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My Story..

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 03:18 PM
Hello people,

Apart from having a big interest in the paranormal and UFOs as a kid (and still to this day!!), my interest in whats really going on in the world and the main reason why I opened my eyes is because about 8 years ago I just found myself becoming more and more interested in Nuclear Weapons, I wont get specific but lets just say I ended up studying everything from weapon design,test locations,political use,and of course the results(nasty) (**Trust me its not normal for a 23 year old Irish dude to take interest in this kinda stuff (Being the Non-Nuclear state that we are etc etc.**))

However, when I realized the (lets just call them) Cold War superpowers were up to some devious stuff related to nukes/spying/cover-ups back in the day, I thought about what other messed up stuff must be going on,

This primarily led to me stumbling upon MK-Ultra, I studied this extensively and it pretty much went from there, Ive read into/watched everything from JFK to Venus being a colonized planet (and much much more) not to mention the recent Lisbon Treaty here in the EU, specifically in Ireland, which was of course a complete bankster/nwo/bilderberg plot (which is going to come back and bite us in the arse very soon I might add)

So equipped with this knowledge which the general public seem too 'Occupied' to recognise, I come before you,

My experiences to date.....

I have felt out of body on many occasions, I also feel a certain ability to connect with people mentally at times, I would not go as far as saying I can read thoughts, just at times I get 'glimpses' or a flash of what a person is thinking or saying, and 9/10 times when I get this feeling its correct (hence, Ive started trusting it).

I have in my past experimented with hallucinogenics and other drugs, all responsibly, and never habit-forming, any experience I have while intoxicated I don't document,its pretty irrelevant to be honest, I do document what happens when I'm sober, I do also believe that I have seen UFO's on many occasions, I'm not aware if Ive ever come into contact with other beings though (not aware being the buzzwords there

Recently, more so in the weeks leading up to the (rather beautiful) Venus blazing in our skies I have noticed increased activity here in Ireland (I'm on the east coast right at the sea front-(nice))

I have not seen any of them close, however I'm noticing similar lights, fairly large and not flashing/strobing, with similar erratic vertical and horizontal movements (I mean a single object will move both horizontal and vertical, usually in a matter of 1.5 minutes) then turn around (by turn I literally mean just instantly go in the other direction), follow a path back the same direction, still moving all over the place, then move away relatively fast or disappear, I have taken into consideration that they could be planes, what led me to consider this is because I always seem to see this activity from around 20:45 to 22:10, however they emit no noise whatsoever,

Dublin airport is within 60 miles of me, and commercial planes do use the airspace, however I am incredibly used to seeing and hearing these planes (more than regularly!!!!) and they are nothing like these lights, and friend of mine has also witnessed similar about 20miles up the road,

Also worth noting is that when I see these lights, I do see commercial planes also (identified by noise/strobe) and have seen two of these 'lights' flying perpendicular (id say a good 600 meters apart and even faster this time)

There has been occasions when one of these lights will slowly glow increasingly brighter and then disappear,

That is all for now

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posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 12:38 AM
That's quite an extensive list of things you mentioned, so I don't really know where to start. It would be nice if you were able to document the lights you speak of somehow if they are regular, so we can have a peek ourselves

With regards to "connecting" or mind reading: This is the gray area after all, so I'm open to anything. Personally, I believe that some of us are instinctively very good at reading body language. That "gut" feelings are usually a subconscious reading of body language. For instance a feeling of distrust can result from conflicts in posture, tone of voice or even breathing patterns. This may, or may not explain the feelings. But it may be worth pursuing if you're interested in ruling out this particular reason. If so, I suggest reading a book on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) or something similar.

Obviously this may all be unrelated. But it's interesting nonetheless.


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