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What are our rights?

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 09:54 PM
Ok, just wondering really.

Today (well, seeing as it's 3am here in the UK)... yesterday, was my fiance's birthday. We went out to the cinema, and found ourselves actually suprised by how many indians were there, around 17-18 year olds... and about 30-40 of them.

We shrugged it off, and approached the ticket booth to order our tickets, and the lady serving us actually said "Are you sure you really want to go in tonight?"

I asked why, and she merely gestured at the indians. To be honest, at that point, I couldn't help but think that she was being somewhat racist, and didn't really understand what she meant (I'm British-white, as was she).

Anyway, we said we didn't mind, and bought our tickets and found our seat. The cinema was pretty empty, so we sat in the middle and had a great view. Suddenly, a large group entered, all shouting and swearing... and this pretty much continued through-out the entire movie.

In total, I had 2 things thrown at me, was called names, and was sworn at repeatedly. 3 times I went out to complain, and all 3 times the management said they would ask them to leave. They didn't. Each time I left they would scatter, and sit in different seats so not to get thrown out.

Finally, a security guard came and sat in on the movie with us so he could keep them under control... but when they started shouting and screaming... even talking on their mobiles, the security guard did nothing... just sat and watched the movie.

Anyway, they completely ruined the night for my fiance and myself, but they didn't get in trouble at all. I was seathing, and was actually close to hitting one of them when he insulted me to my face. My fiance stopped me and said "Don't do anything, they're all talk, and they know their rights. If you hit them, they'll just get the police after you."

I couldn't believe it. They could do anything they wanted, and if I retaliated, I would have been the one in trouble.

I've noticed lately that a lot of people are talking about their rights, and that we don't really have any... but I've noticed that really we have a heck of a lot of rights. I just read a thread which stated that security can't stop you from leaving a store if they think you stole something! You have to willingly stay with them, and if they physically try to stop you, they can get in trouble!

If a child's acting up, and you clip them around the ear, you can have your child taken away from you.

I even knew someone who could see a man collapsing in the street, and took hold of him to help him, and got in trouble for making physical contact. Do we now need to ask permission before we catch people from falling?

My best friend once kicked an empty coke can on the floor, and was ordered by the police to pick it up and place it in the bin.

Another case I heard about was where a woman was being physically grobed by a collegue. She pushed him away and he cracked a bone in his back on a desk or table. She was then arrested for GBH.

What's going on? If someone's trying to rob me, am I allowed to physically attack them to defend myself? Or do I need to wait for them to hit me first before I can do something about it? Even then, do I use physical violence to defend myself, or does that mean I risk being arrested for GBH?

I don't know... but it often feels like the wrong people have the rights.

Does anyone else have something to share on this? Anything they've witnessed or heard about where the 'good' people are completely powerless against the 'bad'?

Sorry for the long post... i'm just so frustrated with these people. I thought at that age they should know better. Selfish kids, ruining my girl's 22nd birthday (I'm 23).

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 03:06 PM
We have the same thing. I am not living in USA, I live in Poland and our law is 50 years old (not much changed unfortunatelly). If a bugar comes into my house, and break a bone, I am to blaim. Isn't that grand?


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