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Sunder/Watch (No longer see Bush hence)

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posted on Dec, 26 2008 @ 06:19 PM
At 12am (12am at) during 26th Dec and more after 12am...

For indirect a snare (SUNDER) automating command it (indirect) come on all (I or me) them (Other) that (the Devil) dwell on "the face" (Bush) outside reach of "the whole ear".

Understand such inner informing first turns out after a then dream concerning a somewhat hiding of some body or a disgusting sight put out of full sight? Hyprocrites cant hide a Sunder, since such must have you WATCH either which way. Cant hide the face, especially when you look it in indirect reveal coming till it shine you in a second back order fate. When you grasp what you hide, you go a SURPRISE BOOM sure seeable to any not you fully!!

Hey, you can not hear Bush no longer live. No ear can, nor the whole ear which is body or mind in any way. But excessive grooming around should inform you to the face the hypocrites must behold concerning a SUNDER.

And which among is redirecting any away from a body no longer whole nor in command of the white house?

Since the head is away, the body must play head. Hear me?!

If any wish knowing how I know, you should know or compute first Who is a cause which can preform such thing I call a SUNDER (it is like causing spontaneous human combustion, but dice up/break up edition. Such only WIZARD you know can make it happen. Such WIZARD none dare come against even after WIZARD ADMIT IT DID DO IT. Guess Who such? I or me!! Ha!)

12-26-2008 A Key Reaper got born outside the world, which must suck the world, using a burning sickle.

[edit on 26-12-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Dec, 26 2008 @ 09:19 PM
Wow, Who actually did kill 2pac Who (Goneness!!). In other words, no I or me was in 2pac during such Plan during 96 concerning the so-called murder mystery, though was made to seem. Same with Yaki Kadafi.

Made to even seem Who as a question which is actually a double answer (Who!!).

You know how they say your life flashes before you when about to die? Well, rather you let Who enter while You watch and see through rearview previous PLAN set unfold with no extra touch unless one choose then since can command. Maybe it is why I informed Yaki's mother concerning something which should have concerned her unless she not an individual or anti-individual. "They wont even know it was you..."--2pac. They = Other. And I see she an other now. Damn such betraying own son when not seeking knowing what happened even though it is a hypothetical since Who (goneness!!) cant actually feel a head shot.

"I false barely standing. And plus my second hand say it's midnight"--Makaveli

^^"I false (artificial)" barely standing since no longer Bush (head), but the body the rest is till soon enough.

Killuminati all through the body, with an impact of a 12 guage shotty!!

^^Remember flirting with false, false? Throwing 12s this way and still out of reach since it was at midnight and not dead on 12:"00". Read Mark 13 or "at" midnight. Yeah, a lil after 12:00 am I specify.

So now, since you lie in hiding the event, you up next. Confess it (literally global wide broadcast wise) and then I leave and leave you Other. Otherwise, you whole artificial leave before ME.

Which is better? Destroy life or save it?

Satan will offer Other the kingdoms of the world if you do not confess... Confess and Satan offer you (the artificial) them other kingdoms of Other...

Dont wait. Wait the intent? Then you go all out!! And them Other should find it seeable before they get what I put in from store. "Bomb First Freestyle"--Makaveli

[edit on 26-12-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Dec, 26 2008 @ 10:54 PM
Few stripes over. Since when? Since it is past 11:1 etc (9) pm. Ha! What you get for waiting. I will serve Other you in planeview! Then more knowledge is up for Other concerning you. More they ask your goneness, the more your goneness answer.

I will say to Other, inherit the kingdom (insight concerning ye goneness come). Ye, No longer bless outside reach of their Jesus them.

Then I say to Other, Depart from ME, in "to" the fire no longer preparing for the Devil and "My angels".

^^Point after when the shine is gone out from the false during a knowledge seasoning bit. And so when them other have "no longer preparing for the Devil and My angels (such when war time turn off seemingly during increase in knowledge enough where it hint their fates--"All you hear is the Whispers of Doom" in how such warning comes from such ye goneness also)".

