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*Serious Warnings* Alert * Earthquake* Postings* Please Read*

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posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 04:01 PM
Well, How do I start?

First I hope everyone who is reading this, has gone or will go through the *Alert System* Odd Animal Behavior" thread.

The way I feel right now is something like this:

I am willing to be a "fool" I am willing to put myself out there for ridicule! I am sure many will do just that - right away.

But as I see it - I would rather be a "fool" and put myself out there .........than to be a "fool" who sat back and did not say anything and let lives possibly be lost - due to being afraid of what others might think, and or I can be completely wrong about all of it.

So in saying that:

Yes, I started the 10 day thread (webbot predictions of EQs), then I began the * Alert System* thread for people to submit postings of odd behavior they were observing (if any) of animals, water and sky.

When I began the 10 day thread - people posted - without my asking - some odd behavior of animals in their area. (I know I wrote this already on the *Alert* thread), but I feel the need to explain where I have come from and how I got to the point of writing the thread I am doing now.

Ok, people wrote about strange animal behavior - so I began researching it, and found yes, animals have been used as warning systems in other countries for pending EQs (earthquakes).

So after researching it - I wanted to do a thread and see - if by chance some odd animal, water, sky behavior is happening right now - Anywhere in the world. I did not ask for people in "just" the New Madrid area to post things - I asked all who wanted to join in and were seeing odd things from animals etc to post.

Well, it seems that somehow - the New Madrid area - became the focus - ONLY because that is where hundreds have posted that they were seeing very odd behavior from animals and also wild animals are no longer in their immediate area - when they should be. Then there are threads from people in Utah and farther out from the New Madrid that are having an abundance of animals and animals back there - when they should not be there at this time. Besides the multitudes and multitudes of animals acting confused, even as they looked to be leaving the area around New Madrid (btw: that goes out for a few hundred miles from the fault, itself).

Other members became involved and participated in helping the thread, and Nydsdan - did an amazing job of putting together some maps. I will be including them in this thread.

You can call this thread a compilations of how I view the results - I will be giving you some of the posts compiled together, so you then will see, how I have come to what limited knowledge and understanding of what is happening. Let me say: I am NOT a scientist, nor am I an expert in any of these fields, I have been doing nothing but researching them for days now.

I have tried to get experts involved, but did not have any luck. Though I will say, I continue to email the person in the National Geographic article - because - guess what? I have a bad habit of "Not Giving Up". He did ask for updates in an email back to me, and I have always been in the back of my mind - hoping he comes into ATS at times and reads the posts, as I had sent him the link to it, in the very beginning.

Hope you aren't too bored yet, because I am just getting started with this thread.

I want to provide you all that I am seeing and some very important post with that. I want to say too, there are people who did not post on the thread *Alert* but u2u'd me instead. They did not want to give out their information (location etc), and I appreciate them trusting me with that info, to help with this "project/experiment". So you will find one or two pieces of information that is not in the thread – but I do not give any personal info with it either.

Now I told you that, to get across - for those of you - who think people are making things up - just to post something. Everyone who posted – I believe did it - due to their own concern about animals in their areas. They were concerned - "before" I started the *Alert* thread.

Am I pushing the above - too far? I am trying to get the point across - I would like you to understand "these things are real" they ARE happening! People didn't post these things for the "fun of it" and I believe something is wrong or about to happen in that area.

I am not trying to be an alarmist or anything - again I am willing to put myself out there - for absolute ridicule - because I am the FIRST ONE to hope I am wrong and all of this is nothing at all.

What my ultimate goal in doing this thread right now, is this….to get the people of the ATS community involved and into action, after reading this whole thread.

Here are some of the posts, I will be using key sentences from them: There are more with some very odd behavior - I would like to have included below - but due to the posters not specifying where they were located - I did not include them - even though some were of great interest.

My first set will be the New Madrid area, the second set will be the Pacific Northwest area – believe it or not – the thread only got a hand full of people out of California – saying something strange is happening with animals. All I can say, is the animals must be used to the whole EQ vibrations or something there.

One other thing – there were multitudes of pet dogs and cats stories – of them acting crazy, howling, barking, going crazy – I only included one or two of those, you can read all the others on the *Alert* thread.

