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Mental mutilation

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posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 09:56 AM
2. to deprive (a person or animal) of a limb or other essential part.

Know, the mind is utter essental.

So if you have morals you are yet subjecting yourself to harboring mental mutilation. Just how far do those morals go with you? Do you have to suffer going way out the way concerning either to avoid or to follow something? (Like, acting repititiously for or against: Seeing it? Hearing it? Doing it? Saying it? Recieving it? Taking it? Participating in it?)

When you act to discipline yourself you are yet harboring mental mutilation. Why let yourself suffer with going through with it? Are yet you buying into an extortion by someone else or by something you think you must listen to inorder to avoid an unseen punishment or recieve an unseen reward which you're yet persauded to strongly believe is coming surely? And are yet you realizing that something has not come for over a long, long, long while, and doesn't seem to care to come to put you at ease from such mental mutilation that is self-discipline-related either?

Anyone got anything further to add on the subject only? Anyone spelled out in relation to the questions just in that leave you to have you to fill in yourself?

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posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 10:30 AM
You can take that argument to the extreme and claim that any form of self-awareness of action, that causes you to pause and question your judgment, is a form of "self-mutilation".

Morals that are absolute, unquestionable, and opaque are a form of close-mindedness. I think those aren't really morals, they're dogma. Morals (or principles) should be something that can evolve and adapt, and should also be something one can learn from.

With regard to 'acting to discipline' yourself, look at the example of socially-instilled timidity and propaganda. For example, questioning generally-accepted government action, or expressing ideas that some find objectionable. Allowing social propaganda to instill a sense of fear of non-conformity is a form of mutilation, of freedom.

The context of the media 'debate' forms this, incredibly strongly. Look at all the talking head shows on news networks - they argue with such vitriol! The underlaying lesson is: pick one of the 'acceptable' expressed opinions, and your 'side' will fight for you, think outside the lines that the media has drawn, and you will be mercilessly hammered.

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 06:45 PM
^^Indeed fear extorts. Like through manipulations come many different ways to penatrate the mind, and get the mind (the utter person themself) to do things even though it is causing itself mental suffering.

Though the brain is so protected by the thick skull, know, the mind is easy to get to. Such a pardox. Bone does not protect the mind.

The gateway to the mind, for many (that are yet even as viruses) I say, is through a reaching through any of the 5 senses. Viruses (such as manipulators) seek to pour or leak their crafts or snares through these 5 cracks.

Similar in comparison to like what Pac said, "Father!, how the hell did I survive these 5 shots?!"

Surely these 5 holes or 5 cracks called "The 5 Senses" can get shot mega doses of any damaging thing that may bring one into a state of harboring mental mutilation when, say, a "promise of something bad is to come for doing etc. or not doing etc." is the mega dose entered in.

What better way for a virus (manipulator) to work more effectively than to put up something that gets you on the road to doing yourself in. Basically, to get you to become your own personal hell how you become conflicted with an inner struggle just to try to DAILY avoid a promised problem or to try to DAILY gain a promised reward.

When you're yet instructed unto fearing when before you held no such fear, and you let it rise inside you, then, know, you've been hit by!--you've been hit by!, a smooth criminal. Somebody must have pulled an MJ on you.

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posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 02:35 AM
Hi Mabus and Ian

Mabus your threads are very interesting to me although this is my first reply to one. I enjoy seeing the fine detail your topics are about leading to new perceptions for people, bring on the growth I say.

Personal ‘mantras’ of mine relating to the topic
‘Perception is everything’, ‘We do it to ourselves.’, ‘Emotions are a choice’ , ‘If Im going to misled I’ll do it myself’

Personal virtues of mine, Honour, benevolence, loyalty, respect, integrity, truth, justice. All in a universal and internal sense. Its actually my ‘way’. To honour myself is to honour those virtues. Moving forward in the most Proactive, Benevolent and Just way for all based on the fact that everything is a process and we do it to ourselves.

If I own the grief sure I’ll mutilate my own mind so to speak and super harshly at that especially if I caused pain to another unjustly. But living by my own ‘Way’ stated above it makes my life (frustratingly at first) simple, we do it ourselves and how do I want to make myself feel. I want to feel good.

Infact, that’s how I found my way, realizing what I was putting myself through.

For brief example. I think regret is a useless emotion and most emotions are made up, cavemen did not have the scope we have today, we created them. Its all mindspace junk that having it, in itself a self deprecating form of torture not to mention how blind it makes people. People need to realize emotions are a choice. One day you like chocolate icecream and the next you don’t, perception is everything – choose the perception that works for you.

So for me I live as best I can by way of ‘not doing it to myself’ if it’s negative, externally or emotionally based BS. I don’t (the best I can) put myself through reactions caused by external perceptions and opinions. This to me is self discipline in an honourable way. I am human so I do feel, but the majority of unnecessary irrational emotional reactions are just not part of my being…..

….now that I see them…..

This is the true intention of your thread and posts (all of them) I believe, an ambiguous way of helping people seek perceptions within themselves. It’s beautiful the way you do it!


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