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events driving me crazy

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 11:05 PM
This story is long and full of events spanning all over my life. I beleive I should start with something that may or may not have something to do with it all. My first memory in all my life was in I beleive november when I was 2 years old. I knew who I was who my family was a basic things of life. Through my life many things did not make sence. I've been reading up alot about beings known as shadow people because they appeared frequently in my life. I was born in the nighties and found studies of increased number of sightings since the 1990s. I saw them as though they stalked me from a short distance. They would make themselves noticable and traveled with me from mississippi to florida. I started to hear them calling me and also felt them. I moved again one year but i myself did not know where I was going. when I reached my new home the voices, bad feelings, and sightings abruptly stopped. Nothing happened to me again until this year early febuary. I had a reacurring dream but instead of one dream reaccuring i had a cycle of 11 dreams in a chronological sequence that always started with a women chained to a wall. She talked but the words I heard didnt match her mouth and what I heard was english. She called me something that sounds like A-Yon. she called herself Shey-a and spoke of a guy My-zan. She talked about cycles of time covering places progressively and a race that evolved rapidly wanting a true universal control. These things supposively are without mass and as such are energy feeding off energy to sustain existance. After every sentence she said 'come back home'. The second part of each dream was a veiw through someones eyes running as another person angrily but playfully chased this person who fell into a pool of water then everything went black. I started communicating with this person in my dreams asking questions because I had nothing else I could think of. If it was a figment of my mind I could humor myself. after the dreams I was at peace again. Ever so often i heard voices at random times. It all seems gone but I say things to my freinds that I don't remember saying in mid conversation and they look at me strange. I have a feel of impending doom for some odd reason now and I can't get the events out of my mind. Every time I talk about this I get a reply on my concern that is the same reply and not like just the same idea but in the same text. I've put things togther and I don't want to beleive the ideas. I may have left some things out but I want to hear your ideas. If this hystarea last my entire life I don't think its just some simple problem but it might have a deeper meaning to it all.

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 11:48 PM
I was born in the eighties und up untill i was about eleven or twelve i would see the little shodows out of my eyes, but not full on in my eyesight. I never understood what they would have been. I can't remember ever seeing them after eleven or twelve so i really don't know if i was seeing the same things that you are seeing. The only thing i can think of is for you just to try to relax not be scared and see where it leeds you.

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 12:32 AM
They are called "shadow people"

Shadow People

More about shadow people.

More Shadow People

Some more shadow people

Even More Shadow People

I have never had any bad encounter with the shadow people at all. See them often during the night when the light is very dim in the room, or might see one wisk by as I turn to look at something. I think they are there in some sort of inter-dimensional realm that can be seen just for a split second.


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