Now for some of the posts:

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posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 04:01 PM

Memphis Tn 12-04-08 beginning last Sunday 11-30-08, My 140 lb Rottweiler has been acting very strange. We always walk around a park near our home, and always has been nice for us both a 1 mile walk. Sunday he began looking up.. then back towards home, and resisting more and more as we walked. Looking up like talking to someone up there, and then back towards home. then resisting going any futher. He kept looking back, and then looking straight up over and over. Sitting down so I couldnt make him go any further. then I said "Lets go home" at which he really began to pull on the leash looking up and back toward home. Got home and he ran to find the wife, then all through the house, finally calming down, but still looking from time to time up. We tried to walk Mon, Tue,Wed and Thurs, same actions each day. He has always been a great Walking Buddy for 3 years, and all this activity by him is totally foreign. Cant find any Medical prob, so What does he know that I dont..

Today I was hiking a very rough creek bed 20 miles Southeast of me, it had solid rock creek beds with large pools of water in huge formations of all types,,,, even one as big and deep as a Jacuzzi.... anyway... there would be solid smooth limestone bluffs with circular jagged formations in them, in a few of them there was water oozing out of them. There were no springs above these rocks, just smooth limestone bluffs about 20 - 40 feet high above this with no evidence of water dripping off them other than rainfall. Also this tract is known for abundant wildlife and we did not even see a squirrel and not the normal amount of deer tracks. Arkansas – close to Missouri border

I live in northern Kentucky, and prior to reading this thread, my husband and I were just talking about not seeing the birds come to our feeder recently.

I live in Northeastern Arkansas and I have noticed that I have no rabbits in my yard. This started about 2 days before Thanksgiving. I was talking to my brother, and he said he hasn't seen any signs of squirrels feeding on the pecan trees in our orchard, on the wild trees nearby. He hasn't seen any squirrels either

the bird feeder not being touched. I live in Western Ky and my family saw a huge never ending swarm of buzzards and black birds leaving

my cats, they are CRAZY! They act like they are starving, they are fat and have always been well cared for. They run in a pack ahead of me to the kitchen and jump up on their food area, they jump into the trashcan where we keep the pet food to eat out of the bag, but if I take the bag and place it on the feeding shelf, they wont eat it there and run and jump in the trashcan when I open it to feed the dogs...
My dogs wont eat out of their own bowls, they want ANYONES but their own.
The chickens are attacking when we step into the coop, they have always been like pets, so yes Id say my pets are acting strange.
And the coyotes are howling alot, I almost cried when I heard them the other night, they seem so intense about something...

Wildlife should be abundant… deer, bear, squirrels, turkey etc.. population around 75 in that 4 miles squared. As a matter of fact I was going to take camera, took gun to protect me from bears which should have been around,,, not one… did find one pine tree sapling snapped in the last couple of days. We had been the only people on this tract in over a month. Deer and bear tracks were a week or so old…. That is UNUSUAL.
On my small farm, there are coons here year round, even in deep snow when it happens,,, I have not seen a coon, possum or any small varmints in a couple of weeks.
3 weeks ago I seen the most black birds ever and were going east, southeast. For 2 days geese were flying back and forth, north to south - Arkansas

my friend who is an avid hunter took 3 days off of work this week to do his annual deer hunting expedition.
he said he didnt see one deer. i made fun of him but he said they are hiding - Arkansas

I live approx. 90 east of St. Louis in Illinois. Strange things I have noticed in the last week and a half, there is usually alot of birds in our backyard they have gone MIA the last 3 days also there are 6 to 7 rabbits that hang out every evening they too have been absent. Our 5 year old cat has been hunkered down in the bathroom for the past 3 days, now mind you she has free reign of the house and she never goes in the bathroom the last time she was in there was April 18 when the 5.2 hit. The other thing my husband and I noticed is before the April quake the water in our toilet seemed to bubble. it made this same noise about a week ago.

Today as we were driving up a small road in one of the villages there were three vultures on the ground very near the road. It would have been easy for a motorist to run over them. They seemed to be confused Then way out in the countryside in the middle of nowhere an enormous flock of pigeons flying very elaborate patterns in the sky. I have never seen pigeons in the countryside like this – woodlands of Texas area

I too am near the Woodlands area of Texas. I have been noticing odd things myself including vultures. The other day we were driving by a field and we saw a pair of big black birds. At first I didn't know what they were, then when we got close I realized they were vultures. They were not feeding at all, just standing there looking lost. In all the years I have been in Texas I have never seen anything like that. It was just plain weird. Then at the ranch where my daughter rides horses, two "Wild Turkeys" wandered up to the ranch and have stayed there. They are very clingy and want to be around humans constantly. I couldn't believe it. These are wild animals, not tame. I am still scratching my head on that one.
And you are not the only one seeing weird cloud formations. We are seeing it too.

