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Help with some explinations?

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posted on Dec, 25 2008 @ 07:44 PM
Well, i'd first off like to say that I am a new member to ATS but I have been coming to this site to read all the interesting content for a few months, and finally decided to make an account; I just want to share with you guys and gal's some experiences that me and my mother have experienced around our house.

Well I really woulden't say their anything significant or fantastical, and in fact even though I now come to this site pretty regularly it just occured to me to share these things. I'd just first off like to say that i'd consider myself pretty normal and am not prone to fantasy, and my mother is a very traditional and normal woman, the mother of four boys, and spends all her time working and careing for us, and I have no doubt at all what she's told me is true.

I can't tell you when it started but me and her (where the only one's that seem to notice, and i happened to have taken after her the most concerning traits and personality) always seem to notice shadowy figures outside our windows at random times during the day. It will just be like i'm on the computer/watching T.V/reading and will glance out the window and see a rough black figure either quickly move past a window or be stationary then slide out of view, and if I go and check there is always nothing there. She's told me she see's what she calls "shadow people" moving up the driveway and infront of the windows like myself, and she told me our dogs react quietly by staring at them and following them with their eyes, but never growling or barking.

It's hard to describe them, it's just for a split second ill see them before they vanish, and the only description i can give is their formless and black, ovoid shaped i guess. Another incident she told me of was when she was in the kitchen washing dishes and after she was finished she turned around and saw a grey cloud hovering about a meter behind her over our kitchen table, and when she spotted it it flew into the lefthand corner of the room and vanished. Could anyone please give some thoughs as to what these could be? Feel free to ask any questions and ill be happy to answer them and elaborate, I did leave out alot of finer details and points but i'm too lazy to post right now (Also sorry for the eye destroying blob of text) Thanks for your time!

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posted on Dec, 25 2008 @ 09:22 PM
seeing shadow people is common, i presume your somewhat on edge about something? those kids keeping you awake? credit crunch putting pressure on your dreams of the future?

you are loosing your grip on your mind, the brain is wildly misfiring and linking blurs, blips and artifacts in your vision as being somewhat human and then your wild imagination is confirming and validating the event, The more you expect to see these shadow people then the more you will see them - if you were to obsess over them then soon you would seem them everywhere, it can be quite scary but really not as worrying as the fact you're losing the ability to effectively use your brain.

hehe don't worry though because you can (to use a horrible analogy) wash them out of your brain by getting some sleep, eating some healthy food, detoxing on stimulants like coffee and maybe having a little relazing holiday - a brief hormonal cycle should then fix the leaky pipes in your head and get your vision systems working properly again.

i get this and other weird trip outs all the time when i work really long hours, hearing someone say my name is the most common fatigue trip out i get closely followed by small animals running in front of or along side me and shadow people.

posted on Dec, 25 2008 @ 10:44 PM
Thanks for the post, but i mentioned that my pets also see them and so do my mom, and she's a pretty mellow person. I'm understanding of your skeptimism but i doubt that's it, i've never had this occur anywhere else other than my house and it's usually in the same 4 windows.

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posted on Dec, 25 2008 @ 10:52 PM

Originally posted by NatureBoy
and then your wild imagination is confirming and validating the event, The more you expect to see these shadow people then the more you will see them

I specifically said I wasn't prone to fantasy, did you read the whole post?

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posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 08:27 AM
What you are describing is not uncommon, and you are seeing the shadows of people who are are no longer in our 3rd dimension, and who have passed over into the 4th dimension, which some people call the Spirit World, Heaven or Nirvana.

If you don't want to see them any more just ask your higher mind to block them out in future. For some people seeing this sort of thing can be frightening, and others can see people as clear and as solid as a 'normal' person in the room, as well as being able to hold a conversation with them.

To many people this kind of thing sounds crazy, but I have knowledge and experience in this field for over 34 years. Upon death, the material body decays, but the spirit body (to use one of many terms) and mind still exist and can never be destroyed.

The discarnate, or spirit people, often visit places and people who they have known, for it is just natural curiosity. If you get a 'bad' feeling with one or more of these shadows, then don't hang around, because the evil and disturbed souls can be harmful to you.

When I was a young man, I thought this stuff was a load of B*LL*CKS, but events were to unfold which gradually gave me the proof that I needed to be able to understand and accept the reality of there being 'Life After Death'. I am by nature a sceptic, and things have to be proved to my satisfaction, before I can accept whether an item is true or false.

I have rarely seen these shadowy shapes myself, but know plenty of people who have, right up to the 3D walking and talking experiences. I can communicate with my spirit guide using words rather than pictures and when I have typed out one of his messages to me, it is not in my writing style.

There will be people who read this and think; 'B*LL*CKS', which is fine by me, as I do not seek to convince anyone, that's their business and not mine. Reading this thread gave me an opportunity to explain what the shadows are, and I hope that this helps.

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by 29083010384959

Many people have reported these entities. I've seen these myself. One of my best friends has seen them since he was a little boy.

Just recently, after I found out he'd seen them all his life as well, I found out why he always kept a baseball bat by his bed - then a sidearm as we grew older (he served in the USAF).

He, like many abductees, wakes up with frequency about 3am. He has told a story of one of these things crawling down his hallway wall. He's described them to be "touchy feely" - as have others. They appear to touch things... and "watch" people.

There are MANY who will tell you you're crazy - many will try to understand...

It sounds like you might want straightforward answers. Derrel Sims, aka The Alienhunter, was a US Army Military Policeman (decorated); a CIA Operative; a TX private investigator; and he's also an abductee. He's been investigating abduction for 40+ years now.

MANY of the thousands of people he's worked with report the presence of these entities. Again, I don't think there's ANYONE who has a "handle" on everything that's going on, but I know Derrel Sims to be at the top of the list of ufologists and investigators that know the most!

Check out the [link removed] and then contact Derrel directly after you've had a chance to bring yourself up to speed. Also, if you have other questions feel free to contact me directly as well.

Derrel's an astute and meticulous investigator who has made critical discoveries (like the presence of fluorescence on your person, on your stuff after an abduction event) that are VERY well known throughout the ufology field.

I'm willing to bet you have Native American or Irish/Celtic blood in your family lineage too... *smiles* Derrel will be able to tell you all about this...


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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 05:07 PM
Hey thanks for all the advice guys, appreciate it.

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