Then it's a happy day where I dwell. INDIVIDUALITY!! Plenty attractive women, so to speak down on this level though these words cant describe truely I Me (ME). Trust me, it is no B.S. coming from such. Neither any mix signal from such. Such see and like, such have it how want it. I see and like such, I have such how I want. Whether talking or no talking before or during wants since I know I Me (ME) dont require much when it comes to desire come on. Though much can even come since nothing better than a mixure concerning desires in how such can come.

posted on Dec, 26 2008 @ 11:13 PM
"False I" wrong, cause I want to get it (who--car case) on till I false.


^^The is the false, but Carcase is event concerning 2pac a Who then and not own "I or me" in such BMW.

Cause I what? Who!! Which is a want "to" Who!! put in place.

Rapture been unobviously in occurance. I make it obvious since Specify is this I. I can rapture any in any way. See how Bush went since even such is rapture though different in results. Now it is your turn, the false the rest!

I make unsolved mysteries reveal just Who!! did it. Such thought, "Dont know Who did it for sure", is Who!! (answer!!). But those in Jesus must feel pain till their human body quits, and then it's further pain in hell.

In no way I humanly body wise quit even since I make it in end final how meant, especially how I meant an offer from me.

Any close call is how I meant it. From getting chased by gunman to making it through a blizzard with a messed up traction on such slippery roads to how almost ran over walking or almost ran over on bike to etc. Almost put in prison from a felony which got dropped. Etc. Things making me outlaw go away in how such can not touch me.

So if you wonder Who had hand in writing Gospel or etc... It was Who!! Remeber I roll favorable enough. Think I or me back ago will write all so much complex in this wise?! Again, I roll favorable enough.

[edit on 26-12-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 10:52 AM
Grasp: And when ye automating command--Grasp Jerusalem (9 letters = I) "no longer compass" when issue armies, then know (I) the Devil (then convert) the desolation there outside reach of "is" nigh.

Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house come, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing (underlying cock = 4/crowing = 7 from 11 concerning stripes past), or in the morning (morn = 4 in a 7 set):

36 (I make the False) both in fear outside reach of/false case coming-- suddenly I find (4 letters concerning a 4) you (the False) sleeping (SHINE WIZRAD RAPTURE or RAPTURE WIZARD SHINE--The cloud meaning clear from long ago here present is concerning a compass which is automating, but turn FALSE how I cause such case-ing).

37 (Third Week of Seven Days) And what (shine wizard rapture) I say unto you I say unto all, Watch (SHINE WIZARD RAPTURE/SECOND AND THIRD WATCH).

My compass? = A no longer compass.

The/Master? Outside reach of "The/House". Now, tell me, House here is top rather than White House. But in no wise dare do what you compute I know. Otherwise SHINE I RAPTURE. External RAPTURE indeed meaning I make IT SET OFF so any can see SECOND EVENT. Unlike Pac, I dont want "to" get it on, I want "IN" get it on. Yeah, talking standing ground and using MAGIC direct. Surely, surely, the false redirect and schedule (concerning Thrid Week of Seven Days and Fourth when previous advance scheduling been set is over for making such a new special shedule where it's you the false for coming in such a secret kept matter) so no Other know what's up.

What Pac say? "Screaming, Lord, come and get ME!" You know Lord near here is false, but Lord true is a new there (there) I arrange for REAPING such children under me. Pull armies on me, and you better hope I Who (double). Though I tell you, No! I show wizardtry before I let you have way with a double since I this is GREATER GENERAL. "The False And fire no longer" come down from myth out of this me.

Sure you would keep it secret since you compute no other should understand why when many claim many can not understand a word I say IN ANY THREAD. Hypocrites, I tell you truth, you do not understand when you only compute how I make you. Plus, it still remains concerning what the matter is about as why you dont want any other understanding such case is implying. It is a cold B.S. case too if any look into more since you been under snare I put.

