out as well.
Community One
If you live in Clark County, you can join and maybe meet a spook or two in the lobby.

Probably too much is made of EG&Gs connection to Area 51. If anything, their importance is much more related to the Nevada Test Site. There probably hasn't been a critical (as opposed to subcritical) test done at the NTS without some EG&G involvment. EG&G made the triggers for nuclear weapons.


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