So far, my cat, who has always been at least sane- has come unglued the past month or so. Charges up and down the hall, gets this crazy look on his face, and has done something I haven't had him do ever- when I got to bed, he climbs up to my chest, and lays there until he thinks I am ready to sleep. He's NEVER done this before. I swear he's acting like he's protecting me.- N.C.

the birds flew BACK here this year already.- BC

the birds that usually fly SOUTH for the winter, seemed to come back a few weeks ago. – Canada

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posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 04:03 PM

In Maryland, we have Geese like crazy that are normally gone this time of year! we actually have more right now that we did in the summer!!!!

strange to hear everyone saying the animals and birds are non existent. They must have come up north to Pa because my wife and i were wondering if the birds are having a big party here. We even saw a Black squirrel here which is big because we look forward to our squirrels and can tell who's who. We have 6 regulars but today we got chipmunks, rabbits, a black squirrel, and birds out the wazoo! I live in the suburbs out side philly and besides birds and squirrels the rest of them are rare to see.

MARKLE Indiana — Five deer that wandered onto a highway overpass jumped to their deaths onto Interstate 69, one of them crashing through a tractor-trailer’s windshield, police said.
After the animals’ fatal plunge, their mangled carcasses littered the expressway “It’s the weirdest run I’ve ever had in 28 years The 20- to 30-foot fall killed all five deer.

We live in Idaho and the rooster has been crowing almost non-stop for two days. I am sure the neighbors will be complaining soon. The hens are acting like they are starving and refuse to lay. The ducks have been talking up a storm and are picking on each other. The goats won't shut up and they have been in the field and they just stare at the house and cry.

southeast corner of Michigan near Lake Erie.
The other day when I was out side finishing off the 'leaves' for the year, I noticed several small flocks of swans flying basically in circles over the area for several hours.
This year's Canada Goose migration was odd as well. It started very early.

Before Thanksgiving we have seen real strange wild animals behavior. My inside dogs don't move much
My birdfeeder is still full should have been empty by now. My cardinals are gone, found one dead on my deck it We had at least two pair maybe three of cardinals and haven't seen a one for over a month. One pare of blue jays, not seen. One day it was a deer the size of a small horse, another day it was a racoon, another day it was a coyote and on another day a bear cub. Confused is the right word. We dont go out everyday or at the same time everyday. These animals were all out in the middle of the day. The animals were confussed that is the right word now that I think about it. – N.C

I live in central Kentucky. I found a dead coyote in my backyard on Sunday. As far as I could tell, he had not been shot or hit by a car. I could see no injuries on him whatsoever. He appeared to be very healthy (thick fur, not skinny at all) before he died. I still don't know how he died. Maybe from exhaustion?

many Geese which usually fly south for the winter, and have been on the same track for many years kept flying back and forth for days. We lost track of which direction they finally went. – Missouri

Chicago checking in. I took a walk outside and there is not a bird or a squirrel to be seen. Not one. It's usually like Wild freaking Kingdom out there, and everytime I go out to smoke, there are a number of squirrels and birds, including my buddy, the Big Black Squirrel, who is especially fearless.

I live approximately 50 miles due north of Indianapolis, and for the last 7 years, I feed regularly 17 adult raccoons on average and during early summer I feed the babies. I have been heart broken for the past 3 weeks. I have not seen any raccoons, possums, rabbits. Not one. Their food bowls have remained untouched A friend of mine drives a truck daily to Georgetown, KY, and last week 2 days in a row, near Dry Ridge, KY, he had a redtail hawk hit his windshield so he was extremely upset. I too have increased cardinals, blue-jays, and a bird that never visited my feeders till now is, the eastern bluebird. My deer population has been nil. I have not seen them in their normal routes around my home or I have not seen their tracks. I thought I would add to this thread because we had an earthquake in April of this year with aftershocks, and I had noticed unusual animal behavior before this occurred and did not associate this with an earthquake, also around Indianapolis in April I believe, they had a small lake dry up if I'm not mistaken, maybe someone from Indianapolis can remember this and verify..

