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Cheap Kindle Book Reader Project

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 06:33 PM
While I was in bed it occurred to me that a lcd phote frame used for displaying pictures costing about $20 for a 5 inch frame could be easily adapted to be a book reader like the Amazon Kindle book reader which costs a whopping $500.For that much you could buy a laptop or a desktop pc.

I see no reason why a picture LCD photoframe could not display text if it can display color pictures/jpegs.

Therefore I ask you to either spread the idea about this or make it happen.

Only a very simple basic program either linux or windows would be required to act as an operating system or even run it from a flash drive which would store both the pdf,rtf,txt,ebooks.

The idea is that a cheap disposable lcd picture photo frame could be used as a replacement for the very expensive kindle book reader.

This could finally revolutionise the reading of books due to low cost.

There are many clever,smart and intelligent people on this bord who could easily implement this.


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