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5 Thing You Would Do If You Could Time Travel

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posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 08:51 AM
Well, what could you do? What would you do? Let's keep it simple. I mean, every one would kill Hitler, save Lincoln, expose Nixon early, so forth. BTW, you're invisible or what ever so people can't see you unless you want to be seen.

1. Watch my parents when they met and dated. I'd love to see how they were then.

2. Bet on the Patriots/Giants game, and this time bet that the Giants would win. I'd never have to work again.

3. Bet on the past several elections since I know the outcomes.

4. Tell a younger me that I would be very happy in the future and not worry about the cancer I'd get at 15, every thing would turn out fine. That would have saved me many many weeks of worry and bleh.

5. Watch the first moon landing. The pinnacle of American Space Travel. The greatest moment in American history if you ask me. We did it, we stepped foot on the moon. We broke all boundaries we had. We beat the Russians, badly. USA! USA!

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by GamerGal

1. Travel back to the time of Christ and see what really happened.
2. Travel 1000 years into the future and see just how prophetic Idiocracy is.
3. Keep going forward until I can see how the world ends.
4. Write a book predicting future events so I can dethrone Nostradamus.
5. Travel back to the 60's and live out my days.

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by GamerGal

1. Golgotha about 33-34 A.D. to see Jesus crucified and take a picture and blood sample for these morons today who think he didn't exist...

2. Grassy Knoll, Deely Plaza 1963 Nov. 22, camera again to prove who shot Kennedy.

3. Go back to 1776 and get to meet Jefferson, Paine, Washington, Franklin Etc...

4. Forward to see my grandchildren grown up and married.

5. Forward to see 2012 Dec 21 and see if the Earth ends like so many goofballs believe..

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posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 09:59 AM
1. Travel back to the Roswell incident and set up camp.
2. Travel one day before the supposed birth of Jesus and
claim that I am Cluckerspud, The son of God.
3. Travel back to Germany and kill Hitler, then sport that
mustache, just to see if would have caught on.
4. Bet on any sport long shot and financially secure myself.
5. Travel back 5 minutes and not make this post.

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 09:59 AM
1. Even tough im not American, and i live in Europe, i would have saved John F. Kennedy.

2. Stopped the Bush-family from leading the CIA and becoming presidents of the USA.

3. I would have gone back to be with Jesus Christ up until his Death, finally figure out if it is all real (im an atheist).

4. I would be there in Roswell to take pictures and video when the UFO crashed, to show the world.

5. Ofcoure, kill Hitler

EDIT: And i would like to travel back to Atlantis, in its full glory.

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posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 10:35 AM
1. Travel back and march with M.L.K.
2. Travel back and sit with Gandi on one of his movements.
3. Spend a week with Mandella in his cell to get to know him and ask questions.
4. Travel back to the time of Jesus
5. End up in the wild west. Meet Billy the kid and Wyatt Earp and others.

If i could take my family , i'd just stay at #5 and not come back.

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 10:54 AM
Only 5 things, those would be such a hard choice, hmm.

1) I definitely want to see into the future, maybe up to the next 2000 years, but then again if you went way out in the future you could research to see what happened all of those other times, but you'd run the risk of the planet no longer supporting life or being through out into space or the inevitable crash between the moon and the earth, (you all realize that the moon is not at a fixed distance from the earth, currently is it moving away from the earth but at a certain point it will start heading back and then later collide with the earth cause some massive destruction, it is scientific theory), or some monster virus wiping out mankind, imagine bringing that kind of a virus back with you) OK so my mind races with all kinds of Eureka ideas, ha ha.

2) I would go back to before I started studying the bible and tell myself not to get so nutty about it.

3) I would go back to my childhood, maybe around 5 to 8 years old, and tell myself what I could look forward to in life and what to avoid. But then again I would change my own destiny, not learn those important lessons, and after I made the first change would throw off the rest of the experiences so perhaps that would be pointless.

4) Definitely go back to the time of Christ to see all the miracles and angels activities.

5) If it were possible, would like to see the creation of the universe, earth, Adam.

The good news is, from reading numerous near death experiences there is such a feature in the afterlife where you can witness and watch everything you have done AND WILL do in life, also witness everything else that ever has or ever will happen.

Flagged post, Good Stuff!

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 01:48 PM
Very good question and such hard choices, but i think i'd be happy with this

1.Go back to frankfurt in the 1700's and kill mayer amschel rothschild thus solving most of our problems
2.Go to the creation of the pyramids in egypt
3.Kill hitler of course when he were young
4.Go into the future by about 100 years and see what the nwo plan leads to
5.Go to future by a week when the next 96 million is on the euromillions lottery

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 01:52 PM
1. Hang out with John Titor, and bring him a better computer.
2. Go back to the dawn of time on earth, when it was habitable
3. Find out what happened to the dinosaurs
4. Educate early humans on technology and peace so humanity would have been far more advanced
5. To 10 minutes before the Roswell crash happened so I was first on the scene to see what REALLY happened.

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posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 01:58 PM
i would touch nothing. you seems so quick to decide to kill someone evil but then you might never be born but then you would never go back to kill him so you are born so you do go back to kill him wait wah? stupid grandfather paradox

anywho like i said touch nothing just observe

1. jesus
2. future
3. my parents my age so they can stop acting like they were perfect
4. rosswell of course
5. mayan times and see the meaning of this clander thing

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 02:08 PM
I'd go see cleopatra,i want to see what she looked like and other things,STD's were pretty rampant during those times though,scary thought.

