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Nibiru Vacuum Cleaner?

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posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 08:36 PM
Is it possible there is/are (a) planet-sized object(s) in our solar system that is/are intelligently controlled? Is it possible there could be one or more, or perhaps many, evading our detection equipment behind gas giants or the sun? (This doesn't discount the posssibility of the traditional single rogue object-planet theory being true, for all we know for certain). Could the Sumerian religion's bad tidings associated with Nibiru possibly have been someone's latter revision that was (at least basically) a lie?

Wouldn't the pinnacle of a technologically advanced race be one that could build the hugest (planet-sized-and-shaped) cargo ships that can extract and dump unimaginably gargantuan loads of whatever? Actually it would only require a moon-sized craft that can make multiple excursions. I envision their being able to sort one type of waste from another with sensors/sniffers and extract only those types of chemicals from the air, water and soil. They would have quite a field day in southeast Louisiana...

They would have the ultimate-of-all-eternity extrracting and offloading technology. Tractor beams or anti-grav conveyor lines would do it. They would be able to dump junk into gas giants, if truly possible, either by a reversal of the tractor-conveyor system or by a physical tube with anti-grav movement or not. A dump into the sun (if applicable) would require a more sophisticated conveyor system to push it to its incineration point.

Is it possible to suck up enough sand in a desert to leave room for fertile (enough) ground? Would one then dump it into the sun, gas giant, elsewhere or nowhere? If nothing else I hope I've provided a chuckle.

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 01:30 AM

you'd think a sufficiently advanced species, woul have developed the math and technology enough to the point where they could literally create matter out of energy / light.
If they could accomplish that, then there would be no point whatsoever in creating massive ships to move stuff around, they could just create the matter on the spot.

that is of course.. unless "older" matter somehow was of more value, as if it's spins were more harmonized.. somehow.. a process that took time for the spins to "settle"...
where newly created matter was less valuable, then I'd see a need for moving it around, for instance, if you didn't have any 02' gold around, you could either create some now and wait, or go grab some from mars or whatever.
aside from the "age" issue.. i dunno what use hauling matter around would be.
I mean if you can just create it on the spot, then why "go get it" from somewhere else?

only reason I'd see Nibiru hypothetically being a "space station" or "weapon" ... in orbit... would be that it served a purpose that couldn't be achieved any other way technologically.

I mean if it's needed to be used to "cleanse planets" every 26,000 Earth yrs or so.. then why not just leave it in orbit, instead of making a new one every time?


posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 03:56 PM
or if it was made to carry people...

or souls..


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