I live in central Tennessee, and there have been some odd things with the birds here.
Two mornings in a row and there were literally hundreds of birds in my front yard. It looked like a scene out of that movie the birds.
I also live in out in the country so I see alot of livestock which are also behaving in odd manners. They are being restless, seeming irritated, and they are just acting odd in general.
Being around them everyday its just easy for me to tell, and hard to describe

I'm in the western tip of NC and remarked just yesterday on the large number of birds that are hangng out in the area. Even saw a flock of robins out in a snow-covered field yesterday evening. A bit odd for here at this time of the year.

I'm in Utah and I am also an insurance agent. I'm used to taking animal/vehicle accident claims, but yesterday a client called in and this weekend he hit a deer (antlers stuck in his bumper for a minute and everything) and the deer just got right back up and kept running.
On thanksgiving my husband and I were commenting about the large influx of birds in our area - we saw literally 1000s (there are usually some birds in the area but nowhere near these numbers).

Check in from Southeast, Tn here. 5 hours east of the new Madrid. The dogs in my neighborhood have been barking incessantly for the last month, all day and all night. I hardly ever see any birds in the sky, let alone chirping.

My sister who lives in Keota Ok. right by the border of Arkansas, saw this morning a whole bunch of groups/flocks of birds. She said it was like 5 differant bunches or flocks of black birds outside of Pocola, Ok that is right by the border of Arkansas. Enough birds to fill a few fields. My sisters husband said that they would be flying south/southwest

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posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 04:03 PM

Everyone knows that bats can navigate almost flawlessly, right? Right. Yesterday, we had a car come into our shop with a bat in the front grille.
"so what" you say, "people hit birds all the time." True, but not bats. Thats the first bat/car impact I've seen in the 10 years I've been with VWI have also noticed very strange behavior in my dog for about a week now. Almost as if he is looking for some place to hide. He'll run around to several different areas of the house with his tail tucked under. - Missouri

Well I have two odd things to add. I live near Memphis, TN and the MS River. This morning my husband calls from the car to tell me to look outside at the clouds. They all appeared to look alike. They all looked similiar to a Nike swoosh and they overlapped and covered the sky.
The other issue which was more disturbing was a goose tried to land on the expressway today. I was on the interstate and saw this large goose by itself coming closer toward the road. I watched and assumed it was going to swoop back up but it did not! It was extremely close to shaving its own head off across my windshield. I felt really sorry for it. It barely made it to the side of the interstate and was obviously sick and disoriented. It was odd though.

I called up a local well drilling company today, the one that is nearest by and services most of the wells in this area of Arkansas. I asked about the stories about wells drying up all over. I was told, "my father has been doing this for 45 years and he's never seen anything like it before. Water levels are dropping 300 feet in some areas, we don't have any idea what is happening.' Arkansas

Spoke to a very experienced deer hunter today that spent 8 days of sitting in a tree stand and did not even see one deer (last week). This is in a bluff region near the Mississippi river that is normally full of deer.
Eagles this year have been coming further from the river bluffs region (Mississippi area) into the larger cities around SE MN.

I just let my female beagle in from outside a few minutes ago. When she came in she was running around the house, from room to room, whining. I checked her over and nothing seems to be wrong with her. Also...a little bit later I seen a bright light flash in the sky, almost like lightning, but no bolt. Weird. I live in Southern Indiana.

We live in a rather upscale neighborhood and never see loose pets, until this week. I have seen 3 dogs loose with tags on. – Tennessee
(note from questioningall – there are large amounts of pets missing in both PNW and the New Madrid fault area) –

I live in North Carolina and last week there was a huge flock of Buzzards here too. There had to be at least a hundred. It's not uncommon to see them here, but I've never seen them in such quantity. It was nuts. It was like the sky was dark with them

In Orange County, CA. there were swarms of birds before dusk flying above the court house & city. The noise was so loud, it could be heard all the way inside the court house. Once outside, it was a crazy scene as one could barely talk to the person next to them.
Everyone on the streets was looking up at the massive swarm of birds.
Also they didn't sound normal, they all made a screeching sound that sounds like a rake on asphalt.