I want to see the missing link with humans in evolution in its natural habitat,look at it in an intellectual observant way etc

Id like to have an ale and bread or whatever with Alexander the Great,the guy was crazy..what more needs to be said,id also ask him about those flying shields that attacked him.

Go back to jesus times just to know i was right all along and find rich corrupt scholars writing the bible and blatantly stealing from many other religions.

Go back in time when i first watched the never ending story and was like wow,this is awesome,i want that chemical induced rush again.

those are the first things that popped into my head but i could go on.

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 02:11 PM
1. Research bomb making
2. Build one
3. Place bomb next to said time machine
4. Blow it to pieces
5. Light pieces on fire

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 03:01 PM
The only problem here is if time branches the events you want to see may not even happen in the time stream you arrive in if it doesnt then your actions could alter time for everyone and that could be very bad.


1. Show Einstein all the advances in particle physics so he could use them in his TOE.

2. Find out who built the Sphinx

3. Missing link anyone?

4. Teach my past self everything I know now in hopes of avoiding many of my own mistakes.

5. Kill brendan Frasier before he can unleash that P.O.S. movie Monkey Bone

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 03:07 PM

Originally posted by constantwonder

5. Kill brendan Frasier before he can unleash that P.O.S. movie Monkey Bone

its that #ing important? you have chance to stop hitler but nooooo bad movies come first.

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 04:19 PM
Ok here's my 5...

1 - Travel to the future and meet myself. learn what I can of my life and then travel back to when I was 16 and fil me in on the stuff to NOT DO at any cost lol.

2 - Travel back and take pics, HD video and 3d scans of the dinosaurs and trademark the skin textures (I'd make a mint in 3d lol)

3 - Go back to the 1930's but not to kill hitler (as doing this could have knock on effects that could be drastic...), but rather try to point him in a different direction in life..if that doesn't work, then drop him off with the dinosaurs.

4 - Roswell, nuff said..take videos, pics,...samples and lock them in a safety deposit box till today.

5 - Go back to 1976 and live there till about 1992 (some of the best years of my life), but the catch is I'd have to 'de-age' as well, or at least stay about 19 all the time. Comes to that I'd take that now at 37 and not go anywhere lol.)

I could run on for ages like that like many of us here..... obviously you could double up on trips. So for number 1, I'd also get alist of all the lotery results from my future self and keep them till I got back. (It would be a very bad idea to give them to me aged 16.)

Or for number 5, meet my dad when he was younger than me just to try and put right a large cock up he made when he was my age... also it'd be intersting to observe my own growing up as an outside observer.

Overall it could prove very interesting....especially if you treated each time as a long length of time and not just a day trip. Although having the right money and plenty of it would be an interesting challenge. I did think about JFK, but chances are that knowledge that could be hazardous to your health to know.


posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 05:30 PM

Originally posted by N. Tesla

Originally posted by constantwonder

5. Kill brendan Frasier before he can unleash that P.O.S. movie Monkey Bone

its that #ing important? you have chance to stop hitler but nooooo bad movies come first.

I think it's funny that in the first line of GamerGal's original post it
says "keep it simple", yet I feel this thread is going to turn into,
"why would you do that, it could effect this" or "that's stupid, you
may never be born".

I think her original idea was as simple as it sounded. List 5 things
you would do. Why debate someone over why they would kill Brandon

You can go hang with John Titor if he is indeed real, and constantwonder
can get rid of some crappy Holywood people.

It's all nonsense when you shut your eyes and go to bed later.

All Hale Cluckerspud, Son of God!
In then name of the father, the cluck and the holy chicken!

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 05:47 PM
1. Watch the pyramids be built
2. Visit the library of of Alexandra , and steal a book or two
3. Go to the gates of the garden of Eden
4. Catch one of Jesus sermons
5. Go to the Roman coliseum and catch a gladiator match

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 01:12 PM
Ok people, as said, skip the killing Hitler and stuff. The person who invented the time machine did that already. He(Or she) killed Hitler, saved Lincoln, stopped Nixon from having the Kennedies whacked, stopped 9/11, so forth.

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 01:23 PM
I hate to say this and it's coming from me and I am biased but my 5 are the best seen yet.. I didn't interfere in any way I only observed and I suppose I would take video f that was an option... I found it interesting that some said they would save Kennedy I wonder exactly how they would do that without using two items...

First time you would have to go back and OBSERVE so you would know who and from where actually killed him, going to the 6th floor of the book depository in my opinion would not stop the assassination, so then you could go back after you saw where the shots came from and then stop them, hence two items of the 5.

I also found it interesting that no one else wanted to meet their founding fathers, whether U.S. like I said or their own nations founders...

I do like the thread and most of the answers are pretty good, even though some are silly or could cause rifts in the history as we know it...

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 01:38 PM
1. go back to upper-paleolithic time and find out why humans started building "advanced" work tools and find out why and who made those first cavepaintings

2. make a visit to the ancient seven world wonders in their original context and get some decent pictures and data around them

3. make a visit to those ancient cultures like the sumerians, mayans, chinese and so on.....

4. invest in Bill Gates at the dawn of Microsoft.

5. and probably investigate most of current religions at their founding point

All of this i would try to do without changing to much of the current known history line. I believe that maybe , just maybe if u kill Hitler another more competent leader could rise in Germany in the 30s

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