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worlds largest mind over matter experiment

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posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 01:50 AM
I have mentioned elsewhere that I believe prayer and witchcraft spells can affect the outcome of events

the current beliefof physicists is that at the sub atomic level matter is both energy and particles so why should we not be able to influence these?

there are a few experiments into how the mind affects matter so in time no doubt we will have gadgets that allow us to manipulate matter at the sub atomic level at will

take a look at this experiment for example


I am not particularly psychic myself - I get hunches - which if follwed will lead me to do what saves me a lot of trouble - that sort of thing

but the wichcraft spells I have done have always worked for me beautifully so that is why I believe in this

please understand that it is your mind that is doing this and your belief system and mythology is less important than that you focus your mind in a particular way and for a particular length f time


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