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The Rapture of 2012: Evidence outside the Bible

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 07:43 PM
OK, Check this out;

Thoth is known in mythos as a God of the Egyptians, later adopted
by the Greeks and re-named "Hermes." As a God-Being, he was
venerated in Egypt from at least 3000 BCE. He was given credit for
inventing hieroglyphic writing. He was known as the "Scribe of the
Gods," and as such, was the recorder of all human deeds. It has also
been said through the ages, that the Great Thoth brought to
mankind the sciences of law, astrology, anatomy, medicine,
chemistry, art, magic, alchemy and architecture. There are certain
learned scholars of the past who equated Thoth with the biblical
prophet Enoch, saying that they were one and the same. Iamblichus
declared Thoth to have been the author of twenty thousand books,
while Manetho credited him with having written more than
thirty-six thousand. The Greeks called Thoth "Hermes
Trismesgistus," the latter name meaning "Thrice Great." The exact
reason for this title is variously postulated upon by scholars, but is
not specifically known.

10400 BC: Beginning of Great Pyramid Construction
Toth-Mus-Zurud, A.K.A. Raismes of Aphra,
Brought the Enochian Table containing the blueprint for the
building of the Temple of the Risen One, later to be called the
Temple of the Lion, which is now known as the ‘Great Pyramid.

Say he reincarnated in 9160 BC and lived to 300 years old

"It was not until 9,160 B.C. that I entered the genetic Earth born
embodiment through which I would reassume my ‘Thoth' role as
Raismes of Aphra. In this Earthborn form, I would dwell for 300
years. "

"Tiirna was born on the summer solstice in the year 9160 B.C."

Now, the Mayan Calendar ends 2012.

Add 2012 to the 9160. Now we are at 11172 years.

Toth-Mus-Zurud came through the 'Asefetas' (the Belt of Orion).

Some rumor Nibiru is approaching from the direction of the
Constellation Orion.

If Nibiru's eliptical orbit comes around the inner solar system every
3600 years,

According to the September 10, 1996 issue of the Seattle Times
The lodgepole pine forest suddenly died 10,900 years ago (3633 x 3).
"The weather here changed so fast and so severely that the forest of
the lodgepole pine that had succeeded Ice Age glaciers died in a

11172 / 3633 = 3.07

This signifies the return of Nibiru with (.07 error) in 2012.

Well Guess What?

The Incarnation of Tehuti Madjula Hakti Nada (Thoth Amii)
August 16th, 2001...

...The primary purpose of the incarnation of Thoth Amii is to insert
and anchor the Light codes U'shael carries into the earth in a new
way...a new delivery of the Thoth Linage. The Thoth Teaching
Linage is one of making way for the Christic power in the earth. In
all its activity, so this is its primary agenda. The mission of Thoth
Amii specifically is to set a new reference point in the minds and
hearts of specific spiritual teachers on the planet, so as to
accommodate the plan and purpose of the Christ in the 21st century,
and in preparation for the coming cycles leading to the vibrational
ascension of souls into the New Earth Star reality.



tells that:

In the stone structure of the Temple of the Risen One, are meridians
which carry rays or impulses of consciousness. These meridians we
will call "star paths," for the ancients called them "the shadow-halls
of the stars." They knew from even more distant legend, that the
"Star Lords" had placed "long-shadows" of the cosmic beings (stars)
across the Temple of the Risen One. These "shadows" had opened
halls or paths in the stone for the soul to travel. The star paths then,
are consciousness streams programmed by super-intelligence into
the stone of the Great Pyramid. They are not the "air" shafts (which
serve other purposes), but invisible highways of Light-intelligence
cris-crossing deep within the stone.
At certain points of linear time in the earth, specific star paths are
activated. By this we mean that they begin to send their
consciousness streaming into the collective consensual reality of
the planet. In this way, all human souls may benefit through the
stimulation of their own spiritual intelligence in areas of thought
which are resonant to the consciousness contained in the activated
star paths of the Great Pyramid.

and high radionic number codes are access points

a series of numbers that are psychotronically (higher radionics)
sensitive in the particular orders ...

...Understand that as these number codes PASS THROUGH or are
HELD IN the electronic medium of the Internet, so they become
extremely sensitive to the planetary consciousness grid. By sending
and holding these codes in the worldwide electronic system, they
form a LIGHT PATTERN that serves as an integrational field for
passing star path quantums of consciousness into the planetary
mind. The numbers and identification symbols are as follows:

447689001: six silver bands of light surrounding a golden egg

380905224: a blue lotus flower suspended in the starry vault of

105802291: a white rose as seen from directly above the center point
of its full blossom, containing 72 petals with a diamond at the point
of each petal

778540211: the Emerald Tablet of Thoth radiating fire letters of gold
from the polished surface of the emerald stone

and later;

The RA'STAR 2000 Light program creates a new geometry bridge or
oversoul, so that humanity can work with BOTH forms (OLD and
NEW) and not become entirely enmeshed in the warping affect
which causes the distortion. More information in the future.
"The shadow-halls open to the Initiate who walks the star-way. It is
he who quickens the womb of fire in the hallows of the earth and
responds to the soul of time."

Just as Niburu passes, this new geometry bridge number code and
the Reincarnation of Toth (or Thoth) seems timely and could be
when the rapture takes place. 2012.


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