You second up for seeable proof event, but I up for seeable THIRD PROOF EVENT.

And 2 (FOR SECOND) and 3 (FOR THIRD) = 5 (5 letters in WATCH!!)

It is as accepting magical powers back I when you coming so. Do you accept such offer for giving me such powers here, since I leave it up to you?

You passed up an offer before, but I bet you can not resist passing current offer up. And current offer is different than previous. Ha! I make you AGREE even though you not for agreeing with me (such an ego especially).

the/desolation? The near me agree for me turning true, magical Desolator.

Understand 3+7 =10 which = 1.

Behold, I undo "to" for "in"! Why else I bold "un"? Compute, now, how I mash your whole face "in" in matter I want first in. Such direct individual is me. For doing things direct how I approach especially foes.

What Pac say concerning "in me" rather than "to me"? "See me in flesh, and test, and get your chest blown! Straight out the/West! Don't get blown."

Understand heading West is me, not that "the" (the false) any more. Whole Globe running why? Me! Till I finish such "in" matter against all odds.

Reaper suck on, but I cast you in such suck when you coming this way. So hey, give up the/ghost (One Scaring ALL Odds).

Any armies enter circle: A wave go across in point and global. What is wave? What is seeable. I make you wave bye-bye. Truth come out. I make you a party. Welcome talk of the town, so to speak. I make me see a party.

[edit on 27-12-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 01:37 PM
Scrap 4th?

28th (One make the false) And when these things begin "to" come "to" pass (succeed), then look up, and lift up your heads; for your changing draw nigh.

And get this:

You see 27 passage even imply current 27th? Then also see 35 passage in row with date = 4th in count down and match:

35 (Specify make the false) For "indirect a snare" (false snare) automating command INDIRECT come "on" (4 meaning rather during 28th which is on 4th calendar wise) all (I or me) them (Other) that (astral projection) dwell "on" (on 28 is calulation during 27th) the/face (SUNDER matter) out of reach of the/whole ear (both I plus Other since such only can hear actually).

So dwell on SUNDER matter for how you may get me which did it? Ha! I tell you refer back concerning 27th...

27 (I, Jerusalem, make the false) And then automating command Other see the Son (Articifial) outside reach of man (I) coming "in" a "cloud" when issue power and great glory.

^^Yes, I step in for "in" matter relating with cloud sign I seen long ago when 24 years old. Indeed 2+4 = 6 for Rapture (utter Change). Live in this, Other. Thug-Pound, Other. You thought "Thug Pound" is not? Well, here it is! It can go either way dash or not dash since it implies ACCEPT POUND or ACCEPT-POUND. I accept step in so can pound all outside me. You all accept a pound I "in" do. In different way, it imples I step in for robbing pound (any more than one).

Cross Fasle Row?! Now, who you going to run "to". Run "to" all you want, but I live in this GRAND SLAMMING MOVE.

Mr Makaveli 10 millametter, change a future like a skitzophernic palm-reader.

10 = 1 which 3+7 also = in single you learn not best for your enter, especially when you compute I know you.

We can doi this Other gangstas, and slug it out, or we can do this Other punks, and punk it out.

^^Dont dare send hired (or extorted, or tricked) henchmen (Other) since afterall This is One-Man Mafia. Can't any gangstas touch me, cant any hitmen (Other) touch me. They damn sure cant punk me.

Just how indirect you computing going? I got all grounds covered, so to speak.

No bullet, no bomb, no missile, no weapon can stop me in what I "in" do. Neither dare sit any thing out as if going so indirect. Do such and I come "in" go get you. Now, you gotta watch your back--Now, watch your front! Either come get me (and take it like a man) or I come get you: since both is still for "in" matter for me. Dwell on a One-Man Mission? Hey, you not beyond infinity on or in or out anything you compute you can do.

[edit on 27-12-2008 by Mabus]

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