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Can we do anything about this?

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 09:54 PM
(Mods, feel free to move this whole thread to another spot if you find it appropriate to do so.)

This board, and others like it, has a huge number of posts trying to inform people about the truth. Jim Marrs books and lots of talk radio is trying to open our eyes. Tons of evidence is produced daily to awaken others.

so, we believe the government is corrupt. we believe in the NWO, the Bilderbergs, etc...
The elite oppress the common man. perhaps they hide the truth about aliens frm us, but that isn't critical one way or the other.

the shadow government is in charge and we are all sheep.

now how do we move from trying to prove that point into trying to do something about it.

OK, our country was taken over by the evil-doers, how can we change this?

the idea of voting-in legitimate politicians is futile. elected officials are just puppets who don't have real control anyway. or the bad guys could just lie about the ballot results. Or they could use their monopoly on the media to control the voters opinion.

trying to organize online is easily tracked. trouble makers and leaders of any revolutionary type activity can be killed or locked up and erased. heck, i am sincerely a little scared of even making this impotent posting.

lots of you on this board put lots of time and lots of energy into shining light on the truth of the bad shape we are in.
you show the thumb we are all under and the corruption behind every curtain. but what is your REAL goal? what are you hoping people will do with the information you work so hard to provide? what action are you hoping to motivate people into?
What vision do conspiracy reporters have for a solution?
we hear your messages. now what?

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 11:27 PM
I feel the same way you do. Ok we've come to understand who's taking control, and how they're doing it, but the masses are still dumb, and there's few people who are even open minded enough that we could still wake up. So what now?

I myself am scared as well of online crap. That's the reason I haven't joined this board. I wonder how many members are in some to much danger for what they do and say on here...


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