I live in St. Paul, Minnesota.
This is deer hunting season and I hear lots of stories ever year.
At my work I see lots of patients and the stories this year are " We didn't get a deer...we didn't even see any !"
I have heard this over and over again.
The area would be Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin.
And also...where are all my winter birds???
(note from questioningall – this theme came over and over from many posters – about no deer in Minnesota)

Southeast Missouri not acting their usual deerish ways. For example, they are darting, confused, not bedding down, and almost seem to just of disappeared. What is even more bizzare is that the foxes in our area are running around like domesticated dogs. You might get lucky and see a fox once a year, but the last month, I see them everytime I road trip. Also, I personally have not seen this, but reports in my small town are that black panthers are actually out and getting closer to humans than they did in the past. I bet we have gone 10 years with no reports of panthers and from June on I know I personally have heard from 5 different people about a panther approaching them.
I spoke with several local hunters and they said this past rifle season was scarce Also, the lake is down, but my spring is up?

I live in northeastern Texas, near the borders of Arkansas and Louisiana Our backyard is verdurous and normally draws many birds and squirrels throughout the winter. This year, there seem to be very few birds in the area. This didn't cause much concern, but just this week it seems that the squirrels are moving away as well. Normally, I can walk out into the backyard at any point during the winter days and see numerous squirrels running among the bushes, tree limbs and retaining wall. I am now lucky to see two or three during the entirety of the day. Our squirrels are usually not tame in the slightest and keep their distance or scamper off whenever you approach. Just prior to their apparent emigration, I remember mentioning to neighbors that they were behaving strangely. They seemed to become much more confident and almost aggressive Lastly, we've noticed odd atmospheric phenomena lately. Yesterday morning, for a few minutes, the air seemed thick with red haze. I have never seen anything like it. It looked as though someone had dumped red dust into the air,
(note from questioningall – this was a much longer and very interesting post, but I shortened it tremendously, for this thread)

Here is my quake related observation to add.
Monday all day my senior dog was hiding and shaking under my desk like she does during storms. But there were no storms and no fireworks and not even any loud work crews in the area. It really worried me that she might have been having seizures, but she has not done it since.
I started reading this thread tonight and was clicking on links and saw that there was in fact a small earthquake in oklahoma city, about 100 miles from our home, on monday.

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posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 04:04 PM

i live in se iowa. the small quake on the new madrid fault that happened earlier this year was felt by many in this area and even woke people up.
the week or two before the earthquake my dog crapped on the floor a couple diffent nights. i havent had this problem with her since she was a puppy. that would be a two year time span.
after the quake i started thinking she knew something was happening that us humans couldnt detect and maybe the comming earthquake scared the # out of her.

I have noticed a roaring hum in my ears the last week. It sounds like a small aircraft will when it flies over really low. I live in south AR
(note from questioningall – the “ringing/hums/noises complaints, have also been a theme posted over and over again on the thread – this is just one of many)

Interesting, a lot of the posts out of the Pacific Northwest were about the clouds more than anything else, very strange formations there.

Sapien wrote a thread yesterday on the cloud formations in Washington State above Mt. Rainer :
The link to the newspaper with multiple pictures of the clouds is here:

Now – my note –You have got to look at the pictures on the above site – due to the beauty of the clouds, but also “the meaning” of the clouds right now. Seriously - You have GOT to see the pictures, from the above link……. I have NEVER seen any clouds like that before!

Now for:


have not noticed anything strange with the animals. But I HAVE been paying attention to my sky lately.
It's been really freaky.
All the clouds have been strange colors - they have looked kind of 'dirty'
They've been a disgusting brown. And yet, sometimes, there will be brown clouds mixed with REALLY blue clouds. The blue clouds look like average rain clouds, only they are this BEAUTIFUL shade of dark blue instead of gray.
So I have been getting either these very beautiful clouds or these extremely ugly brown clouds, and they have all been mixed together.

And they've been the weirdest shapes too. A lot of them look like they were painted on and some of them look like they are exhaust.
It's very strange.
They don't look natural.
I'm on the Northwest Coast of the US

two male cats; one is 13, the other 4. They have been best friends, the younger one raised up his head and pulled it back with his teeth bared. He struck out and bit the other guy around the neck and held on. It took a few seconds to get him to release. It reminded me so much of a cobra striking. He was sound asleep before it happened. This is absolutely abnormal behavior for him. I have really noticed the change in the clouds in The sky was so strange I took a picture of it with my camera phone – Washington State

Good way to put it, Like a dirty cloud floating through the sky. I've noticed, your not crazy. PNW (Pacific Northwest)

Northern California.
My cats are acting rather odd the past 2 days. Meowing at doors, meowing loudly, and meowing as they walk, jumping up walls at nothing. Its drivng me nuts, raising my blood pressure

The other posts from the area, confirmed and repeated was is above – another fact is: dogs are acting up – whereas they have not acted as they are now.

