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SC Gov. Mark Sanford on C-SPAN

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posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 02:48 AM
I found this interview quite enjoyable. GOP Governor Mark Sanford from South Carolina speaks on Washington Journal on 12/3/2008. He was in Washington for the Governors meeting with Obama about why all their pathetic states deserve bailouts because they can't manage money any better than Wall Street banks. Boo Hoo. Naturally Obama pledged support. I've never heard of Gov. Sanford before and I found it nice to hear people are getting elected state-level with some idea of reckless economic policy.

Watch Video Here

5:45_"Would someone tell me where this money comes from? There is no giant Santa Claus in Washington DC"

7:20_Fierce Caller on the Democrat Line. He's a bumbler (as evidenced in video below) but does a good job of calmly addressing callers concerns.

from informed citizen who feels bailout money is only going to "international banking mafia" with hopes of est. a "New Global Fed"

11:00_"$700 billion dollars, no real transparency"

18:00_ Bleeding-heart, Uber-Mega-Democrat who doesn't stop talking---her and the other Dem caller Both sounded just plain irritated that this politician didn't want to spend all over the room.
To other Democrats who like heavy welfare- why do still think government will solve your problems? Please, let me know.

I wrote the governor an e-mail thanking him for simply expressing an interest in fiscal responsibility and that it was refreshing to know that some states are still using sense. Maybe someone has some sweet dirt on the man but I found this interview great. Heck- he's a Republican and he didn't even use the Honor-Troops card.

Here he looks like a Dolt


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