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Comments on MUFON excerpt

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posted on Jan, 20 2003 @ 06:52 PM
I posted this in response to an article OzChris referred me to in the Bass Strait thread. Would be interested to see anyone's response to my thoughts as well as the article itself.

I found the excerpt to be most enlightening on a variety of topics. I found the referral to Valentich almost immediately, but decided to read the whole article to put it in context.

One particular item I found interesting was that of abductions involving breeding (I won't say sexual) experiments, in which abductees claim to have had forced - or in some cases VERY voluntary - sexual intercourse with extraterrestrial beings.

Humans were being abducted in order to breed an "invasion force" that would be human and acclimated to the alienís home planet.

This sounds very X-Files-esque to me, i.e. colonisation, master plan, extraterrestrial domination or commandeering of Earth.

I will say that just because something sounds like sci-fi, it is not possible. There are billions upon billions of planets in the universe, and I find it extremely difficult to even begin to believe that we are alone. If extraterrestrials have indeed popped in for a cup of tea or a scenic flying saucer ride over the Great Wonders, it would only be natural for them to want to know more about us, just as we would like to know more about them.

If abductees or people who experience close encounters could overcome fear and ask questions themselves, perhaps we could be closer to understanding more about them too. Bottom line - every intelligent being is curious. That cannot and will never be changed. So why not be mutually curious and find out more about each other....some sort of globalisation, but between different species, races, cultures - aliens.

posted on Jan, 21 2003 @ 03:46 AM
The thing you have to remember is this:

Today's Science Fiction is tomorrow's Science Fact.

The truth IS out there......somewhere.

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