There have also been reports from Arizona about things: but those were fewer and far between, so I have not added them, but they are on the *alert* thread. There were also about 3 or 4 reports from the New England area, I did not put these on here either, due to there be so few reports from that area. I also got some reports from Vancouver, but again those were sparse – so they are not included. The posts from those areas are still very interesting, but I did not feel there were enough of them and consistent to add them onto this thread.

An excellent quote from

Kettlebellysmith in a post on the *Alert* thread: There is little the authorities can do, since earthquake prediction is such an inexact science. All that can really be done is make people in earthquake prone areas aware that there is an increased possibility based on our limited knowledge.

Now that you have looked at some of the post – do you agree – SOMETHING is happening?

I need some assistance with this – like yesterday!

I would like the following help – from those in the areas that seem to be the most affected by the odd animal, water and sky behavior.

One – contact your local humane animal shelter – ask if the animals have been acting abnormal.

Two – contact well companies – ask if there has been sulfuric smells – dry – very high – radon gas – or anything else unusual going on with wells in the area.

Three – contact the local media – get their attention on to the fact strange things have been happening with animals, water and sky.

Why? – because I honestly feel there is enough strange animal, water and sky behavior that is happening that warrants trying, and getting attention to it – on a larger scale from the media.

I am sure I will hear from all of you skeptics out there – that is fine, I welcome it – as I know – sometimes all of us have to step out the “box of safety” to do something out of the ordinary and different from what we normally do. But if there was EVER a time in history – for ALL OF US to step out of our “SAFETY BOX” NOW is the time! Not just due to what I believe is happening around the New Madrid area – and the PNW – but what is happening around the world at this time anyway.

We can all continue to talk and B---- (sorry moderators) about things going on, I won’t even start listing them here– BUT unless we are willing to stand up for what we believe in, everything will continue as it has been and get worse!

So I am STANDING UP for what I believe in by my writing this thread – call me a fool – call me what you want – But PLEASE right now – HELP –

LOOK AND READ all the posts above – tell me – if they don’t ring true – everyone of them!!?? You have to know – they do ring true – everyone who posted something did it from their own concerns, you can tell, by the way they wrote it.

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posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 04:05 PM
There is much more information I found from my research – but due to my not being able to follow up on the history of the certain water levels in the various areas, I am not going to go into those issues now. I do not want to add anything on this thread that could be construed as trying to add alarm to the matter – that there is no need for.

In the two threads that are related to this thread, there are many links – I am not going to replicate them here, but I would suggest – if you want to find tons of valuable information regarding earthquakes, water levels, animal behaviors, clouds – relating to Earthquakes, and many other links that have been provided by the ATS community – the links are in various posts throughout those threads.

The threads are:

I have tried to make this as concise as possible – wow 6 hours have gone by, since I began forming this thread to post.

I am sure I have left off many things – but I sincerely did this….not to just be an “experiment” for the future – but to possibly save lives NOW.

I can not verify everything myself – but if everyone gets involved and makes phone calls – and there is something from the media (like in the next day or 2) about this strange behavior going on – then who knows what we might have done together. But it has to be done tomorrow!

Let me ask all of you these last two questions………………………………

Reading the above posts………can you honestly say, nothing is happening around New Madrid? Then can you honestly say ….. you would have no problem being around there this coming week?

Let's all hope - nothing is going to happen - that is first - and maybe all of this is just happening for some other odd reason. I don't know. All I can do lay it out on the table and everyone make up their own mind - and I will be praying that I we did this experiment just for the fun of it.

Please see the maps that nydsdan did and please thank him for the most wonderful job: (hey nydsdan – turn on your comments – so I can post something – would ya? )
I am putting in nydsdan’s map – color coded to the various circles from extreme – no animals – to odd behavior animals, below it you will see the map – from an 1895 earthquake – that was not nearly as big as the 1811 earthquake – you tell me what you see looking at both of them together!

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posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 04:07 PM
i dont have much to contribute really just this below

Star and flag

best thread ive seen in a long time

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by questioningall

Nice work on putting everything together. I can certainly see why you think something is going to happen. If I lived in that area, I would leave for a few days.

And those clouds are wild! I have never seen anything like that.

Keep up the good work. Some of us believe you and are behind you.

Stay safe.

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posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 04:29 PM
this is your third thread on this prediction will you be willing to apologize to all the people that you lied to and scared after nothing happens?

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 04:36 PM
Great job on consolidating all the information... you are taking the time to do this right... if this gives a few people the chance to prepare for an earthquake so much the better.

People who aren't used to thinking about earthquakes can do just a few things to prepare and it might help them out... secure tall, heavy furniture (bookcases) to the wall, don't sleep under shelves that can fall (or heavy pictures with glass), have shoes ready beside the bed if you need to walk through broken glass and rubble, have extra pet food put aside, first aid kit, bottled water, candles, matches, extra food... know how to turn your gas off after a quake. Keep you car tank filled with gas in case you need to drive out of the area. etc.... etc.

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 04:54 PM

Originally posted by N. Tesla
this is your third thread on this prediction will you be willing to apologize to all the people that you lied to and scared after nothing happens?

Please tell me one lie I have said or written.. and actually this is not the 3rd thread on an EQ prediction.

My first thread WAS an EQ prediction thread - I agree with that

My second thread WAS for people to post what is going on in their area that MAY be related to EQ warnings which there is history of animal warnings before EQs.

Now this thread is a COMPILING of all the information from the 2nd thread.

So, I figured you would be one of the first to put me down for it.

BTW: You need to redo the comment you made on my profile page, about me lying - until you have some proof to everyone that I have ever lied. So please take the lying off - I am more than happy for you to tell me what you think of me and my threads on the comments page - but don't put falsehoods on MY page. Other wise

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 05:01 PM
reply to post by questioningall

i will change nothing i said.

first of all all three of them are related you just said that yourself. they are a continuation of each other.

the first lie you said is that web bot has predicted every earthquake in recent history. first of all web bot is a fairly new project so recent history is like 10 years or so. second of all i have only heard of it predicting one earthquake (other then this one) is the china one and that one wasn't even correct.

next you have been presented with several bits of evidence and you chose to ignore them all. you instead pick and choose what to acknoldge or reply to. you said that there has been an increase of earth quakes. that is so not true please do your research.

i can go on and on but i don't feel i need to. i instead ask you for proof of anything you said. which you have yet to present. some unbiased supported proof of earthquake increases or anything out of the ordinary.

P.S. after this thing doesn't happen then can i call you a liar and a fraud? or will we just pretend it never happened?

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 05:03 PM
I checked one site to see where I was in relationship to this. Interesting site anyway. It's been mentioned somehwere that the great lakes will eventually be connected to the gulf. I wonder if they already had at one time and we are returning to some older geographical cycle?

Water tables falling could mean previous underground caverns are now filling with these water tables? It also reminds me of how a Tsunami will pull the sea water back first before it comes back. Some areas occasionally show a sink hole. I wonder if we'll also be seing more of these?

My mom has a dog and she hasn't been acting weird. I guess I'm in a safe zone?

[edit on 7-12-2008 by aleon1018]

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 05:15 PM
Listen to u all over there, it is going to happen!
I know it for sure i did some post's and reply's here and there all over the net with some hidden messages.
But till now no one has seen this comming so sharp.
Wel done.

And remember stay safe u all. And more has to come next year !

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by N. Tesla

You are grasping and picking and chosing,

First it DID perdict the China Earthquake a few days ahead of time

It got the Indonesia one - 6 months ahead of time and even said 300k people would be killed or missing - 6 months ahead of time and included the tsunami (electric waves with earthquake) 6 months ahead of time

Oh btw - I don't believe I mentioned webbot in this thread at all. so there is nothing about a webbot prediction here, it is strictly about how animals are behaving right now.

In fact this thread is about strange animal behavior that other ATS members have posted and this is my compilation of them.

So, I will leave you comments up and I won't even delete them on my profile, because as I said, I am willing to put my self out there to people like you.

I am satisfied with what I have done. I have felt compelled to do this, so I have done it, I am the first one to hope that it is all just in my and everyone elses imagination regarding the behavior going on.

OH by the way - how are you going to debunk those cloud formations in Washington, or did you bother even looking at them? So that then means, everyone who posted in PNW - was telling the truth in their post - right?

So then everyone else in the post above was not?

This will be my last response to you, no matter what you write.

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 05:28 PM

Originally posted by N. Tesla
reply to post by questioningall

i will change nothing i said.

first of all all three of them are related you just said that yourself. they are a continuation of each other.

the first lie you said is that web bot has predicted every earthquake in recent history. first of all web bot is a fairly new project so recent history is like 10 years or so. second of all i have only heard of it predicting one earthquake (other then this one) is the china one and that one wasn't even correct.

You do realize the webbot was created in the early 1990's don't you?

Have no idea how accurate it has been but the program itself is well over 10 years old.

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 05:39 PM
reply to post by questioningall

Hey, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to put together the info here.

While I am skeptical about any predictions I believe you have encouraged many to prepare themselfs in some ways. In previous posts others have said that they tied down water heaters, stocked up on items and so on.

There will be an earth quake in the future even if these web-bot predictions are wrong about when.

As far as the animal thing goes it could turn out to be an interesting piece of research.

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 05:47 PM

Originally posted by questioningall

I am putting in nydsdan’s map – color coded to the various circles from extreme – no animals – to odd behavior animals, below it you will see the map – from an 1895 earthquake – that was not nearly as big as the 1811 earthquake – you tell me what you see looking at both of them together!

Fantastic piece of work there. This is some good Denying Ignorance. Feelings backed by some good circumstantial evidence.

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 05:48 PM
Geological survey to buy 6 new seismic monitors

Posted on Saturday, December 6, 2008

New monitors will give scientists better information into why earthquakes lately are rocking central Arkansas, an area usually devoid of seismic activity, said an Arkansas Geological Survey geologist.

The survey will buy six broadband, high-resolution seismic monitors with $ 300, 000 appropriated from the state’s General Improvement Fund released by Gov. Mike Beebe.

“These... will give us better information about the small tremors we experience now and help us prepare for stronger earthquakes that could impact Arkansas in the future,” Beebe said in a press release announcing the appropriation.

At least five temblors have rattled central Arkansas in the past month, including one that registered 2. 3 in magnitude near Damascus on Wednesday. Earthquakes are generally felt at 3. 0 in magnitude or more.

Numerous aftershocks followed each quake last month, said Scott Ausbrooks, the survey’s geohazards supervisor.

The broadband monitors will be placed in areas with high seismic activity, he said.

“Anytime you get more than a couple of earthquakes in an area, it needs looking at,” Ausbrooks said.

“Most monitors now are in the northeast part of the state where the New Madrid [Seismic Zone ] is. They can’t tell us what’s going on farther west.” Two monitors in Mount Ida and in Little Rock are the only ones between the New Madrid faults and monitors in Oklahoma, he said.

“There may be events going on that we don’t even know about because we can’t measure them,” Ausbrooks said.

Rockport, near Malvern, recorded three earthquakes since Nov. 1, including one that measured 2. 7 in magnitude. Hector and Casa in western Arkansas also recorded quakes in November.

Geologists will determine next week where to install the six new monitors. They will base their locations on seismic activity, security, remoteness and the feasibility to provide Internet connections to the monitors for data reading.

The instruments will be used also to better locate epicenters of quakes, Ausbrooks said. By recording each monitor’s recording of seismic waves from an earthquake, scientists can pinpoint the quakes’ origins and their depths.

“The more data we can get, the better we’ll know what’s going on,” he said.

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 05:48 PM
First of all i mention the web bot because you did in the original post. i asked the same question in each of your threads. you replied here so did i.

Originally posted by questioningall

The webbot has had these predictions of earthquakes hitting for 1 1/2 years in their language.

[edit on 1-12-2008 by questioningall]

as for the animals i will say that this is absolute nonsense. yes animals have been known to predict thing but you can't use them as evidence. its like bringing a dog to trial with you hoping he will bark at the man who assaulted you. again i say this because i am stuck argueing with you in this thread i have no problem with you coming into ATS chat and we can discuss things there if you are afraid of how your Fellow ATSers will see you when you are wrong.

next the mountain picture. yes it is quite beautiful but it is a meteorological (weather) occurance and happens because the cold air is sinking as the hot air is rising and because it is happening on the side of the mountain the cold air gets a boost creating this kind of cloud. it is simply mother nature reminding us shes better then whatever photo shop has

like i said these people are not liars or fear mongers unlike you (also i have found that you enjoy to twist words and pull out irrelevant things. nice to know) i am simply saying that it is not reason of an earthquake.

you also have yet to answer me on 2 things

show me proof of the web bot being correct


will you apologize to all these people when nothing happens?

please dont run from an argument it makes you seem like a liar running from the truth.

[edit on 07/17/2008 by N. Tesla]

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